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  1. fear of outing me??!! just been told what that means your a prat jonno!! everybody that matters knows who i am,and you dont matter,my name is SALV, shelley is my son in law so DO have a chat with him. then u and all the others who claim people are lying or shit stirring will have egg on there face, while your chatting with shelley ask him wher his Wife was that night she was not at the hospital as claimed by others but being a prat you have missed the most important point NOBODY should drive to a hospital after getting a kick to their head ALONE end of
  2. i hope jonno your not including my post about ALL not knowing the facts???!! i said it was embarrasing shelley went to hospital alone-FACT,i could post more over his treatment etc but i wont
  3. he had the raynes park lad keeping him company for a while he said
  4. the scarey thing about shelley being injured with blood pouring out of a head wound was that an ambulance was not called.HE had to drive himself to hospital alone and spend the evening in A&E embarrasing
  5. whats happened at lammas? i think whats happening at sandhurst is more worrying??!!
  6. exactjy right smudge i hav not seen many critisize alan its the CCL that is in my view under the spotlight?? and they must of checked all was correct to promote eversley or did they??!!
  7. i feel sorry for e&c because of the amount of work and cost put into getting into prem,i feel sorry for tommo a close friend of mine for all the effort/time/cost he has put into getting them promoted then assembling a team for the prem he wont like me saying this but he was in tears when he resigned but i feel anger because the CCL should of helped the club more than they did!!they seem to bend over backwards for certain clubs?? eversly could of kept quiete about the lights and if they had an evening game before they could turn lights on they could of said they blew a transformer and were waiting for parts bur the one question i would like answered by somebody from league is did you actually check the paperwork about the lights when they applied to be promoted??????
  8. lights issue??!! only joking
  9. the league want 20 teams next season was discussed at agm??,so would be interisting to hear how league will achieve the numbers?? especially if clubs who dont meet grading in div 1 will be thrown out of league
  10. i think the decision is a disgrace should the clubs not had a say?? but also by not giving ash a reprieve or better still promoting lammas it confirms next season only 1 team go up from div 1 so will make clubs think whats the point
  11. just an idea if south kilburn have re applied to join league why not allow them back with certain stipulations? 1 the chairman to step down as manager being the most important point, 2 he cannot be in technical area, 3 the club sort the ground out by a certain deadline mainley the changing rooms, using 2 rooms should not be allowed very hard to give a team talk.surely losing clubs not the best option for league?and better idea than allowing reserve teams in just my thoughts
  12. we proberly wont go into surrey elite so not sure if we will take option up on groundshare
  13. correct chris we had negociated a 2 year groundshare with a prem side ,the differance powelly is it was while our new ground was being built
  14. the fa informed bedfont town yesterday that there application to go step 6 and join ccl 1 has been refused,but they hav been accepted to join surrey elite and been put on standby if 2 clubs do not have everything in place by 31 may
  15. do the fa do leagues individually or the whole step 6 because edgware and ealing have been accepted into spartan league?
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