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  1. Well... between me, you and the rest of the old school gang, I believe the gaffa is supplying the budget there seeing as his own company is there “shirt sponsor” for the season. Should there be an early departure it seems the wages would follow. Nevertheless I’ve heard nothing but good about him, I’m not very familiar with any of the players though other than Byron & channel 5s shipwrecks very own Lewis Stortford.
  2. Firstly when did you move to Liverpool? I’ve got family in Lincoln I’ll shout them up see what they recommend. I’m slowly working my way up north, currently residing in the Aylesbury area now shortly after my club shut up shop in Watford and have struggled ever since the Hobbsy era. So after seeing Aylesbury Vale Dynamos signing the great Royston Byron this week I’ll probably take a short trip to The Greenfleets stadium to watch them this season(via The Rottenwheel pub)
  3. SB, definitely one of the finest gentlemen to grace this forum over the years. Up there right along side Tringarmy Keith. You still getting down to watch Hanwell?
  4. Im with Karen ... Ardilles Judges - wildcard Or my outsider - Dean Barker(Cockfosters). Now his not running that B'Wood schools rep side he seems keen to switch it up away from there to make new friends.
  5. Absolute madness. This is why our league beats any other. Fairplay Gav massive move.
  6. Is that what you reckon? ... Who is Tommy G? Sounds familiar? So whens the curtain call with you on here OD? Going to miss you, to many big characters we're losing now such as yourself , SavageB, Rhodes and old whats his name from Cranfield? Nutty fella.... Yeah him. Wonder if this Leighton mob bring anyone to the forum table? Greatest coup of the 15/16 forum, Gaffa Bicks back!
  7. OD , hats off to you thats a great shout there. Very reliable source. General manager for Micky though? Thats a peculiar role, Prehaps one we should have looked at offering Sir Hobbs? Stratty with the 6-1 lucky shout though OD = lol. He was probably asking for 20k a week and a new company car with his role offer. Numpty.
  8. Oh dear? Any reason? His a liability anyway to be fair ... Not a bad plumber, but mouthy as you like with no real CV to follow the chat up with.
  9. OD, what's up with the current Berko management with Vipond etc have they gone? Or you just not rate them?
  10. Unfortunately they can, and are in my team of the season. Give us a shout when there's not 29 positions and a whole division between us cheaty pants yeah? Ok.
  11. GK Smith twin only got in the LC side because Charlie May decided to leave, bit of an extreme call to number one the dream team IMO.
  12. Try telling that to Bobby Mooresy and the '66 fella's. Enough debating my XI , hit us with your team of the year Danks.
  13. Or Jamie Vardy because he gets paid less? That's exactly correct Danks yes because his work rate and desire is built apon passion I would want from my SSML dream team, as opposed to guys just wanting the pay cheques? Just my opinion fella's no need to get annoyed with me. What I experienced against Kings Langley this week is like no other SSML game I have seen this season. Hence the decision for the majority of my decisions.
  14. Prehaps instead of raising eyebrows you guys should just submit your team sheets?
  15. criticising or opinions? ... I'm the manager and these mercenaries aren't getting in my team. If they could beat a current Kings Langley I would consider them but until then I'm the gaffer and there not in.
  16. 1- Ross Hampton (Sun) 2- Gary Wallace (Sun) 3- Edwin Twesigowme (Sun) 4- Scott Bonner (Sun) 5-Liam Kenna (Cockfosters) 6-Ashley Lewis© (Sun) 7- Jack Johnson (Sun) 8-Steff Geraldes(LC) 9-Louis Bircham-(Levy/LC/Sun) 10-Chris Blunden(Levy/Tring/Jets) 11- Nathen Pooley (Sun) Now ... You may see this team as being somewhat biased, but if you had experienced what I had against Kings Langley (the FA pyramids next best thing) then you would totally agree. Reason for No AFC Dunny/Berko/WGC players is simple, cash. If any club had there resources of course Frater, Moses, BJ, Campana etc would be there. So no mercenaries in my dream team im afraid. Same with Eggware and the Div 1 dream team, no no mercenaries. Kenna nicked the 5 shirt , dubious you say of the former Sun and WGC man? This is because his return lifted not only a boring of 'fosters side that switched on and off more than a lightbulb and doing nothing but making the numbers up but also once again lifted life in the SSML. Geraldes- ability speaks for itself with some beast performances throughout the season. My guess he'll be a WGC player or down at Harpenden next term. Blunden - another former Sun youth player, scores every single place he goes. Not the most likeable character but kept both Levy and Jets from relegation, two teams in one season? Up top for me.
  17. I think we're all adult enough to know whether someones having a genuine opinion or just trolling and its down to the individual of person to decide whether they will ignore them comments or invest time in building the buzz for them trolls? Sounds to me as though there's a hidden agenda against HallsyIsAPenis & Reb. Reason - Whitely Bay has raised a main issue against trolls, yet one example being Reb(a regular forum user) v Hale Lays you failed to mention the 4/5 unknown players that signed up to have a snipe back. And I feel Hallsea and his fantastic opinions have also has become part of the furniture here replacing the old retired bunch you talk about. Prehaps it's also time to consider your future in the forum game WB if you can't adapt to the times.
  18. I thought we all knew it was WGC Daryl? oh, carry on posting anyway Smugger I enjoy the media attention you bring to the SSML game. Although I thought your part in the Hallsy/WGC gate was a bit heavy but still you are the kind of marmite character and I like what I've tasted so far. Unlike your old sidekick Kenna, his strange Welsh humour isn't as well appreciated, hense why you guys released him.
  19. I never suggested or singled out any one person as a cheat. But one thing I will say is OUR ssml rep side were expelled from the national cup due to a Hale Lays breaking clearly stated competition rules, or in plain English cheating. And we won't even mention the Hertford Town cup saga.
  20. Probably not, In my 33 years involved with Sun i've never known us to play you guys? But then again we went straight from the county league premier into Div 1 so wouldn't really know what division two looks like?
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