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  1. I had the temerity to voice my opinion rather animated but without swearing (I think!) as the equaliser went in, Leese attempted to stare me out and point to his defence as if to say ‘it’s their fault’ and continued to look at me rather than HIS team (our club) as play recommenced. I don’t like him!
  2. 1974/5/6 either away to Leytonstone or home to Leatherhead! However, my Dad used to watch the old E’s at Cherry Orchard Lane! He also saw a couple of Town games at the Dome x
  3. At least Haringey lost. Shame we couldn’t make up ground on them though. 11 point gap is not insurmountable but we need to put some pressure on them. I’d be very disappointed if they finish above us.
  4. Northampton was first away win after first win v Wimbledon at home in the first round. I’ve seen every Enfield win v league sides in FA Cup barring Aldershot away (their last ever FA Cup game) when I stupidly got married instead!!!!
  5. Just for the record and despite the abysmal team performance, a few of us did clap the remainder of the team that had the decency to applause us too. Ryan Blackman in particular took the time to talk to us. Some of the people on this forum are happy to hide behind their pseudonyms and when those of us who ‘step out of line’ and then offer apologies for their rare indiscretions receive no acknowledgement! I travel a lot, not as much as I would like, to watch our team, OUR club , but some people leave a lot to be desired in their humility.
  6. On my way there if the anonymous ones would like to talk to me rather hide by their pseudonym. For your information my personal apology to the Chairman and Simon were accepted graciously. And as for the 'alcohol induced' comments I do not appreciate that so stop. Please.
  7. Thanks VM. Just as an aside, my user name on here is fairly obvious but most of the regular posters are anonymous to me! I'm happy to apologise when I'm wrong but I'm not unapproachable so slap me when we are at the game rather than the public admonishment please. I did speak with a couple of people at the end of the game to explain my comments but I fully accept the feedback.
  8. Fair enough FJ, apologies proferred. No sugar thank you. I shall endeavour to keep my support more positive in future. Ian
  9. The comments made were to 'get his head up' and 'inspire his team'! Maybe an expletive or two thrown in, but if that's 'vile abuse'.......!!!
  10. Any news on state of pitch or if there's an inspection planned?
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