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  1. I see Audrey is stalking us again. Stick with your Cheesy Nuts little girl.
  2. My ‘agreement’ on the original question was in no way meant as a detriment to the Arky team! I’ve patronised the shop for many years! Just agreeing with the colour issue as a ‘non Spurs’ person (in case you didn’t know!). The card payment issue I would presume is a line / WiFi / issue and certainly not an act of subterfuge from the Politburo! Up the Royal Blue & Whites 💙
  3. I’d have to agree with that!
  4. Admin, could you please block this Audrey bloke? He brings nothing to our club
  5. I’ve not done the mathematics on this but it seems that we have had far more Saturday home games on the same day as the club up the road this season compared to previous seasons. For the first time I can recall we are not the top supported London club in the league, ironically behind the team from White Hart Lane. Thoughts? Solutions?
  6. I prefer Cheesy Nuts. This is a Town forum. Don’t like it? Tough!
  7. Let’s hope Audrey makes himself known rather than hiding behind his pseudonym! COYT 💙
  8. Fantastic news from a sunny Isle of Wight. I would have been there today but have a very poorly friend down here. Apart from me it seems a poor attendance despite our encouraging start to the season. Thoughts?
  9. Hello, are we due to play Dorking Wanderers at some point? I thought the League Champions and League Cup winners used to have an early season match?
  10. 3rd of July and all is quiet.......!
  11. Do we still have a Press and PR person? Absolutely no mention in NLP since the last match report in April.
  12. Would the last player to leave the QEII please turn out the lights and take a meter reading......
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