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    SSML all time-11. Scott Walters(GK-Biggleswade Utd) Tony Sabag(DF-Hadley) Darren Locke(DF-Sun Postal) Mark Shadbolt(DF-Levestock Grn) Lee Bircham (DF-Aylesbury Utd). Dale Sears(MF-Berko) Warren Gladdy(MF-Oxhey) Luke Robins(MF-Royston) Danny Gruar(FW-Hadley) Fabio Valenti(Cockfosters) Tony Burnett(FW-Dunstable Twn). Manager - C.Bicknell - Ampthill
  1. Im with Karen ... Ardilles Judges - wildcard Or my outsider - Dean Barker(Cockfosters). Now his not running that B'Wood schools rep side he seems keen to switch it up away from there to make new friends.
  2. Absolute madness. This is why our league beats any other. Fairplay Gav massive move.
  3. Is that what you reckon? ... Who is Tommy G? Sounds familiar? So whens the curtain call with you on here OD? Going to miss you, to many big characters we're losing now such as yourself , SavageB, Rhodes and old whats his name from Cranfield? Nutty fella.... Yeah him. Wonder if this Leighton mob bring anyone to the forum table? Greatest coup of the 15/16 forum, Gaffa Bicks back!
  4. OD , hats off to you thats a great shout there. Very reliable source. General manager for Micky though? Thats a peculiar role, Prehaps one we should have looked at offering Sir Hobbs? Stratty with the 6-1 lucky shout though OD = lol. He was probably asking for 20k a week and a new company car with his role offer. Numpty.
  5. I don't think a name change or any marketing exercise would help us to be honest Barry. The location just seems to be the issue, the cassiobury estate is full of cricketers and egg chasers, old fullerians rfc is heaving with fans every weekend. I feel some times it's actually a close call for third place with cassiobury tennis club:
  6. Here here. Can't get over his calling it a day, seems like only Yesterday he was in the bar with Kev and Howsy having a few beers and getting the deal made.
  7. Great videos Dave, proper top job.
  8. Well ... That rumour went about as far as concrete life boat. See you next year chaps.
  9. Oh dear? Any reason? His a liability anyway to be fair ... Not a bad plumber, but mouthy as you like with no real CV to follow the chat up with.
  10. Good luck with the final Graysie. May try make the trip to watch. Whilst I have you on the phone, Is it true the floodlight situation at Brickland with that local resident on the corner there has been resolved and permission granted?
  11. OD, what's up with the current Berko management with Vipond etc have they gone? Or you just not rate them?
  12. Ok Parrot, want to ask me in another sentence if I have or haven't anything to say now? 3 for a pound maybe? Look carefully above I have already released a cup final statement, but did forget to mention that we didn't need to cheat or replay a game to get there. Massively proud of the boys and there honesty to the cause.
  13. Unfortunately they can, and are in my team of the season. Give us a shout when there's not 29 positions and a whole division between us cheaty pants yeah? Ok.
  14. Gutted. We just never came out for the second half and seem to lack a little bit of steel to weather the storm(literally). More gutted for our Hobbsy , a St Marys cup would have been a fairy tale ending at Hemel where Paul spent a fantastic playing career. Hobbsy, I think I speak for all 7 of us that regularly follow in saying thanks for you and the past few years. Plenty of ups more so than any other Sun manager of recent years, even when we think theres a little down you go play yourself let Chrissy C take the reigns and play yourself! Only one man can turn such a low point into such a high. God bless you Mr PM Hobbs. By the way - a top builder if anyones asking.
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