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  1. Windsor Sec I agree it is good to see the that the new club set up has bought out the best in the players spirit - its great to see the player loyalty to the highest bidder.
  2. Well accounts will only be generated after a years trading, then audited, and then approved by Companies House, so you will need to wait 18 months to 2 years to see any numbers, and even then the detail available will be limited, so you will never see the weekly budget! or if the company is in trouble and it will be too late. That is if the accounts are submitted in the first place - ask Martyn Deaner about how to hide numbers from the fans - he was good at that. By the way - why did you not set up a Supporters Trust? - you would then have a transparent process for the fans to see the
  3. 28-March 11 - Happy Birthday Staines-upon-Thames Rebel :)

  4. Looks like Peter Simpson has an ostrich farm at Stag Meadow now - all the windsor fans with their heads buried in the snow, and inn off his ar$e needs his head thawing out to see it!
  5. I agree DC5 lets get to the root cause, and that would be the directors of your clubs greed to get even more money in their pockets by taking the rent of the telecom transmitter and therefore having it installed! did the floodlights fail beforehand as regularly? The issue of power supply to a tenants equipment comes back to the club. Those involved with WEFC are all to quick to blame others for the mess the club is in, when in reality the truth is the problems come from the boardroom decisions taken over a number of years, as has become apparent recently. And before anyone starts q
  6. You could also add to that list the application for a Bar licence before it ran out, or even the paying of taxes on time.
  7. Just to get things right:- PPM stands for Planned or Proactive Preventative Maintenance, and is part of the Lean manufacturing concept developed by the likes of Toyota, Honda etc. - it greatly reduces the likelyness of things going wrong and picks up on faults early through the use of condition monitoring techniques and structured daily checks at begining and end of shits - even brand new units need time to "bed in" and will need monitoring - thats why you have a basic service on your car after the first few thousand miles. Silly question, but you have put anti-freeze in the radiator c
  8. Billy Smarts Circus had booked to come to town, but they have cancelled, as there is already one at Stag meadow! Serious question - why are you using a generator rather than the mains, it must be far more expensive?
  9. Good question Fuzzy Royal. I think the trick which Slough and our Chairman have adopted is to have as many revenue streams as possible considering we dont have our own ground. Some of these are, golden goal, match sponsors, match ball sponsors, matchday mascots, club shop, programmes, 500 club, sponsored goals, ground advertising, shirt sponsors - not all are big incomes but they add up. The other trick is to sell as many season tickets as possible so that you know at the begining of the season what the budget is - yes season tickets are discounted compared to full match price, but
  10. Doris - just keep on spouting your ill informed comments - the majority of the population is not Asian as a majority needs to be more than half.
  11. Sounds like Doris is a bit of a racist, and can only slag others off rather than come up with ideas to save WEFC. Windsor had the chance to reduce their debts when they took £75000 in rent from Slough plus all the takings from the food and bar, but it looks like they just pee'd it up the wall - I have no sympathy for them and will no longer post any more positive comments on here like the supporters setting up a trust (which was ignored) - with the ignorance and arogance of the likes of Doris I hope they go bust!
  12. Is that all of the £50,000 owed in tax? - what about the other debts?
  13. Other clubs knowing windsor are in the Muda will offer a lot less than that and windsor will have to take what is offered - in this case it is a buyers market.
  14. So the SC has it all in hand, the legal entity of a tust has been set up, and all your debts will be cleared by the 10th November, and the supporters will take control of the club, well you will all be alright then. You can call me what you like, but Slough have been there, I have put my money where my mouth was and supported the club, and Slough have come out the other end, - but will you and Windsor?
  15. As has been rightly commented by Matt and other Slough fans it is better to play at a lower level and then work on coming back up, than continue to live beond your means and go bust. Windsor fans have continued to bury their heads in the sand and and hope someone else will bail them out. I raised the possibility of setting up a Windsor Supporters Trust to you 6 months ago, and if you had done it at that time it would have given you a chance to put together a fighting fund, and that would have given you as fans a formal place round the negotiating table with cash to pay off this debt.
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