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  1. Obviously hope that the player in question, and everybody else at the club, is ok - but soooo disappointed with the cancellations. Think I'm done with 2020 now!
  2. Thanks OT for pointing this out - was wondering when we'd get confirmation! Would have thought that for Wednesday we just read 'midweek' - but would be nice if the club could confirm that our preferred midweek home date of Tuesday remains unchanged. Interesting that the FA seem to have given a nod to fixture problems with the FA Cup - with some rounds being started in midweek now. However we seem to have gone the other way with FA Trophy games with all matches on Saturday and none of these being free from Isthmian League dates?! Cup runs are going to cause more fixture problems than normal this year but the income they generate is more needed than ever. Whilst I'm excited to get football back I must admit to finding it difficult to get excited about the league season at the moment, with the same teams as last year and no confirmation that the league won't just be scrapped again if we get what seems like an inevitable second wave of the dreaded C-word. That was my biggest problem with the way last season was handled - I guess we just hope for the best. Perhaps the new League sponsors - Kappa? - will generate some excitement.
  3. It was great to be back watching football again over at Aveley yesterday. A 3-1 win (Okojie & 2 trialists), sunshine (though a bit too windy!), familiar faces - whats not to like?! Social distancing was very easy so if anybody has any worries on that front I can reassure you. Grays were taking their responsibilities seriously (tickets booked in advance and details collected for track and trace) and I was very pleased to hear what we as a club have been doing on this front. The documentation posted on the website is a lot more than the tick-box exercise I've seen elsewhere - thank you to all those involved for all the hard work.
  4. Confirmation now from The Isthmian League: https://www.isthmian.co.uk/the-return-of-spectators-63172 However, if you look at the table they've produced, it's not the capacity of the ground that's used but the minimum capacity for the league. For us at Step 3 that's 1,950 so 15% is 300 (presumably they've rounded the figures!). For Grays, at step 4, it's 1,350 so 15% is 200. Grays have tweeted to say they will announce very shortly their plans to allow spectators to watch their home games from this Saturday.
  5. The FA have now released further guidance:- https://www.thefa.com/news/2020/aug/19/updated-guidelines-for-return-of-spectators-190820 Doesn't start until Saturday so no fans for the Hertford Town game on Friday - I guess we'll have to wait to hear from Grays about Saturday. Seems that from 22/8/20 we can play matches with a maximum of 15% of capacity. From 31/8/20 that increases to 30% of capacity provided at least one match has been played at the 15% level.
  6. No, I don't agree, Richard, I think that could see the end of numerous non-league clubs. I never agreed with making last season null and void - I always thought we should just carry on when safe to do so. Who's to say the world will return to normal for August next year - I'm certainly not confident of that and don't think our lives should just be put on hold in the meantime. We have to find a way to live with this - a vaccine may, or may not, come, there's no guarantees of that. Whilst not ideal, with open air stadia and attendances nowhere near capacity, non-league football must be able to find a way for fans at least to be socially distant. It might not be as fun as it was, but it's got to be better than the current situation in my opinion. I'm very much in favour of the social media campaign to #LetFansIn at non-league level. If you agree, sign the petition I found online below:- https://www.change.org/p/the-government-to-see-the-return-of-non-league-football-letfansin
  7. For those who don't do Twitter, Town kicked off their behind closed doors friendlies today with a 3-2 defeat against our new tenants. Our goals came from Charles Brown and a trialist - don't you just hate that phrase? The teamsheet showed appearances from Nathan McDonald, Sam Hatton, Josh Urquhart, Ryan Blackman, Lewis Taaffe, Sam Youngs, Charles Brown and numerous trialists. Managers will always tell you results don't matter in pre-season - paying supporters will beg to differ but there weren't any of those today! ....and no, I didn't see the game!
  8. ...although the guidance appears contradictory on the subject of spectators. I'm also not sure how it fits with Boris' speech yesterday when he seemed to indicate no spectators before October? One of the attachments seems to suggest 30 spectators may be a maximum? - which would put us back to square one!
