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  1. Broadfields are moving in to Rayners Lane next season, hence the vacancy.
  2. Top bloke your manager - never met him but he sounds like he has a good taste in music!
  3. Just to save Rhodes posting.😉...here is my report from last night...as reported in the non league forum. Really enjoyed my visits to Park View with the exception of the injury. Park View 1 West Essex 4 FA Vase First Q Rd. Att: 31 (h/c) Admission £7 Programme £2 for 16 pages (Last 3 were blank) . Nicely produced but little meaningful content and at 2 quid a rip off . However, at least Park View bother to produce. At the second time of asking we finally saw this tie concluded after the original encounter on Friday was curtailed due to serious injury suffered by a West Essex player late on. It turns out the guy has a double break and had to wait almost 2 hours for an ambulance to arrive, I hope his recovery is swift. As for the re staging (Not a replay as stated on the programme cover), it followed a similar pattern as the first in West Essex enjoyed decent possession but fell behind to a well taken goal. However they swiftly equalised then took a just as swift lead and never looked like surrendering it. The hosts led in the half hour with a free kick on the left played into the box. The control on the chest and subsequent half volley into the back of the net was real class. However within 8 minutes West Essex levelled. A good through ball was missed by a home defender and the grateful visiting forward opened his body well and placed the ball across the keeper into the far corner. Within 4 minutes the tie was turned in its head, with a good build up down the right and the subsequent low cross was turned in at the near post for an own goal although to be fair 2 West Essex players were in a good position to finish had he not made a touch. The second half started with West Essex in ascendency and the added to their lead on 57 with a good pass finding the forward who held off a challenge before driving home to the keepers right. They added a fourth on 70 with a well taken effort from a tight angle after the winger had cut in from the right and most were expecting a cross. After that it felt the visitors would add more and would have added one except for an outstanding save by the home keeper turning away a powerful drive from 10 yards. For a small guy he is an excellent keeper, dominating his box and not afraid to come for crosses. In the end it was comfortable for West Essex who at step 5 are one level above their hosts. I would recommend Park View as a visit to anyone who has yet to do so. Although the crowd (Appeared less than half the original tie) is scattered around the cavernous stand and there is a track, the view is good and on both visits I found those running Park View to be very friendly and welcoming.
  4. Rhodes, no offence taken, I was hoping that was apparent from my post...obviously need to work on the humour / sarcasm....! I have been to Borough before , a few times and considered the Hackney Wick game but settled in the end for PV. The abandonment was the right thing as the injured party was in some discomfort and as ambulance arrival times are not as quick as they once were it was the only option. Understandably , nobody wanted to move the injured fellow.
  5. Thank you for your kind words about my account being a ‘Good’ one. However, why do you feel the need to refer to me as an Anorak, presumably having never met me. Yes, I like to Groundhop but does that make me an Anorak ? I haven’t owned one of them for years, since I was at school, and I blame my mum for that.... It appears the game is being re staged this Wednesday, 4th September. I shall be packing m duffle bag with corned beef sandwiches, 🥪 my BR timetable and filling my flask with coffee ☕️ before I venture out....Once I have updated my handwritten log of every game I have ever been to.......😉
  6. Compensation culture at it's best.
  7. Interesting comment - I actually think Haringey Borough will possibly win the ESL this year - I certainly see them in top 3.
  8. I was told coming out the ground that Southall's final sub gave his name to the assistant when he came on - but his name had already been given by a previous sub - No 16. He was called over by the referee, and confirmed his real name, which was not on the teamsheet, therefore ineligable to play. The ref was apparantly going to abandon the game but both teams wanted to continue to the end. If that scenario is the case, then it is a farcial error on Southall's part , for 1) Cheating and 2) Not getting their players to get their stories straight!. In all honesty it is a shame as I enjoyed the game. Two sides who played good football on a good surface and game was played in a good spirit and was well refereed.
  9. Ian H

    Hoddesdon 7 Fc Romania 0 15/9/12

    A few pics from the vase match on 15th September 2012.
  10. Gutted to hear it is a break, I wish him well. Good club Hoddesdon ,good footballing side, friendly, decent folk nice set up and a cracking programme. Bit too much to read really!! As has been said before, can't believe FC Romania beat Tring - they must have had an off day.
  11. I could not agree with you more. I was a neutral at the game (Yes, I know, a sad groundhopper) and found their conduct awful. From the word go they were cynically fouling, (Different foulers every time), playacting and their bench were appealing for everything that wasn't theres and protesting when things went against them. I thought the ref handled it well as did the Hoddesdon players who kept their heads. To be fair I thought the foul that injured the forward for the penalty was not cynical, just the keeper was outdone by the lads pace when he had the ball nicked off him. Definate foul and red card, just not sure if there was malice or the keeper was a bit cumbersome. Not sure I have ever seen 2 keepers from the same team sent off before!! I hope the FA had a delegate at the game, as someone needs to have a word in Fc Romania's ears re their conduct. In the end it was a bit farcical, Hoddesdon could have ended up with about 10. Hope the injured fella is okay.
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