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  1. 09-August 11 - Happy Birthday Don Juan DeMarcus :)

  2. Watch out for Kenny and Cartman up front!
  3. 09-August 10 - Happy Birthday Don Juan DeMarcus :)

  4. Agree with Matt above, see Windsor probably winning theres and more than Likely Hitchin beating Slough to auto promotion. Comparing the two league i cant see an overall huge difference between the quality of the leagues, the good sides stilllook capable of playingt a league above and the dross till look like((below average) sunday league sides.
  5. That cannot be a realistic excuse, letters adressed presumably. to Windsor & Eton FC get delivered to a pub. Awesome.
  6. Agree with Woody (dammit) 250-300 i reckon. If its on this time:)
  7. Quick question, how do the Berks and Bucks FA have the right to call off a BGB league match? Or have i misread im in bed ill so its likely.
  8. I know there has been animosity over prices etc etc, but thx to W&E for the last few years.
  9. After an excellent start we found ourselves 3-0 down at the beveree fought back to either 4-3 or 3-3 as we were leaving Dev decided to pop over and stick a few w a n k e r signs in our direction.
  10. Someone who taunts opposing fans with rude gestures, yeah top bloke.
  11. He's a [****!!****]. (not constructive but hey, its how i feel)
  12. I was there and he had a shocker today as did Jenas, but those cheating Spanish bastards were diving all over the place. And we lost to a dodgy pen decision and an Offside goal. [****!!****] refs.
  13. By the way. nice to see a team bring a few fans for away games, local sides like Staines tend to bring about 7.
  14. Did not see any acts of hooliganism today from your fans TBH a load running round to confront the ref after the dust up and about 50-60 percent that left early... But nothing particularly ominous. Whoever left early your free kick for 2-2 was superb.
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