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  1. I bow to your superior knowledge of rings, Rich.m.
  2. Wow! Maybe I should change my name to CHOMPsford Charlie.
  3. "With the exception of the 2nd half at New Lodge we've been better than them over the two games. Not bad for a side of carthorses." And yet we still took four points off you. I'll settle for being second-best against everybody this season and taking four points off them. Ta very muchly.
  4. Chill, Winston. Sure, you outplayed us and credit to you for it. I still don't know how we got out of the game with a point, so you must be regretting that missed opportunity. We simply never got going and the thing that frustrates me more than anything is that we knew exactly what was heading our way but did nothing to counter it. Well done to your players, well done to your management team but very disappointed in your support - again. It's only ten miles down the road yet you can only muster around 100 travelling fans. We give you your annual bonanza when we take two thirds of our s
  5. I for one certainly don't think it will be a walkover tonight but still think we will have too much for you. Can't see a Craig Edwards side coming to MP and being anything but totally up for it. We need to ensure that we have a decent start and don't give away any silly free-kicks in our own half. We played into your hands to some extent in the first half at your place in this regard but tightened up after the break and coped comfortably. I'm hoping our forward-line will surprise you tonight but not in a pleasant way. Not sure if CE was at our place on Saturday after the postponement of yo
  6. I'm definitely gonna need a bigger boat...
  7. You may come from an agricultural area but your football doesn't have to follow suit. See you tonight. xxx
  8. Dillinger can't work out whether he's coming or going as he has so many different log-ins on our mb.
  9. "Gary - Not argueing with you" That's unusual, LF, you normally love arguing with people named Gary. Gazza - good to catch up with you the other day. I thought you'd mellowed in the flesh but your mb persona is clearly the same as always! I agree, some of the comments about NL on our mb are uncharitable to say the least, considering how BTFC helped us out back in the day, but don't tar us all with the same brush. Some of us have very fond memories of the place and still regard it with great affection. BTW, you seriously need to work on your dancing skills...! GM
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