  9. The FA appear to have pressed the start button on the return of non-league football:- http://www.thefa.com/news/2020/jul/17/grassroots-guidance-for-competitive-football-restart-in-england-170720 Essentially, training can resume now, friendlies in August and leagues can start in September. Curiously, changing rooms are to remain closed - but it looks like fans will be allowed on a socially distant basis?
  10. A useful exercise, mainly an effort to keep in touch as there's not really that much to discuss at the moment. Think there were 50 or so households logged in and it was nice to see some familiar faces. Most of the talking was done by Mr Chairman (who chaired the Zoom meeting very well), Andy, Billy, Marc and a little from Mario. General feeling from Andy following his discussion with other managers seemed to be that we're unlikely to restart in August - October? The players felt we'd need about a month pre-season before starting. Some discussion of impacted budgets but clear that the board has not yet been in a position to provide Andy with clear figures on this. Guess we're all looking to see what happens in German football today and in the next few weeks. Whilst we're unlikely to be playing our games behind closed doors it will be interesting to see whether the German players become infected following the restart as this could have a significant impact on wider society.
  11. Watched on YouTube Kingstonian's fans forum from last week - very interesting. On this subject, their manager, Hayden Bird, said he is preparing for the season to start on the 8th August as planned but he suspects its more likely to start in September. What I found particularly interesting, for a club sitting in 10th place when this season was called null and void, is how positive the chairman, manager and players are about the club's prospects next season. Seems they saw last year as a building season and their aim this year is very much to win the league, even allowing for the financial difficulties brought about by the pandemic. As a football fan, really encouraging to see - though maybe not so much as an ETFC fan!
  12. I still feel the decision of our league/the FA to make the season null and void is premature. The FA Council have, I understand, yet to ratify the decision and there is a campaign to ask them to reconsider. 1) A petition - https://www.change.org/p/the-fa-completion-of-all-football-leagues 2) A letter signed so far by 132 club chairmen and growing every day. Not surprisingly, I see that Worthing have added their name to this. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-rmjvLNedh-3B7gcE2NgTRO_we_-JUIv/view
  13. Horrendous decision now made - cannot believe they would be stupid enough to do this! All results expunged for the season - no promotion or relegation. https://www.betvictoristhmian.co.uk/fa-announcement-season-termination-61688
  14. This looks controversial - essentially, they're saying the season should end now, either null and void or with final positions allocated on a points per game basis. I couldn't be more opposed.... https://www.betvictoristhmian.co.uk/isthmian-league-statement-24th-march-2020-61677
  15. If you’ve lived your life according to the mantra of Bill Shankly, now is a tough time! 2 strands to this post so bear with me:- 1) What do we all think should happen now to the league season? My own view is that, whenever we can play again, the season should be resumed where it left off. We must complete this season. Looking increasingly like that may be some months down the line so maybe its next season that doesn’t take place, with more cup games and smaller leagues (Champions League style) to take us through. Thoughts? Interesting that Kingstonian have arranged a friendly with Dorking Wanderers this week – in two minds about how sensible this is in the current scenario but currently thinking I’d probably attend if it was us! 2) Support during the tough times. It was heartbreaking listening to some of the older members of our community on a radio programme last night, facing up to the potential of being told to self-isolate for 4 months. I’m not really in favour of this but I do think we need to listen very carefully to the scientists about how to defeat this terrible virus. What I do know is that, even in isolation, society as a whole needs to ensure that people who may be physically isolated are not mentally isolated too. ETFC is a strong community and I hope that we’ll be able to harness that in some way for the benefit of our fans, particularly the older ones. In the meantime, use the forum (or the direct messaging system within it) if anybody feels the need to stay connected. For once, I hope forum members will allow non football related chat to keep our supporters mentally engaged. Stay strong everybody. COYT! ‘Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.’
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