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  1. 22-July 11 - Happy Birthday Nelson (Daggers) :)

  2. 22-July 10 - Happy Birthday Nelson (Daggers) :)

  3. No abuse at all. You were the one posting a complete load of lies about the Club's expenditure being sustainable - I merely pointed out that it WOULD go pear shaped. You refused to accept that it wasn't that I wanted it to. You also refused to accept that I wished no ill on Hornchurch. You refused to accept that ANYONE with a braincell KNEW that it would all end in tears. Even though I was proved right, I take absolutely no pleasure in the demise of Hornchurch FC. Again, you fail to understand this. I don't know why you lack even an ounce of humility - you might find
  4. Write you off? I never wrote you on! Your cryptic messages achieve nothing save amusement in your belief you are intelligent.
  5. I'm not disupting that in the least. It's just quite hard to find sympathy with some of your supporters who have been going on and on about how Hornchurch would overtake us and how they were getting all our best players etc. The way the club was run was never going to be sustainable and I really hope that something is done by the FA to prevent this sort of thing happening again (although I won't hold my breath!). Good luck in finding some way of progressing without the bankrolling - With a bit of luck you won't go into freefall and will be able to remain at a reasonably high lev
  6. For a start, I was talking about post-merger so your points do not apply. Yes, I well remember the days of watching Dagenham FC in the 1980s. Having been supporting Dagenham (and then Dagenham & Redbridge) since the '70s, I would do. Not so much of the "boy" bit either thanks - I'm older than you! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" /> I am, as I have repeatedly said, very very sorry for the genuine Urchins amongst you. You didn't deserve to have your club hijacked and then potentially destroyed like that. The only people I have an issue with are
  7. Every club has ups and downs in their crowd size. We are currently on a small down. Our crowds have pretty much grown since we were in the Ryman (and there isn't a Ryman 3rd, so we're hardly likely to go into it are we?). We were getting around 800-900 in the Ryman years and reached a peak season average in 2001/02 that was still below 2000 : Less than 2.5 times our lowest season average. Yours have gone up from what, a couple of hundred at most to over a thousand in a very short space of time. These people aren't all new football fans - many of them will have previously suppo
  8. Maybe so, but at least we are still here and likely to still be here in years to come. As I said, I have every sympathy with the genuine supporters, but not with the mouthy tossers like UU who wouldn't listen to common sense.
  9. Sympathy for the genuine supporters. Uncle Urchin - I told you so - Yu never did tell me this mysterious thruth you were going on about. It seems I was right all along.
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