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  1. I can't be bothered to register for the forum on the club website but hope Webbo might cast his eyes on this. Why is there is absolutely nothing on the SACFC site or forum about the game, which incidentally we lost 2-0. Presumably nobody gives a toss.
  2. From the non league daily site; the quote is priceless!!! Striker Tom Beech has rejoined Ridgeons League Division One club Ely City. Tom, has signed from Eagle Bitter United Counties League Premier Division side Potton United. Tom played the second half of last season for the Robins and scored fifteen goals. City assistant-manager Alan Alsop said: "Tom Beech is a natural goal scorer so it's great to have him back.
  3. Heading for Lewes? Whatever happened to Conference National? http://www.theargus.co.uk/sport/argusgen..._record_fee.php
  4. He could learn that the best players perform over the whole season not just the first half, & don't incur 15 bookings from misstimed tackles & petulant comments. Whilst I rate his ability his ego seems to have got the better of him. Does he really think clubs, better than the Saints, will be queueing up for him?
  5. Crawley obviously didn't watch Magnus on Saturday! How long before he's on his way again? No great loss me thinks.
  6. "Possibly the only player to emerge with any credit from the City defence or midfield was Damian Batt." Was Tav's watching the same game as me? Batt for the first 70 minutes was hopeless; gave it away continuously & couldn't be bothered to get beyond the half way line resorting to hoofing it straight to the Stortford central defenders. Matt Hann looked very sharp but no one gave him the ball; everything went down the left where Flynn & Walsh had no idea. We seem to have a problem down the left side. When will be Cousins be fit? I'm afraid that following a couple of OK games Walsh is clearly not up to it; Flynn also seems to have lost it. The whole of the back four were asleep for the opening half an hour, Marwa never woke up at any time, & much as it grieves me to say it the only player who gave full commitment was Hakim. A pathetic display against moderate opposition playing route 1 football. I hope the team will be more up for the next 3 important league games all of which are likely to be tough.
  7. Bastock raised his hand & got a red - difficult to defend him but if he was obstructed why was it a penalty & not a free kick to us. Why again was Perks not on the sub bench? Was Nick Roddis ever going to appear as a sub - I doubt it. Poor decision by Lippy. Despite dominating a game against one of the poorest & most cynical opponents ever seen we were toothless. Our penalty was very soft! How come their no 4 committed 2 red card offences - stamping on Elphick & conceding a penalty when he was the last man & still stayed on the field? The fracas at the end appeared to be his fault as well - winding everyone up. Just about the most unpleasant guy imaginable.I really hope we can stay up; I never want to go to that place again.
  8. The Weymouth stewards were a bunch of thugs last season. Wouldn't it have been better to watch the game & not give them the excuse they were looking for?
  9. i was told there was no need to register to read news so what is going on?
  10. Agree entirely re the need for a ball winner in midfield. But Scott Oakes? I don't remember him ever making a tackle. Great on dead balls; otherwise anonymous. More like someone in the style of Danny Bulman at Stevenage. Elphick certainly desrved to go. He must learn to be selective with his tackles. He has been excellent in both games but we can't afford to play with 10 men - certainly not in this league. By the way did Dwayne Lee play for Barnet? At Kiddy he was not one of the best on show!
  11. Yes there's plenty of parking in the streets off Clarence Road though you may have a short walk as there will still be many commuter cars parked near the ground before kick off. Don't park on any yellow lines though; wardens never go home in St Albans.
  12. Agreed it looks good but why do you have to register? Isn't it rather over the top to register to look at a non-league web site? Can I expect my email address to be bombarded with spam? What secrets will be unveiled should I choose to register?
  13. Yes go for it. If we're gonna be ripped off then it's only fair that we should return the favour.
  14. So if I arrive at Broadhall Way on Sunday without a ticket to which parts of the ground will I be able to buy a ticket? Does anyone know?
  15. Are we not allowed in the terrace at the side? As someone who has watched many games at Stevenage (what-I hear you all say!)the south stand, behind the goal, & the side terrace offer the best views & we have neither! If you don't want to sit you're lumbered in standing behind the goal in the only undeveloped & partly uncovered end of the ground at a cost of £13? Why have the better supported team been given the smaller standing area? Whilst nothing will keep me away from the game I'm not impressed with the ground allocation, or the prices which are £3 higher than Stevenage charge for Conference games.
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