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  1. Match highlights: http://billericaytownfc.wix.com/fans#!metpolicevideo/cngo Every players was worth at least an 8 out of 10. I gave MOTM to Rowan though there are several players others will give it to which shows what a great team performance it was. We were great across the middle and Nashey put in an excellent shift, in what I think is his first start for the club?
  2. 12:30 in The Crown for the Spuds v Arses match if anyone would like to join us?
  3. Billericay Town v Met. Police Match preview: http://billericaytownfc.wix.com/fans#!metpolicehome/c865 Now with pre-match options and weather details!
  4. The official website is advertising Spurs v Arsenal on Saturday. From 12:45 and during the time Spurs can keep Arsenal from scoring beers are £1 off.
  5. After the day we had when the Witham game was called off may I suggest a 12:30 meet in The Blue Boar then move to The Crown for 13:30 before wending our merry way down to the ground? All Blues fans are, of course, welcome as well is the Met Police fan. Thoughts?
  6. Match highlights http://billericaytownfc.wix.com/fans#!regentvideo/c1epx
  7. I'll see about setting up a car wash right outside the gate...
  8. Apart from a bulk order of scarves and paying to get in that is where most Dulwich fans financial support ends. The large number of middle class, work-shy, students that were there had spent money in Sainsbury's to buy booze which they took in to the ground and left lying empty behind the goal. If there was a plug behind the goal where they could boil a kettle they'd all eat super noodles at half time. There was a metal bucket left behind the goal, we assume it had been full of ice to keep the champagne cool. I was there when the DHFC fan spoke to Rich about not going in the bar. T
  9. That's not fair! I've got an image of two Kraftwerk books on sale on Amazon!
  10. I did think the 'unwanted fans' comment was tongue in cheek but couldn't be sure. I've heard similar of late... I've spoken with Glenn Poole several times, he's a nice and approachable bloke. He is also to the point and speaks his mind which is a massive plus as far as I'm concerned in this day and age. That sounds like an opinion, you should be ashamed!
  11. Just a comment from behind the goal. Our loudest singer, Rich Mann, has crossed the white line again and is now playing Essex Olympian League football for Southminster St Leonards so we may not see him too often. Another loud fan has stopped coming and the numbers have dwindled. I spend most of the game filming so I can't be shouting or jumping around too much. As for the results, I think we have a strong squad, it just lacks a spark and they could be back to the football and form that we enjoyed last month.
  12. Hightlights from the match. http://billericaytownfc.wix.com/fans#!raynesparkhome/caxg Raynes Park Vale can be justly proud of their efforts today. The replacement keeper had a great game, as you will see from his saves in the video.
  13. I have video of you, staggering around the terracing during the second half that everyone is welcome to view...
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