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  1. put me in for £20 mark. Thanks for doing this.
  2. Have picked up Leroy Lita in my car a few times and always had good sensible conversations with him. As for the word Resident i am sure quite a few of our academy lads as well as those from the top premier club teams could be described in that way.
  3. If that is the best display your team can put up on especially, as you are playing your local senior side i suppose you would have the right to moan, moan, moan. They were lucky tonight, we seemed to meet them down at their mark, not playing any where near the level we did against Welling. At times I thought as did others, we had that old gap in midfi eld between defence and the forwards line. Anyway, once is enough for me, I don't think I could put myself through that again, "What's the point in it" and on a friday night as well.
  4. I am sure this will happen once pre season is sorted out. Tell me if i am wrong but isn't the natural progression through 16's/18's/Academy to u21's. Last season a few of the academy kid's and best of all Taylor from u18's made a good impression as they progressed into the reserves. I know the 1st team have been told about and are aware of these kids. They no doubt will follow their progress throughout the forthcoming season.I also believe that when a u18 was asked to step up to reserves last year , he didn't show up. I Be positive, cut out this them and us. If you have a problem go to Mr Ch
  5. I understand you are all part time and where would organisations be without people as like you (i am assuming you are a coach). I may have got this wrong, as a coach are you not responsible for the Kids when in your charge, are you not responsible for the behavour of their parents be it 18+ or not. Terry was and still is a great bloke, he lived in Kingsgate when he was here. I often quote to people the ramsgate res game when he held them back at 1/2 time 0-1 down and coached positions. final score i believe was 6-1. International coaching. As for the main Club , If you nhave a gripe, ge
  6. You really think so? If you went to Ashford last night you would have noticed the difference in condition, Apart from the young academy kids and "JM" there was no one in the ressies physically fit enough to get into the first team from there last year. Of the 2 i thought could have gone on, 1 had injury troubles and the other was to good!! and his attitude stunk. Getting p*ssed on a friday night and not getting to bed till "stupid o'clock " before a busy weekend does not work. Playing and putting in a great performance against a very good Maidstone side on a bank holiday Saturday should
  7. BEING HONEST. As those who know me will testify I have supported youth in the club for years, I have travelled long distances carrying the Reserves and the old academy too and from games, I have written match reports, fought the setups corner within the club. I have pushed players forward from the back ground. What I have found the most damaging to the youth sections reputation and therfore the chances of the Kids is the past behavour of certain coaches, At presentation nights, at the main club presentation(heckling) and the negativity they have had towards the main club which if they have
  8. You either love or dislike his style, there is no in between. I admit, I fall into the latter. Saying that I thank him for the honest efforts he as put in for the club. There is no doubting the energy and commitment he bought to the games. In that area he was 2nd to non, I wish him well for the future.
  9. "Cookie ". Very sorry to hear you are not well. My thoughts are with you and,your good lady. Get well soon please else, I am going to have to buy a book.
  10. "This is Kent" say an announcement is expected today
  11. Agree Alan. If he comes it will be long over due. He is one manager I could support.
  12. I agree with "dflman".Tried hard to support him this last season or so but, I feel the club and hard working staff were let down to many times in criticle moments ( cups). Gone and already forgotten by me. PS, hope for Dover supporters sake they don't have to invest in "beach volley ball nets".
  13. "CE" your suggestions, as good as your intentions are no more than tinkering around the edges. What are the costs of running the reserves? No one takes wages, The gate 9 times out of 10 pays the officials, in fact in years past it has made a profit. The kit / washing, the balls, the lights and the fuel used by the mini bus to go to away games and, the fees to enter the league and competitions. In the past we have held race nights and bowling afternoon's on Sunday's, to help fund the team. This was a great help saving the club these sundries expenses. Why did we stop holding these events.
  14. Isn't there already a gym facility in the plans.
  15. "I'm saying nothing". Except, it was a shame that the academy lads had to witness this performance as,for some it was their initial experience of our "1st team".
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