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  1. "We'll finish above Billericay" I look forward to reviewing that comment at the end of the season
  2. looks like your manager is staying. Bad luck lol
  3. http://www.brentwoodgazette.co.uk/Edwards-says-Billericay-Town-dressing-room/story-26295389-detail/story.html this article sums Edwards up really. A dig at a decent player and answering for the whole squad, who would want to come and play for somebody who says things like that. Even if Scott did something wrong to come out and make a comment like that doesn't help the club at all
  4. Ryan Scott may have breached a rule or whatever but he was a good player, plus he's certainly not the only player who has left in the past after a falling out with Craig Edwards, I don't believe Scott's to blame
  5. He's left now, shame, drove out by the manager like other players in the past.
  6. The 4-3-1-2 was excellent and that was proven in a dominant first half, Edwards dunne and Poole were all solid, defence did their jobs well, and sapps and liburd worked well together.. Special mention to Nash who's work rate really helped us in the final third. We keep playing like that who knows where we'll finish!
  7. I'd love us to be in the Conference South. The reason i go and support Billericay is because i want us to be the best we can be, I think sustaining mid-table in the Ryman Premier will become quite boring and won't be financially beneficial in the long run. I still am hopeful of a late playoff push this season, but it will be extremely difficult. Concord and Wealdstone, both recently in the Ryman, are having good seasons this year. Whilst we were favourites to go down it made winning feel so much better. All the attempts to grow the club off the field are worthless if we're not growing on it
  8. I think there are a few reasons why our attendance isn't as high as it could possibly be. Firstly, the only advertisement of our home games is through social networking, and to see them, you'd have to follow one of the Billericay twitter accounts. To get newer fans there needs to be more advertising elsewhere, just something simple like a few posters around Billericay, just to let people know we're then and when. Secondly, the ticket pricing, i believe ours is £10 on the door, I know most clubs are the same, and the cost at all levels have increased, but some people simply won't be willing to pay 10 quid to watch division 7 football. We're not the only club who have suffered with this. I'm not saying our ticket price is a joke, but it does put people off at the end of the day. There's a 'pay what you want' method that some Non League clubs have started to do and a Scottish Premier League club did it very recently, and it does definitely boost attendances at any level http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/m/mansfield_town/8502204.stm - here's an example, if it was done for 1 or 2 games in the season, the atmosphere would be good and i'm sure a lot of them would come again. Some clubs set a minimum of £1 on a 'pay what you want' deal. It's not a guarantee it'll be successful, but i believe it'd be worth a try
  9. I don't think the fans on the forum or on twitter have complained in a while. We should be higher in the league though, the only teams in my opinion that are clearly stronger than us are the top 3. When you see some of the goals and chances we create it's when we play on the floor and we have a lot of technical players to do that more consistently. We just need that one win to send us on a roll i feel. There's also a difference in having an opinion and being negative
  10. We should start some sort of campaign to make behind the goal a singing section. The fans like it and so do the players, which = results
  11. When we talk about the gates being low we can't forget the good fans that turn up every week and support the team, i think there's a lot of idiots behind the goal who are way to aggressive and i can see why people don't take their kids.. Also I half interpreted our aims as not wanting to get promoted, i may have read what he meant completely wrong but the reason i personally turn up every week is to see us get in the playoffs and go up, that's the aim of playing football competitively after all
  12. At the start of the season we was all singing and the atmosphere behind the goal was good and now it's gone a bit flat again. I think it definitely helps the players so we really need to be doing it for the whole 90 minutes every home and away game.. we was pretty poor but we're through which is good news. On another day that could of been 4/5-1 but we didn't take our chances. We miss Callum Dunne and a fully fit Sappleton though and looking forward to seeing them back in the starting XI soon
  13. I'll be a press officer if i get to become part chairman/director of football/ head of youth development and be paid 10k a week
