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  1. Been waiting to see the footage of the phantom goal incident - seems conclusive, we should have been 1-0 down after 6 minutes and who knows what might have happened then! Was very happy with the point at a difficult place to go - in truth, either side could have won the game and it really could have been 5-3 to the home side by half time. Adam Cunnington played up front for the first time this season. Impressed with his performance, a real beast of a centre forward who really will win almost every header. However, we played our usual formation in the first half meaning Mo Faal & Sam Y
  2. I am not as confident as you about this - losing faith in a club that does not want to play football.
  3. I cannot for the life of me understand this decision, nor our club's support for it. Football clubs voting not to play football in the current circumstances is bonkers. Will ruin the Christmas of a lot of people, including our players. Thoroughly depressed about the whole situation, just at a time when it seemed there was some hope. Non league football has become a sad joke and the public won't thank them for it. Another wasted season.
  4. Barnet are also going back to playing in front of fans. Whilst we await confirmation from the league, it seems we're expecting the league to be 'paused' as a tweet today refers to Wednesday's FA Trophy game 'depending on result could be our final game of 2020'. Interesting how Covid differentiates between league and cup games! Another tweet says 'Tier 2 regions do not permit indoor or outdoor bar'. Cheshunt and Hertford Town, both in Tier 2, have confirmed they will be selling alcohol at friendlies tomorrow. Personally, I suspect our reading of the rules is more accurate to the way t
  5. Really disappointed with that decision, just can't see the sense in it at all. If that is the decision that's accepted by the league then I can't see anything other than another wasted void season. We're not going to be going into Tier 1 anytime soon as far as I can see - Tier 2 is as good as we're going to get for many months. Why close down at a time when the rest of the football community is opening up? Charlton had 2,000 fans last night.
  6. Any views on whether our football should re-start again next week? The FA confirmed yesterday that no fans are allowed at our level in Tier 3 areas - so I think that's just Margate & Folkestone in our league? What seems less clear is whether food and drink can be sold in Tier 2 - though it does seem clear that the club bar could only open with table service and if a substantial meal is bought with any alcohol. So, in reality, that probably remains closed I'm guessing. Capacity limit remains at 600 at our level. I believe that the Leagues at Step 3 & 4, including Isthmian Prem
  7. It's an interesting debate and one we've clearly not managed to solve satisfactorily as a club yet. The one thing that needs to be clearly understood is that there's a difference between a contract and a registration. A contract means obligations for both the club and the player (we have 2 players on contract, I believe?) - how large those obligations are will depend on the monetary value of the contract and how long is left on that contract. I think it has been suggested before that we put more players on smaller value contracts - but then it would be much easier for the contract to be b
  8. The FA also said 'We will continue our ongoing dialogue with Government to clarify the details and next steps, and provide further updates in due course'. No clarity yet on whether matches at our level will be allowed in Tier 3 areas - we'll find out on Thursday what tier we'll be in. Evening Standard is currently saying London is likely to be Tier 2, Daily Mail front page says London will be Tier 3. The Welling players will be out of isolation before we're due to restart on the 8th December (Welling's statement on that subject was 20th November) - whether Ryan & Lyle come back i
  9. I have had helpful email correspondence today with the club Chairman of Peterborough Sports, Grant Biddle, who advised me to check the Parking Charge now on the ParkingEye website as he believes they should now all have been cancelled. Having keyed in the reference, now shows as 'There is no amount outstanding for this Parking Charge'. I'm told that parking charges have to be issued within 14 days of the 'offence' - this company have been issuing them long after!
  10. If any of our fans have recently received a parking ticket for the game against Peterborough Sports back in September, Peterborough Sports are advising you not to pay it. Apparently there have been over 200 tickets issued, many illegally, and the club have been in dispute with Parking Eye. A tweet from the club 21 hours ago says:- ....it has been agreed that Parking Eye will cancel all tickets since start of season. Don't Pay and wait until I send an official notice to confirm. May be a day or two'.
  11. Josh Davison has joined Woking on loan until January.
  12. Same goal difference as Merstham - who are bottom! 'Its a funny old game, Saint'. Still 2 games to go before we get to Richard's 10 games point.
  13. Not sure what you mean by that comment old towner? The club announced on the website on 12/10/19 that Steve Wales had left and yesterday they announced that Jon Meakes has replaced him. Also, in answer to the earlier comment about bringing Mo Faal back from Bolton, Mo has been injured all season. I believe he has had a fractured foot so wouldn't have helped with our current striking difficulties.
  14. Agree with much of what was said about this one, definitely a match to forget! I was too far away to the initial penalty but it did look soft and the second goal came directly after a certain foul on Josh that wasn't given. At 2-0 down we played our best football of the match until half time but didn't really show up after the break. Could easily have conceded 3 or 4 more in the second half. Looking for better on Saturday against a Kingstonian side that lost their first 2 league games (they play tonight) and, like us, was knocked out of the FA Cup last week. With Shaun injured its es
  15. This one certainly wasn't a thriller but was a hard fought win sending the Town fans home happy. Great cross from Sam Youngs, who had surprisingly started as a substitute, and Billy Bricknell did what he does best in sticking the ball in the back of the net with a great volley.
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