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  1. Horrendous decision now made - cannot believe they would be stupid enough to do this! All results expunged for the season - no promotion or relegation. https://www.betvictoristhmian.co.uk/fa-announcement-season-termination-61688
  2. This looks controversial - essentially, they're saying the season should end now, either null and void or with final positions allocated on a points per game basis. I couldn't be more opposed.... https://www.betvictoristhmian.co.uk/isthmian-league-statement-24th-march-2020-61677
  3. If you’ve lived your life according to the mantra of Bill Shankly, now is a tough time! 2 strands to this post so bear with me:- 1) What do we all think should happen now to the league season? My own view is that, whenever we can play again, the season should be resumed where it left off. We must complete this season. Looking increasingly like that may be some months down the line so maybe its next season that doesn’t take place, with more cup games and smaller leagues (Champions League style) to take us through. Thoughts? Interesting that Kingstonian have arranged a friendly with Dorking Wanderers this week – in two minds about how sensible this is in the current scenario but currently thinking I’d probably attend if it was us! 2) Support during the tough times. It was heartbreaking listening to some of the older members of our community on a radio programme last night, facing up to the potential of being told to self-isolate for 4 months. I’m not really in favour of this but I do think we need to listen very carefully to the scientists about how to defeat this terrible virus. What I do know is that, even in isolation, society as a whole needs to ensure that people who may be physically isolated are not mentally isolated too. ETFC is a strong community and I hope that we’ll be able to harness that in some way for the benefit of our fans, particularly the older ones. In the meantime, use the forum (or the direct messaging system within it) if anybody feels the need to stay connected. For once, I hope forum members will allow non football related chat to keep our supporters mentally engaged. Stay strong everybody. COYT! ‘Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that.’
  4. Completely agree 55 Seasons. Looks like our wonderful summer of sport will be destroyed too... Interesting that the National Leagues are continuing - was actually thinking of going to Boreham Wood today but they've called their game off on the basis that they share their ground with Arsenal U23s. Life seems to have been put on hold - I don't think this is likely to be for a short period and many will struggle as a result.
  5. Agree with much of what was said in the previous two posts - what was pleasing was the way we battled to the end and kept the clean sheet. Should have put the game to bed earlier but Bishop's Stortford will feel they could have got something out of the game if they'd taken their chances so I think we should be pleased with the 3 points. Glenn Wilson was brought into central defence with Jon Muleba moving across to the right to replace Sam Hatton (I wonder if that was with Aaron Greene's pace in mind?). Lyle Della-Verde also replaced Ken Charles in the starting 11. MoM for me was Lyle, with strong performances too from Jon Muleba and Ryan Blackman. Nice to see Shaun Okojie get his goal - a proper striker's goal getting across the defender to meet a good cross from Muleba. Strange weather - not as cold as in recent weeks (about time!) but with a strong wind that had an impact.
  6. Was surprised to see us lining up without a recognised wide player on Saturday, with Lewis injured and Lyle and Bobson both on the bench. We did put in a decent performance though, helped by Billy's early spectacular lob. Scott was probably MoM for me in the middle of the park. Agree with Theodopolous that a point away at Folkestone would usually be a decent result - we're in the stage of the season now though where we need to start picking up 3 points consistently if we're to have any chance of pushing for that play-off spot. 9 points off Carshalton in that final play-off spot at the moment, but we do have 3 games in hand so the wins are now very important. Hope we can start with one away at Bishops Stortford tomorrow night.
  7. It was Andy Leese that mentioned it in the post Lewes match interview on #GoToTown - said he'd been training with us for a while but there had been a delay in obtaining international clearance. I thought he said that had now been resolved but I wonder if they're waiting for formalities to be completed before a formal announcement?
  8. Roman Campbell, who was with us on loan from Gillingham earlier in the season, has joined our opponents on Saturday, Folkestone Invicta!
