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  1. Morning all, Wow i never thought this thread would still be lingering around... Its taken me 20 mins to read the thread I think as i was the one that started all this mischief i should be the one to end it all Ellers and Paul are top lads are were never given enough time at knaphill i think most would agree, it doent matter if we were giving it the big we are and were gonna win the league who gives a FECK at least it shows ambition rather than lets get a side together to stay in the league so it didnt happen straight away big deal. You got to admit tho any of you curtain twicthers that just read this forum that looking at results from this weekend have KNAPHILL moved forward 1sts lose 4-1 whats that lost 9-10 out of 12 lol feel sorry for the guys there its a now surely the axe will fall this week and reserves lose 9-0 it doesnt look good but thats for the chairman im sure we will see a change soon its has to happen Right? Look i dont dislike knaphill and im not bitter twisted tool end like some old twats on here no names but this haas gone on long enough let them get on with it and come bottom with a ressie side and average players its become boring im sure we will be having another thread like this in the future I wish you guys good luck for what its worth MW
  2. oh dear whats this another nail in the coffin, was he not clciky enough with first team gaffer i cant help but laugh but thats rude so i will chuckle to myself
  3. Diggty ill have a lemon to go with my pint Read the thread and you will see Are you still teaching knaphill year 7 football training
  4. Is that a bite Milf hunter.... Chomp chomp chomp Im just stating a fact knaphill lost again No different in saying Man utd won
  5. See knaphill lost again.... Another loss to the cap
  6. Im a free agent, down to molesey quite decent but not signed yet
  7. Reading this i thought i may have had more of a response... I have a question for all you out there is there a baller of a manager that could show that bald chairman how its done down there I would defo go back if there was a decent gaffer there with decent players not a ressie side of misfits
  8. Going through the squad on website does anyone think the players would get in any other ccl sides
  9. Im not sure who kevin bailey is and what he has done in football, i know Phil Ruggles is there but he loves jumping ship when it sinks.
  10. Guys seeing phil got sacked for less at craphill when do you lot think the next duo will get the boot Relegation form id say has the chairman got the b$$$$ks.......
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