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  1. I hope Whitehawk stay up and Merstham don't go up Actually I wouldn't mind if Tonbridge stayed down too
  2. Can I have one please (put my name in the book as Andrew Thomson please) Thanks Andy
  3. Of course we hope Truro City are back playing in Truro then rather than in Torquay where they play currently. I'm in the same boat Simon, regret passing on the Truro trip (and Weston super Mare).
  4. Would Paul Scholes have come to the Bridge?!
  5. I don’t like Lindelöf, I wish he’d [****!!****] off, Man Utd.
  6. Happy 42nd birthday Michael Ballack! The answer to life, the universe and everything! (And for Germany he really was that!) And he even scored 42 goals for Germany! (in 98 caps!) And happy 57th birthday (had he been alive) to the late, great Bulgarian midfielder Ayan Sadakov, also known as Anyo Sadkov between 1985 and 1989 when the Bulgarian government refused to allow its citizens who were ethnic Turks to use Turkish names. 79 caps, 9 goals.
  7. Happy birthday Carsten Jancker... https://youtu.be/n8YWZm_YKoo
  8. One mug for Philip Rivers too please And I'll buy a new strip
  9. Absolutely stunned by this news, he seemed OK when I saw him with Colin and Karen outside Caffe Nero on Thursday afternoon
  10. I'm slightly surprised we weren't able to buy bottled beers tbh, especially real ales. Derek and I prefer them at room temperature in any case, though we'll drink them cold.
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