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  1. St Albans City 1 Bath City 2 Hakim 445
  2. Are you predicting for next season already? Hint: check last night's scores
  3. Britain 'rested' two stars in the 4 x 200 relay and used two girls who had to 'step up' to make this level and surprise, surprise, we failed to qualify for a final we had a good chance of winning. OK, USA and Australia used substitutes but they were in a different class to ours. What a [****!!****] up! We're starting to be the laughing stock of these games.
  4. That's canoeing through some pretty rough water to you ignoramuses... well done the British lad (not really Scottish) 7th in t'table, ahead of P Dem Rep Korea.
  5. Originally Posted By: Urchin Mentalist andy murray is scottish,not british! He's Scottish when he loses alright!
  6. Two of our swimmers (sorry haven't got time to look up names) got gold and bronze in the same race this morning, we're up to 6th in the medal table now
  7. Nicole Cooke in the Women's Road Race! Fantastic finish!
  8. City 1, Havant 1 Hakim att: 425
  9. City XVI 1 Watford XVI 4 S Martin att: 450
  10. PSF: Saints 1 Spurs XI 2 It was a warm evening for the opening game of Clive Allen
  11. He's a special case... bit like the Captain's pick in the Ryder Cup team selection...
  12. City 0, Eastleigh 1 No scorer 678
  13. I vote per person. Qualifying rules: 10 games as at 17 April and still at club.
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