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  1. Your support was excellent and I wouldn't let one bad apple spoil the party. Water under the bridge now. I don't think the extra hour of pre match drinking helped. I think you will at least make the play offs.
  2. Hey Guys, congrats on your win today, though I thought a draw would have been fair but there you go. Just one moan, as the Club's Matchday Sec I advised one of your fans that smoking inside the ground was not allowed, his reply was to threaten to knock me out. He was clearly pissed and was wearing a Stone Island coat, late 40s early 50s (I'm 60) a proper wannabe. I let it slide as there was no good outcome to be had. All the best for the rest of the season.
  3. Ian W can you reply to my numerous messages please. Many thanks
  4. Shame John Smith clocked out when he did. (7,000 post )
  5. No, first thing I'd do is wake my wife and tell her I heard something and for her to stay where she is while I investigate. I don't believe for one minute he went to the bathroom believing he had just left his girlfriend in bed next to him.
  6. Have you seen Disney's "Frozen" yet Rhodesy..... "Let it go, Let it go...."
  7. Hi Sophie, so sorry for your loss, always sad to lose a member of the Non-League community. I worked with a Clive Butterfield in BT about 20 years ago, he was a top bloke, apart from his love of Spurs but I don't know if that was your dad. x
  8. Chuck in he allegedly called Oisin Tymon an Irish c**t, so so you can add racism to the crime.
  9. If you like your conspiracy theories, this one is a cracker. http://educateinspirechange.org/alternative-news/video-evidence-sheds-doubt-official-story-charlie-hebdo-shootings-paris/
  10. We are there to be butt f**ked by anyone that fancies their chances!
  11. Yeah and I bet she's no stranger to going down. At least in Rhodesy's dreams.
  12. Why, because he's called Clifford?
  13. Of course it's evasion, maybe not illegal, but certainly evasion.
  14. It would if he was to inherit any wealth she might have.
  15. I'm interested to know how it will affect the military, the Army in particular. Have Scottish regiments not pledged their allegiance to the Crown? Would Scotland form it's own Army and try to recruit from existing Regiments south of the border?
  16. Because he was attending a Remembrance event in India, paying respect to the thousands who gave their lives in WWII.
  17. Slap and tickle Rhodesy? You make it sound like a scene from a Carry On film. We are talking about the abuse of children in some cases here, not Sid James pinching Babs Windsor's bum!
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