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  1. 09-August 11 - Happy Birthday Don Juan DeMarcus :)

  2. Don Juan DeMarcus

    2011/12 Fixtures Are Out!!!!

    Watch out for Kenny and Cartman up front!
  3. 09-August 10 - Happy Birthday Don Juan DeMarcus :)

  4. Don Juan DeMarcus

    South & West -v- Midlands

    Agree with Matt above, see Windsor probably winning theres and more than Likely Hitchin beating Slough to auto promotion. Comparing the two league i cant see an overall huge difference between the quality of the leagues, the good sides stilllook capable of playingt a league above and the dross till look like((below average) sunday league sides.
  5. Don Juan DeMarcus

    And the mystery of the missing letters...

    That cannot be a realistic excuse, letters adressed presumably. to Windsor & Eton FC get delivered to a pub. Awesome.
  6. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Boxing Day Madness!

    we will see, im going 274
  7. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Boxing Day Madness!

    Agree with Woody (dammit) 250-300 i reckon. If its on this time:)
  8. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Game Off?

    Quick question, how do the Berks and Bucks FA have the right to call off a BGB league match? Or have i misread im in bed ill so its likely.
  9. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Rebels To Leave Stag Meadow

    I know there has been animosity over prices etc etc, but thx to W&E for the last few years.
  10. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Alan Devonshire-Hampton and Richmond Manager

    After an excellent start we found ourselves 3-0 down at the beveree fought back to either 4-3 or 3-3 as we were leaving Dev decided to pop over and stick a few w a n k e r signs in our direction.
  11. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Alan Devonshire-Hampton and Richmond Manager

    Someone who taunts opposing fans with rude gestures, yeah top bloke.
  12. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Alan Devonshire-Hampton and Richmond Manager

    He's a [****!!****]. (not constructive but hey, its how i feel)
  13. Don Juan DeMarcus

    steed malbranque

    I was there and he had a shocker today as did Jenas, but those cheating Spanish bastards were diving all over the place. And we lost to a dodgy pen decision and an Offside goal. [****!!****] refs.
  14. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Slough game comments

    By the way. nice to see a team bring a few fans for away games, local sides like Staines tend to bring about 7.
  15. Don Juan DeMarcus

    Slough game comments

    Did not see any acts of hooliganism today from your fans TBH a load running round to confront the ref after the dust up and about 50-60 percent that left early... But nothing particularly ominous. Whoever left early your free kick for 2-2 was superb.