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  1. I'm told referees also have the password for 'match clarification', etc.
  2. Many are following Managers who cannot commit....
  3. So a sent-off player gets into a disagreement (fight?) with a spectator - as happened at a Premier Division game between Stotfold and WGC a couple of years ago - and it’s the fault of the League and it’s referees. Why are the players and / or the spectators not being blamed on here?
  4. I'd heard to Barker to Northwood from my man at the NFC, but have no idea where he's going now. Does anybody?
  5. Karen. Can you give us any clues about the background and the home ground of AFC Southgate, Berkhamstead Raiders and Park View, or are they existing clubs re-named?
  6. Rumour heard on Saturday that a new 'investor' is likely to launch a take-over bid......
  7. Does anybody know why four of their Committee have resigned?
  8. My concern is the 'excuse' for not adopting this experiment is that referees will not be able to cope with the 'administration', without, apparently, asking the referees involved. As for 'growing a pair' I agree that serious abuse should end in a sending-off, and in the main, it does. However, for players showing dissent, it would be better for players to miss ten minutes of the game (and their team-mates would not want it to happen) rather than be yellow carded and fined £10.....
  9. So players will carry on 'abusing' referees with limited sanctions available to the referee. Can I ask whether the SSMFL referees (especially those who officiate in Division Two and the Development Division) were asked whether they believed the "...administration would be too great..."?
  10. What has a sin-bin trial got to do with policing under 25's? The first is managed by the referee(s) - the second is not!!
  11. Given all this talk about Thame being promoted, does this mean the FA have changed their rules?
  12. They did, but whilst I have no idea about the validity of the decisions, I understand the referee gave three penalties in the match - all to Berko!!
  13. He may be a good Manager but has he gone as far as he can go? Not all players can take the next step up and the same applies to Managers. Or maybe he tried to change too much too quickly?
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