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  1. Sorry about the name change again. The trolls are back

  2. I’m incredibly honoured that some of my photos are on display at the @CWHM - they’ll apparently be on their calendar too! Thank you xxxx

  3. I own a piece of a lancaster! this is a merlin engine valve from Just Jane :) http://t.co/M5kdY9shMf

  4. Im about two days in on a new painting of the Three Lancasters. A long way to go yet but happy with progress so far http://t.co/UC1zTqXCju

  5. Don’t forget prints are available to buy from the lancaster summer. ALL money to the CWHM and LAHC http://t.co/LbAq82v825

  6. Lycra clad cycle w*nkers. Scourge of the road. Grrrrr

  7. Sorry for neglecting you twitter. Things have been so so busy but in a good way

  8. Here is the gallery where my work is being sold http://t.co/LbAq82v825

  9. Knaphill 3 - 0 bedfont & feltham (so far) 2 goals for Manni Oloroyde and 1 for Matt Kellett-Smith
  10. Going to talk to the officials today about a 3.07pm kick off. Would like to do it. No one should go to a football match and never come again. Seems the right thing to do to remember those who died.
  11. Is anyone kicking off at 3.07pm in line with the FA asking all clubs above to?
  12. Actually I think Lazarus deserves defending here. This isn't the leagues fault and it was better that they told us to be honest. You'd rather know something than nothing. As he said, he could have kept quiet about and said nothing but he stuck his neck out and gave. what info he could. Fair play My beef is completely with the FA.
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