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  1. Still buzzing from Wednesday night - a creditable achievement to win this Trophy, well done to Andy and his management team, the players, and everybody behind the scenes who work so hard at our fan owned club to make nights like that happen. Most pleased for the supporters who deserve this - its not always been pretty this year but we all enjoyed this one. I was so wrapped up with the presentation of the trophy that I missed the Hornchurch guard of honour mentioned above - well done to them, touch of class.
  2. Thanks, 3spirit, for an interesting and well reasoned view. Pleased to hear about the stability at Slough Town and sounds like you're very happy with your management team. I see that they too started from scratch by taking most of their squad with them from Godalming Town at the outset and achieved promotion in their first season! I believe you've had another promotion since which won't have harmed their cause. Remarkable to see that Slough are also 11th in the league with an identical points tally to us and an identical record this season of 15 wins, 10 draws and 13 defeats - though you've scored a lot fewer goals. Slightly surprised if the good people of Slough are satisfied with that, particularly as you're not scoring much more than 1 goal per game? Admittedly you are at a higher level than we are.
  3. As disappointed as everybody else, yesterday was poor all round. Think its fair that the management team gets the chance to win the League Cup having made it to the final successfully. I hope the team raises their game on that day. On attendances, somebody said that Spurs and Arsenal weren't playing yesterday but there was still 45,000 at White Hart Lane for the Legends game at the new stadium. Our attendances, even at the old club, have always been disappointing even when we were winning things - the remarkable thing about this club though is the high percentage of our home supporters that go to all the away games too!
  4. Thoroughly enjoyable trip to Whitehawk yesterday, A million times better than my last time there when we lost 6-0. Whitehawk look a good side and played some decent attacking football - I hope they stay up this season. We were deserving winners and the whole team worked incredibly hard. Particularly strong performances from Matt Johnson, Marc Weatherstone, James Mulley and Joe Payne. Shame Sam Youngs got injured as he seemed in a lot of pain - we will miss him in midfield, get well soon, Sam. Baffling decision from the ref to book Mickey Parcell for kicking the extra ball on the pitch. Was the ref's responsibility to remove it and poor that he didn't notice it as the ball was out of play at least once. The lino should have helped him out by flagging it though - he was definitely aware as he told the cameraman, who offered to go and get it, to sit back down! Seemed to me that Mickey just kicked it out of the way as he ran past it. It didn't go off the pitch, but why should Mickey impede his attacking run in order to kick the ball in another direction? Not sure if yellow cards can be appealed? What offence did he commit?! Excellent 3 goals in particular Joe Payne's. Matt Nolan was solid again in goal. Muhammadu looked a class act for the brief time he played - his pace is exceptional. It's a blow that I don't think we'll see him play again for a while - be strong, Mo. So we're 5th and a play off spot is in our own hands now. Next two games against Bognor & Haringey are perhaps the most difficult of the just 8 remaining league fixtures. The boys are going to have to work hard for each other to win these games. But its doable. COYT
  5. Agree with most assessments above - very poor first half showing, better second half though against a poor side likely to struggle to stay up. A bit of a scratch team with the loss of Remi and a few unavailable - several players playing out of position and it showed. Solid start from James on his debut. Glad to see us trying to play 2 up front - Karl was more effective than he had been on Tuesday night when playing wider and Billy certainly benefited. Kezie has always looked effective when brought on but we've not seen enough of him. Bringing in a defender looks to be a priority - we're overloaded in quality midfield players but struggling to put out a defence, though Sam Hatton did a good job covering in the centre. Still feel the balance of this team is not right - and can't help thinking Sam Youngs is a player to build a team around rather than constantly being asked to fill in in different positions. Don't agree with the goalkeeper comment - Joe's not got the best distribution from feet, and I don't think ever will have, but he's one of the best in the league at shot stopping, cross taking and commanding the area (and frankly, has saved us on numerous occasions this year). Matt Nolan did a good job filling in whilst Joe was injured but I think we saw on Tuesday night (when Matt was again covering) that Joe's a different class.
  6. With apologies to those who don't like discussion of the old club, I hope you'll allow me some indulgence as I've just realised that I've been coming to Enfield football matches, be that the old club or Town, for 35 years this year, mostly home and away (once I reached driving age! - before that the away games were mostly the bus to Barnet and the odd coach trip). I realise this makes me a 'Johnny-come-lately' compared to some of you, and I'll let my cousin, who was at that first game with me, out himself if he wants to do so! Due to some great documenting online by Nuneaton Borough FC, I've found that my first Enfield game was on the 21st August 1984, a 1-0 home win over Nuneaton with the goal scored by Steve King. The team was Waller, Barrett, Howell, Cooper, Hazeldene, Flint, Drummy, Taylor, Ashford, Richards & King with Savage & Ironton as subs. Is it rose-tinted glasses that makes me think that 5 of those may be in my all time combined Enfield side? Maybe not, we were particularly blessed at the time! Think that means my combined Enfield Honours list during that time is one Conference win, one Isthmian win, 2 Essex Senior League wins, 1 FA Trophy win, 5 Middlesex Senior Cup wins & 1 Cherry Red Trophy - which looks a little sparse, lets hope Andy can add a Velocity Trophy to that this year! Be interested to hear of the first games of other supporters, if you can find details online - now there's a challenge!
  7. Don't think we should underestimate what a good result, and performance, many of us witnessed yesterday. Matt Johnson was outstanding in a more advanced midfield position than in recent weeks and was my man of the match even before his stunning two goals, followed very closely behind by Micky Parcell. Great performances all over the pitch though, with everybody standing up and being counted against a team that destroyed us at home. We all know these players are capable of performances like that (remember Tonbridge away?) but we need to do that more consistently - if you watch the interview with Worthing's manager after the game, Andy could have uttered those words word for word far too many times this season. The challenge to the players is to see that level of performance regularly. Travelling support was magnificent again yesterday, by the way.
