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  1. Let’s hope Audrey makes himself known rather than hiding behind his pseudonym! COYT 💙
  2. Fantastic news from a sunny Isle of Wight. I would have been there today but have a very poorly friend down here. Apart from me it seems a poor attendance despite our encouraging start to the season. Thoughts?
  3. Hello, are we due to play Dorking Wanderers at some point? I thought the League Champions and League Cup winners used to have an early season match?
  4. 3rd of July and all is quiet.......!
  5. Tee hee! Naughty!!!
  6. Do we still have a Press and PR person? Absolutely no mention in NLP since the last match report in April.
  7. Would the last player to leave the QEII please turn out the lights and take a meter reading......
  8. You’ll always be Audrey you little worm.
  9. Go away Audrey. See you next season and say hello. Until then go away and fester with your own little friends.
  10. Audrey, poor deluded Audrey, go back to kindergarten and rest your keyboard. 💤
  11. Audrey, please get a life and concentrate on your own little club. Now go away play with your friends
  12. Oh Audrey, you sad little git. Stick to your little Hertfordshire hovel.
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