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  1. Maybe it's what he needs? Sounds like he thought he was bigger than the club. We don't know the full facts.
  2. This is interesting; http://www.vice.com/en_uk/read/dulwich-hamlet-non-league-football-109?utm_source=vicetwitteruk
  3. The only additional people the Olympic Stadium will attract is your plastic day trippers and tourists, not the sort of people you would get at grass roots football, and perhaps some long term West Ham supporters that might find Stratford a bit more convenient than the Boleyn Ground (but not many of them). I think the likes of Billericay will see an increase in their gates when West Ham move. Many 'diehard' West Ham supporters are particulary disillusioned with the whole thing and the way the process has gone and in particular the way Gold, Sullivan and Brady are selling 108 years of history, tradition and soul down the river just so that they can line their own pockets. I know for a fact that there are many West Ham supporters that will refuse to follow the team to Stratford, me being one of them. Away days only from 2016 in addition to BTFC home games.
  4. Don't forget you and me are paying that BBC tw*ts wages!!! Perhaps he needs reminding.
  5. What heritage is that then? Spectacularly going from the old Div 2 to non-league? A decent run in the FA Trophy is the best you can hope for these days. Carrot crunching mug.
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