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  1. Purely guesswork at this stage I guess - I'd be quite happy with either Andy Hessenthaler or Richard Hill being appointed. Have seen Chris Kinnear & Jay Saunders names being mooted elsewhere, but can't imagine them leaving Dover / Maidstone personally.
  2. Blackz

    New Kit

    Yeah, he's a knowledgable guy - why not?
  3. Blackz

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    Such a tease Alan!
  4. One of your fans (Stanners) said exactly the same thing regarding the authorities - we're all shocked & gutted that some idiot punched your fan, whoever he is, his actions aren't condoned in the slightest, he's an embarrassment to our club. Our fans have apologised on this idiot's behalf, but I agree with what Stanners said - swiping at people on social media is pointless, & things like this are best left for the relevant authorities to sort out. Tarring us all with the same brush just makes yourself look stupid & is downright insulting though - we get a lot of comments on
  5. Not condoning what happened at all - there's no place for violence in football. We are far from an amateur & ineptly run club though, in fact many opposition fans remark on how friendly our fans & club are - it's foolish to tar all our fans with the same brush, purely because of the actions of one idiot. I'd look closer to home before mudslinging, if I was you - and in particular at your fans actions at the Coffin End who were singing anti-Semitic songs about Wingate & Finchley - one ditty included how much you hate them & that their ground smells of bacon. I reali
  6. Blog regarding our wins over AFC Hornchurch and Witham Town now up - yet again, a bit of a ramble - but thanks to everyone who takes their time to read my ramblings, truly grateful to you all. Hope you enjoy the read Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/10/the-art-of-winning-ugly/
  7. Blog regarding our games against Leiston and Dulwich Hamlet now up - apologies for the delay! Hoping it's not too depressing to read - looking forward to cheering the lads on against Hornchurch at the weekend Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/deflated-in-dulwich/
  8. Blog regarding yesterday's terrific win against Lewes now up - I'd like to thank Terry Scott for coming up with the blog title, Graham Ives for his quality assist for Ryan Moss' hat-trick, and Margate Supporters Club / Bayliss Travel for a great day out, in the best of company Hope you all enjoy the read. Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/26/drumming-delight-in-the-driving-rain/
  9. Blog regarding our superb wins against East Thurrock & Billericay now up - apologies in advance, it's another ramble! Hope you all enjoy the read, and fingers crossed for a good day out at Lewes tomorrow Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/24/total-football/
  10. Blog regarding our victories at Grays & Harrow now up - apologies for the rather unusual blog title - it's a fair bit of a ramble as well! Hope you all enjoy the read, and that you don't fall asleep halfway through Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/17/bump-and-grind/
  11. Blog from yesterdays game now up - really pleased we started with a win! Thanks again to everyone for their kind words yesterday - here's hoping for a great season ahead Hope you all enjoy the read. Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/10/persistence-pays-off/
  12. Blog from yesterday's game now up - apologies if it's a bit of a ramble! Many thanks to Terry, Ivesy, & everyone else who made yesterday a brilliant day - always nice to beat Ramsgate! Hope you all enjoy the read Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/gary-glory-ivesys-beach-ball/
  13. Thanks EU - it's a really good programme at the moment in fairness - they've been including tweets from fans in there. Well worth a read, if you're into your programmes & down here when we play you guys in January!
  14. Thanks for the kind words, Terry & EU - I've not been lucky enough to have the blog featured in the match day programme as yet, but as long as people enjoy reading it, that's all I care about really
  15. Blog regarding the brilliant performance & result from the game against Wolves now up - apologies for the delay! It was a brilliant night - hopefully I've done the game and occasion justice, and even more importantly, that you all enjoy the read Up The Gate! http://theblueeyedblog.wordpress.com/2014/07/28/feel-good-factor-5/
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