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  1. Carthorse, last time i visited and watched Spelthorne I noticed the wooden ''shed'' as you called it by the pitch turnstile entrance. I was told at half time that it was for both clubs officials so wasn't allowed in, but they did say I could go to their nice warm clubhouse. Its that big building on the left as you go into their ground, which would be much warmer than marking out the pitch ...
  2. ....and there lies the problem Green Fingers. All well and good in a perfect world to have 3/4G but resources are the main factor... MONEY ! Talk as much as we want for and against but most clubs having 3/4G will never happen unless there is a sugar daddy, council assistance or FA funding or funding via another source, so until then, get used to grass games 'cos thats what its going to be.....
  3. Just as a matter of interest, so how many times have you left this forum crying after your midnight rants talking gibberish saying thats it i'm not coming back ???? Unfortunately you did come back !!! FACT
  4. I'm always open and appreciate other peoples (posters) comments/opinions otherwise what are forums use ? Perhaps Vice-versa could be considered Certainly big and ugly enough, but one can take so much of being ridiculed on nearly every post I make, its childish, petty and certainly not intelligent, so can understand why posters have left this forum. Football is the most opinionated sport and I certainly don't mind banter as I find it amusing which some posts are on here. So its listen and not be heard.............for now that is
  5. Like you Krooner I wasn't at the game, so a bit difficult for a match report. Even if I was at the game, and did a match report. one only gets ridiculed, so are we actually surprised that posters have left this forum over recent years... learn't recently that less said and not to voice any opinion is the best way ahead on this forum........listen and not be heard ! Shame really because thats what I thought forums are about...!
  6. Read the article above. Now I may have my marbles in the wrong place, but how I read it was that fair play to Westfield who done their homework in checking what Redhill players were eligible to play come the original fixture date and made a list accordingly. Whats confusing here is why would Westfield want to inform Redhill of their players eligible get and illegible to play last night. ? Having 15 minutes to get eligible players ? Surely its each clubs own responsibility, so If Redhill wanted to play their new signings altho' registered over a week ago, yet technically illegible for last nights game then so be it, then they would realise that they had not done their homework and then get expelled from the Cup competition for playing illegible players ? Can anyone from Westfield throw more light on this subject.
  7. Are we to expect games to be off 'cos of last night, early morning rain ? ,,,,no doubt we are, but dry all day today according to the forecast if anyone trusts that of course ! Lets wait and see.............
  8. Hello Smudge, still sniping I see. Well not to disappoint, I did ask Duncs to come to Tenerife with me for a short winter break to get away from you ....but he declined, 'cos I have read since that he had already booked trip to Molesey . Seriously tho', as you are so concerned, perhaps I should have asked you to come with me, but not sure how my Missus would feel about that continious sniping of yours whilst away ....... So the demise of Sandhurst.... what a shame..... but why ? Haven't they just got a new manager ? Was he aware of this before taking up the Managers post ?
  9. CCL pass, I wish, you got one going as you don't need it ! Firstly if I choose to go and watch a game of my choice and it costs £8.00 it has nothing to do with you. By the way, who you watching Saturday to support CCL clubs ? But really its not surprising Smudge, its gone straight over your head, as you don't read posts properly which I keep telling you.... my post mentions PITCHWISE as I would expect other games to be off Saturday, but usually along with Camberley and Chertsey, when the bad weather sets in, these are the grounds that appear to survive the weather and games go ahead.... yet I may change my mind
  10. At last ! Exactly In The Know, thats what I have been saying all along. I personally do not like watching that style of lump it football (my choice), but I have said on record if people read my posts, that if it works for Camberley, and if they have the players who are happy playing their style, which it appears they do 'cos it successful, then so be it. As I have stated, Camberleys style should be known to all clubs and is difficult to defend, but if the other teams have the players and knowledge on how to combat their style, and its just not about aerial combat, do Camberley have a Plan B, I think not...........but at the moment they appear not to need one !
  11. Mercenaries is a common word with all walks of ''semi-pro'' football (if that's what one wants to call it) and even in the pro game, its a fact of life, if someone is offering players very good money they will take it, its about the playing level where they take the money in my opinion, but its upto the player's choice. Fair comment Ian, but with respect, one must consider why very good players playing in CCL Premier decided to play at a lower Div.(CCL Div.1) sure this leads to a little speculation as to why, this is here money rears its ugly head as it did at the time.
  12. Terrence, as far as rumours go, I do recall that Frimley got promoted to CCL Premier by paying out buckets loads hence all the mercenaries joined them ! Since then, some of those mercenaries, if not all, have left since the money man (chairman ?) stopped paying out the money the following season, where they finished half way (ish) if my memory serves me well....... so do Frimley actually have that bigger budget ?... current results certainly do not show it !
  13. Would expect with all the rain last night & this morning a few games will be off on Saturday. The only hope is that tomorrow in general looks dry for the South, but come Saturday the rain arrives again ! Pitchwise, hoping to visit my stand out game : Ashford v Epsom & Ewell
  14. Is it coincidental that Ruggles had departed from Knaphill, who have a good set up, and maybe going to Frimley Green........if so, I ask why looking at both clubs?
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