  8. Rudi Hall is pretty memorable! Liam Hope will always be a Town legend. Don't think there were many who knew of him before he joined us but we certainly know his name now - written himself into Town history and can be very proud. Without taking anything away from his first stint, I'm very pleasantly surprised with the positive contribution he made on his return. Thank you for your service to the club Liam, I'm sure you'll always be very welcome at ETFC.
  9. Great signing, Marc's a born leader having been captain at Dulwich and Wingate - be interesting to see if he takes the armband. Would actually like to have seen him playing with Taofiq but I guess our finances wouldn't allow this. I wish Taofiq well - others might not know that he has also been coaching youngsters on a Saturday morning as part of our community programmes on the all weather pitch. My nephew and niece think he's great, I don't know him other than what I've seen on the pitch but seems a really nice guy. His message on twitter was classy too. Best of luck wherever you end up, Taofiq - and maybe a return one day.
  10. My tuppence worth on the one up front debate - I think the main reason we lost that game yesterday is because we didn't get anybody close enough to Billy up front. Our 'front three' yesterday were Billy, Sam Youngs (mainly) and Lewis Taaffe but Sam and Lewis were playing like wide players as those playing in that position have done most of this season. Micky Parcell rarely got forward at all - Remi a little more but not enough. Result, Billy isolated up front. Now look at my other team, Liverpool - Mane, Firmino and Salah playing as a front three in a completely different way with superb movement and inter-change of positions between them. Key passes between those players and the crosses mainly coming from wide (which is important) from Andy Robertson & Trent Alexander-Arnold (or Joe Gomez when he plays there) ie the full backs. Now I'm not saying, as good as some of our players are, that we have the quality to play like Liverpool. But Billy can't be enjoying his football at the moment and, for me, it's key that we get players closer to him. Interestingly, I also attended the Brazil v Uruguay game at The Emirates - Firmino also up front there, playing with Neymar & Douglas Costa. Great front three, no? Actually, Douglas Costa stayed very wide (ineffective, taken off), Neymar played either very wide left or often came very deep (ineffective, other than scoring a winning penalty!). Result, Firmino barely got a kick and looked isolated up front. Wasn't the free-flowing football you'd expect from Brazil. I'm not saying that 2 up front is always the way to go - managers need to mix it up and change their formations based on who they're playing, what form players are in etc etc. it used to be that many managers played one up front away from home and reverted to a different formation at home - think it was probably Chelsea that changed that and they've admittedly had a lot of success but didn't work out too well for them yesterday! We were better yesterday than we have been in recent weeks - a draw would have been a fairer result against a good Kingstonian side. But we've got to find a way to get back to scoring goals and, at the moment, for me that needs more forwards on the pitch. Ironically, we lost another forward this week who scored a hat-trick yesterday so we're not currently blessed with options in that position...who'd be a manager?
  11. Very pleased with the result, good that we came back from what looked like dead and buried, but the overall performance level was poor again. Pleasing that Billy Bricknell did immediately what we signed him for - two quality goals. Lewes will have thought they should have won it. 2nd in the league is amazing - not sure how! Anybody have a view on the Sam Hutton sending off? Would like to see it again but my initial reaction was that the referee got it wrong and it was the Lewes No 4 that was lucky not to walk. One of their fans was insistent Sam had stamped on their player. Online comment I've seen afterwards said there was no stamp but that he'd kicked their player in the stomach! I didn't see either of those....Rather soured what had been a good day at a friendly club. Glad to hear that the young Lewes lad who was carried off after the lengthy delay is not seriously hurt.
  12. Certainly wasn't expecting that yesterday but fair play to Bedford they played very well and we were second best all afternoon. Need to see a reaction from the players at Lewes - think we're about to learn a lot about this group of players and the management team. Really hope they rise to the challenge. Start to the season has been impressive but yesterday was just embarrassing and a disaster from a financial point of view. The money's now gone so lets get back to playing football. Bedford showed it can be done!
  13. Not as impressive as Saturday but a pleasing point nonetheless. A bit flat it the first half - don't think the management team would have been that pleased at half time. Better second half, perhaps unlucky not to get the win in the end. Lewis Taaffe did very well when he came on.
  14. Superb performances all over the pitch, we played some scintillating football at times, couldn't fault anyone - Burgess Hill were blown away in spells but attacked us too and Joe Wright made at least one outstanding save. 10-3 might have been a fairer reflection! With some important players out (Taaffe unavailable, Sutton newly injured, Bricknell still injured) the cohesion in the team was brilliant. This squad is being run from the midfield - right decision by Andy to leave Ryan Blackman on the sidelines for this one as Johnson, Youngs and Chaney are playing suberbly. Ryan's determination to get back into the team was in full evidence when he came on, putting in a strong performance - you're not alone as a Captain fighting to get back in, Ryan, look at Jordan Henderson! Will be interesting in the coming months to see if we try to fit all 4 of those midfielders in to a team formation - I suspect Monday's team may depend upon how bodies react to a game within 48 hours of the last one (can you imagine Mourinho's comments if his prima donnas had to play so soon?). Liam Hope looked incredibly disappointed to be taken off after 65 minutes but I suspect, with the game won, that was with Monday in mind after he had put in another great performance and probably his best of the season. Keep it up, Liam! Aaron Greene was also taken off early but was probably my man of the match for the time he was on the field, setting the tone early with some great wing play. Bilal also contributed with a number of assists so we were dangerous on both wings. Exciting times - whilst we shouldn't read too much into early season form, it feels good to be sitting top of the league!
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