  14. Btw, who was our number 5? Who was spoke about on the first page, i'm sure that's normally Halle? Personally i'd rather see youth in the minor games especially the essex senior cup and friendlies and if they impress that's when Craig decides whether to put them in a bit more or not
  15. It is a shame to see how little chance these youngsters have though, if their not good enough, fair enough. But I'm sure some are, and what happens next year, is it either they get released or pushed forward to the first team? It's a hard game, but it'd not only be great for the youngsters to get an opportunity but for the reputation for the club as well. This isn't an attack towards us. It goes for every club in England. But for example, when sappleton was suspended we got Mitchell on loan i think for that reason. And wasn't he a bit of a nob? these moments like suspensions/injuries/end of season games are opportunities for youngsters to prove themselves imo at any level
  16. Exactly navyblue, a completely ignorant response not addressing The Mighty Blue's points
  17. Honestly feel the attendance might also be decreasing due to it being very quiet at New Lodge now. Don't get me wrong the fans that turn up week in week out are great but maybe if we sing all our songs like we used to it could really lift the team and increase attendances long term. Just a small point, not a big deal. Will continue to go every week no matter what
  18. A lot has changed since the Macclesfield days, and JB has more to him then just a target man which is what Sapps is now. Like i said in my first post i feel JB gets stranded as the secondary striker which is why we dont see the best in him as we could do
  19. Firstly Jl you said everyones entitled to an opinion, then say its out of the funny farm,bit of a contradiction. I personally think Benjamin is a much more techincally able player then Sapps, and to Gazza,unfortunately its none of them mate,not everyone has to think like you do, what makes you right and me wrong? I go every game i possibly can and have seen enough football to make a judgement on it. I don't think he has the adaptability required if things arent going right or if we need to change our style. Dinosaur football is what id call it currently
  20. Positives: The game was on Negatives: Whilst this may be controversial to some,i think the fact we had yet another tedious performance comes down to Edwards. When we won the league, we relied very heavily on set pieces, that was our reputation,and it worked, lets remember Swaine was our top scorer with around 14 goals. A CB. Id say without the set pieces wed be nowhere, quite lucky really The season after we used the same tactic,teams were a lot more adapt and we went down. Fair enough, it was a tough league. Pre Season this year,new squad, a lot smaller on average with exception of Sappleton. We was told our game was going to change. That with these new players we would play more football and create our chances that way. Wrong. Yet again Edwards relies on hoof balls and set pieces which with this squad isnt right. Yes sappleton is big and strong but the goals he has scored this season have been with his feet, not his head. Benjamin,clearly the more able striker,seems isolated with either being forced to come deep to the ball or it being booted to Sapps so benji gets nothing. It clearly doesnt work and other teams seem to be breaking us down with quick counters across the floor. I aint expecting Barcelona but when things are going wrong things do not change, we are still willing to play route1 down the middle,not exploiting the flanks at all. We could play a direct game at this level but the players seem to not have an idea how to do it effectively, as it simply hasnt been trained into them. Therefore there is literally minimum attacking play to our game. When we rarely knock it about a bit its where our best football is played, i recall earlier in the season good interplay between robinson and saps or benjamin which got us 3 points. However Craig Edwards seems insitent in playing a game with no creativity possible.. It is clear what some of our players are best at yet they dont get to show it due to the way theyve been told to play. If you disagree fair enough but me and others have thought this for a long time
  21. It's disappointing to look forward to a game for it to be called off and i'm sure the players are the same! However driving out and about today and seeing amateur games being played and the pitches being fine i do question whether it is the referees being pedantic and our pitch isn't as bad as it sounds. Yes it's not great but it's football, a sport that's meant to be all year round. Whether it's down to 'health and safety' i don't know but it is frustrating. In other news they did play a friendly over Hackney Marshes and won 6-1 (according to Ryan Scott on twitter) so at least they're playing. Grassroots football needs a lot of help. And if anyone with a twitter account can follow @SaveGrassRoots then it's a start. A growing campaign to get premier league clubs and the FA to help clubs like us and even further down the football pyramid
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