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  1. Matt Hall has joined Hanwell Town. Just leaves Bush, Owen, Walsh, Benyon and Obi from last seasons squad. Can only seeing 1 or 2 staying although wouldn’t be surprised if they all move on. Aside from Giles, the CM and the on loan goalkeeper we can’t look to sign anymore until we know the future of these 5 players. We do need at least one more striker and another defender.
  2. Rhys has joined Enfield Town (step 3), he joins up with his former manager at the Met Police.
  3. Seeing as their new Twitter is called Windsor & Eton FC I’d say it’ll be the same!
  4. Would you mind confirming if the retained players announced are all the ones we’re keeping or are you still waiting on others to confirm as there seems to be 7 players from last seasons squad left with no news on them?
  5. Ahem… shouldn’t your school project be updated by now?
  6. We’re signing the cream of the crop, these players were minutes away from being NLS players and all have that winning mentality. They’ve all stepped up to the challenge and want to test and better themselves so I’m fully on board with this and much rather have these signings than some ‘journeymen’ or only here for the money signings. With another couple to sign and if we can get the goalkeeper right and get lucky again like we did with Will we could be in for an exciting season.
  7. Firstly, all excellent signings and players who appear to have the hunger to test and excel themselves. Really looking forward to seeing them all play and gel as a team, it could be an exciting season! I do wonder though as these have all been announced now are they all on contract? If not then surely that’s a big risk they could be tempted elsewhere and you only have their word? Only ask as nearly every other pre season we’ve not announced until league forms come out unless we specified the player has signed a contract. Well he’s used to playing in front of said man and his dog… 😉
  8. Yes from left to right, who do you think the striker and defender is?
  9. Striker, Defender, Winger in that order 👍
  10. I thought Grant was good but nothing spectacular and he seems to chase the money after leaving us for more at Farnborough and now doing the same to them. Gabe is as good if not better plus has time on his side to develop even further.
  11. We have no assets or own anything so no buying took place more of a taking on the running of the club. Not sure these accounts show their true worth as there are ways around with smart accounting. It could be Ashley or some other individual(s) who are putting funds into the club, or there may be some big sponsorship deal we’ve yet to reveal….
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