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  1. Just looked at the maps and the geographical spread is worse than I imagined. Out of the 22 teams in the step 5 Northern league, 21 of them are in the North East. But in the Step 4 league that they would get promoted to there was not a single team from the North East in the league last season! Only brave South Shields who got promoted this year will be in it next season, They will not have a single local derby and their nearest match is against Scarborough Town which is 91 miles away and a 2 hour+ drive each way!!!!! No wonder the champions from this league normally decline promotion! This has got to be sorted but if the FA decided that the bulk of the bonus 12 promotions came from the step 5 Northern league then I guess there would be complaints from Spartan league clubs and others that we did not have a fair crack at promotion compared to the Northern League teams. Another consequence of promoting lots of teams from the step 5 Northern league is that there will probably be a knock on effect below them at step 6 and step 7 with not enough teams having the ground grading to fill the gaps vacated. So perhaps they will take the option of least resistance and decide the extra 12 promotions based on play offs and PPG as per the quote from the Northern League chairman above.
  2. The 26 comes from the following calculation: Step 3 moving from 3 leagues of 24 to 4 leagues of 22 = +16 Step 4 moving from 2 leagues of 24 and 4 leagues of 22 to 7 leagues of 20 = +4 Bottom team only getting relegated from step 4 to step 5 = +6 16+4+6 = 26 This would mean that along with the 14 champions at step 5 next season there will be a bonus 12 teams promoted from step 5 to step 4. But I believe the main driver for this re-structure is to create more Northern teams at step 4 and step 3 as the ones there already are extremely isolated with huge travel times. Consequently many step 5 Northern clubs decline promotion as the travelling when they move up to step 4 is too great, which then exasperates this southern drift. So I would guess that the additional 12 promoted teams will have a bias towards Northern teams as opposed to the quote I posted above from the Northern league chairman (i.e. that it will be decided on play offs/ppg). Just my opinion though - I am sure he has a much better insight than me.
  3. ​The Northern league chairman was quoted "At the end of next season 26 clubs will be promoted from Step 5 into the seven Step 4 divisions, comprising the 14 champion clubs plus 12 others via either play-offs of point-per-game"
  4. Congrats to London Colney. Fully deserved for being so consistent. Good luck at step 4.
  5. absolutely. if we do not increase average attendances by 20 as targeted.....heads will roll!
  6. I can't see them? Can someone possibly post them on here. It's my 50th birthday on 6th August and have been waiting for the draw before I decide how I will party that night.☺
  7. Most people commenting have a lot more experience of reserve football than me as Hertford have only had a reserve team in one of the years since I have been there so I value your opinions. But seems like the majority of clubs thought the development division is a good idea as that is the preference they expressed for their team. From my experience of youth football when kids finish U18s too many of them stop playing Saturday's as they don't want to get kicked about by bigger men. It is also the first time they don't move up as a whole team to the next age group so for many is a step too far outside of their comfort zone. For me it sounds like a development division mainly for youngsters but with a few older heads from first team squad to guide them seems like a great solution. When they are over 21, if they are not good enough to move to first team squad they probably never will be so no need to maintain a squad for them. But this is all theoretical to me because I have not seen close up how reserve teams work in a club so keen to hear your response.
  8. If there was an extra place for promotion to step 4 it would go to the team in second or third place with ground grading that has the most points per game amongst the 14 step 5 leagues. Neither Hertford nor Berko can reach the PPG totals that many teams with ground grading in other leagues have got so they are not in contention.
  9. Totally agree Bigdog. Another nice touch from WGC is that they let the guys from our disability football team in for free. A classy club.
  10. One of the officials from the West Yorkshire league told me they fell foul of this rule themselves in a previous year when a player had forgotten that he had briefly been under contract as a teenager and they were removed after winning a semi final.
  11. Teehee. There is a bigger gap in quality between players/managers in top flight football and players/managers in Spartan league than there is between referees at these levels. So I really wish players and managers would stop moaning about referees - if they were better themselves they would get better referees!
  12. Hi Munchkin. Bar will be open from 12:30 as we are showing West Ham v Sunderland on BT Sport which is 12:45 KO.
  13. Was good to see you guys as well Uncle T. I actually really enjoyed the match. Hoddesdon did great to get the game on. Because of the conditions it had a 1970s FA cup match feel to it. Both teams played surprisingly good football on the ground all things considered. Tommy Wade was excellent at holding the ball up front until players made runs. The Leverstock Green centre mid was very good. I feel for the groundsman though as he has done a great job and will feel like it is all undone this morning.
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