  9. Disappointing result and performance last night. Whilst Lewes have picked up a few points since the recent appointment of a new manager, I thought that side last night were there for the taking. Yes, they had a very tall centre forward making his debut for them on loan who had a good game but I still felt they looked pretty poor overall. Just watched Andy's interview and I agree with him that we seemed to drop off in performance level after the first 20 minutes. What surprised me though is that it seemed to me and others around me last night that we were crying out for more width to stretch the game wheareas Andy said they chose to make it more compact in the second half! All about opinions I suppose. I thought we had more success when Josh pushed further forward from left back, but a left footed player there might have produced better results. Lots of games to come this month including 3 of the top 6. Crucial that we get a run of wins together if we're to push for that play-off place - last night didn't help. Interesting to hear that we've signed Mo Faal's 21 year old cousin, a centre forward who's been playing in Germany. Looking forward to seeing him play if he's anything like Mo (or Joe Gomez!).
  10. Today's game against Kingstonian is off - waterlogged pitch. 8 weeks of the season left - 13 games still to play.
  11. We don't see much comment on here about the U23s but I thought last night's game is worth a mention given the involvement of several first team squad players. It's become usual practice for a lot of clubs to ask the U23s to play in the same manner as the first team - in our case, maybe be shouldn't follow that quite so religiously! What looked a very strong Town side (on paper) should have been good enough to beat a spirited Bedfont & Feltham in the Quarter Final of the Middlesex FA Premier Cup but we eventually came out on the wrong end of a 5-4 scoreline. The Town line-up included the likes of Matt Nolan (in goal), Joe Payne (in central defence), Junior Mubayi (in centre Mid), Bobson Bawling (in his usual wing role), and Jack Hockney & Samson Esan (up front). Samson put in the sort of performance that Josh Davison was giving in the U23s last year and scored a hat-trick whilst Joe Payne scored a towering header. Must be difficult for the U23s management to include quite so many non-regulars but at least it gave some game time to the first team squad players who may be called upon with a lot of games in March. Good luck to Bedfont & Feltham who must have a real chance of winning this cup now.
  12. A pleasing solid team performance. Much better side on the day - we'll have tougher tests in the coming weeks. Both forwards, Ken & Billy, looked sharp. Lewis was excellent again in the first half and Lyle took over in the second half. MoM for me was Sam Youngs for consistency throughout, though I agree Sam Hatton had a very good game.
  13. Disappointing but not surprising. Nothing to do with the pitch - one of the dugouts was apparently completely taken out by Storm Ciara.
  14. Completely agree, Barney. A welcome much better performance.
  15. Not much positive to take from yesterday's game which I'm sure has left us all a bit down after the high of Tuesday night. We were simply beaten by a better team and our defensive frailties were as evident as ever. The second half was certainly better than the first - couldn't really have been worse - and Hornchurch probably took their foot off the gas. Makes it difficult to argue that this year's squad is better than last year's when we were so comprehensively outplayed by a team containing four of our ex-players. I'm sure AL would tell us that there are things behind the scenes that supporters are not always aware of and that he feels this squad gels better - this needs to translate to consistent performances on the pitch. Difficult day for our new striker, Shaun Okojie, to come into - particularly as were 4-0 down when he came on after only about half an hour! He only signed on Friday night so I suspect he didn't even know most of the players. Remains to be seen whether he'll improve the team. Ambition of the club continues to be questioned by some, which I understand. I do think the board have made it clear - the Chairman explicitly on a recent radio show - that promotion is the aim. Some have said, I think a little unfairly, that the club have only stuck with AL because he's cheap. Finances are, though, a reality and it's clear that we can't afford to pay a manager - finances are going to remain an overriding consideration unless we can bring in much bigger crowds and/or more sponsorship. Amazingly, we are still only 2 points off the play-offs - though my own opinion is that's mainly due to the inconsistency and lack of quality from other teams around us. We got a reaction to the Cray result at Margate on Tuesday - now need to see a reaction to this one against Bognor Regis on Saturday. COYT!
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