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  1. Bognor Regis 4th 39 games 76 points 21 points available Last Match Loss 2-0 Dulwich Hamlet (A) WWWLL v Kingstonian (A) currently 7th 14-2-4 @ Home v Burgess Hill (A) 18th 8-4-8 @ Home v Leatherhead (H) 14th 7-2-11 Away...3 games in 5 days v Wingate & Finchley (H) 11th 8-4-8 Away v Leiston (A) 8th 13-3-5 @ Home v Brentwood Town (H) 22nd 4-4-13 Away v Hendon (H) 17th 5-4-11 Away Two losses of late and 3 games in the next 5 days puts a fair amount of pressure on Bognor. Only their last two games look like probable victories. Not sure which suits us best a draw with Kingstonian for a point each or a loss to one or the other. Dulwich Hamlet 5th 42 games 74 points 12 points available Last Match WIN v Bognor Regis 2-0 (H) WDDWW v Leiston (A) 8th 13-3-5 @ Home v Brentwood Town (A) 22nd 5-4-10@ Home v Lewes (H) 23rd 2-6-14 Away v Needham Market (A) 20th 5-5-12 @ Home Dulwich have a pretty good run in playing 3 cellar dwellers in their last 4 games. Enfield Town 6th 43 games 73 points 9 points available Last Match WIN 2-0 v Grays Athletic (H) WDWWW v Merston (A) 10th 7-5-9 @ Home v Needham Market (H) 20th 5-7-8 Away v H & R (A) 1st 17-3-2 @ Home Should get two wins on form but a bugger drawing the front runners away in the last game but H &R lost to Kingstonian 4-1 (A) 3 games back and two games back only beat Leatherhead 2-0 at Home. Big chance that ET will pick up all 9 points and end on 82. Kingstonian 7th 40 games 69 points 18 points available Last match 2-2 v Lewes (H) WLLWD v Bognor Regis (H) 4th 9-4-7 Away v Brentwood Town (A) 22nd 5-4-10 @ Home v Farnborough (H) 21st 3-3-15 Away v Staines Town (H) 16th 7-4-9 Away v Farnborough (A) 21st 9-2-9 @ Home v Merstham(A) 10th 7-5-9 @ Home This monday's match v Bognor will be vital to ET's hopes. Despite playing some lowly placed teams Kingstonian's recent WLLWD form suggests Farnborough looks like their only probable win.
  2. Great stuff! Going to be 37 degrees centigrade here to day to match Town's hot streak of late!
  3. If I was a betting man...and I am..a draw looks most likely...1-1...but hope to see a Town win!
  4. ET $2.25 Draw $3.75 H&R $2.50 Bet365 To Win the Ryman League H&R $17 ET $67
  5. ET 17th 19 games 7 4 8 23 22 +1 6-3-2 Home H Merstham (13th 31pts) 2-2 DRAW A Grays Athletic (10th 33pts) 1-0 LOSS H Billericay Town (8th 35pts) 2-2 DRAW A Kingstonian (7th 36pts) 1-0 LOSS H Hendon (19th 22pts) 2-0 WIN H & R 9th 20 games 9 7 4 37 27 +10 4-5-2 Away A East Thurrock (11th 31pts) 2-1 LOSS A Wingate & Finchley (3rd 39pts) 3-1 WIN H Harrow Borough (12th 31pts) 2-2 DRAW H Dulwich Hamlet (1st 42pts) 2-1 WIN A Needham Market (20th 22pts) 1-1 DRAW Wins for H&R against W&F (3rd) and Dulwich Hamlet (1st) in their last 4 games makes them look formidable this Saturday.
  6. What system did we usually play? What system did we have going to get the 2-0 lead? Did the Manager change it after half time?
  7. ET 17th (16-7-2-7) 23 pts HOME 6-1-2 L a 0-1 Kingstonian 4th (19-9-6-4) 33 pts after last weeks win W h 2-0 Hendon 19th (19-5-4-9) 19 W h 2-1 Staines Town 18th (19-6-4-5) 22 W h 4-0 Leatherhead 13th (19-7-4-8) 25 W a 2-1 Harrow Burrough 12th (16-7-4-5) 25 BILLERICAY TOWN 9th (20-8-5-7) 29 pts AWAY 4-2-4 W a 3-1 Needham Market 22nd (17-1-6-10) 9 pts W h 3-1 East Thurrock 14th (16-6-6-4) 24 L a 0-1 Met Police 16th (18-7-3-8) 24 W h 2-0 Leatherhead 13th (19-7-4-8) 25 D h 1-1 VCD Athletic 24th (18-0-6-12) 6 ET $2.00 Draw $3.60 BT $3.00 PREMIERSHIP ET $21 BT $34 A great run by Enfield Town even with a close AWAY defeat against Kingstonian who are higher in the table and a 6-1-2 HOME record sees ET as well deserved $2 favourites to win. Ceding a goal against a struggling Needham Market in a last match AWAY win and a draw at HOME against cellar dwellers VCD suggests that BT will find it tough at QEII. Both sides have been playing bottom half clubs(with the exception of ET v Kingstonian). The only recent common opponent was Leatherhead with ET scoring 4 against the and BT only netting two. My Prediction: ET 3-0 $19 on bet365 COMING LEAGUE MATCHES to end of December with current position..ET 17th 16-7-2-7 23pts H 7-6-1-2 A 7-1-1-5 Grays (at Grays)) 11th (16-8-3-5) 27 pts Opponents HOME form 9-4-2-3 Merstham (home at QEII) 15th (20-7-3-10) 24 AWAY 10-5-2-3 Burgess Hill (a) 10th (19-8-4-7) 28 HOME 10-5-1-4 Hampton & Richmond (home at QEII) 2nd (19-9-7-3) 34 AWAY 10-4-51 Tonbridge Angels (a) 7th (14-9-3-2) 30 HOME 7-3-2-2 Needham Market (a) 22nd (17-1-6-10) 9 HOME 9-1-2-6 Harrow Burrough (home at QEII) 12th (16-7-4-5) 25 AWAY 8-4-2-2 Canvey Island (home at QEII) 3rd (19-10-4-5) 34 AWAY 10-6-2-2 Lewes (a) 23rd (18-1-4-13) 7 HOME 9-0-2-7 East Thurrock (a) 14th (16-6-6-4) 24 HOME 6-2-3-1 Wingate & Finchley (a) 8th (16-9-2-5) 29 HOME 8-4-1-3 11games......... 4 at QEII and 7 AWAY. The two 'hardest' games at HOME. Every game bar two against teams currently above us in the Table. Interested in seeing everyone's predictions for our Matches-Wins-DRaws- Losses and Table Position going into the New Year.
  8. Just watched the above clip a few times and I (as a qualified ref) would have given the Penalty both times for use of the elbow in the challenges. There may be mitigating circumstances with regard to the first offence given the fact that the players were running away from the ref and his vision of the event may have been obstructed or his angle may have given the impression that there was no contact. The second event was clearly a Penalty given the overt use of the elbow by the defending player.
  9. ET WWWWW HOME RESULTS IN BOLD 13-4 Goals in last 5 games. HENDON LLDWL AWAY RESULTS UNDERLINED 4-10 Goals in last 5 games. ET 14 5 1 2 1 1 4 6 2 6 17 16 +1 20 Points 14th HENDON 17 2 3 3 3 1 5 5 4 8 24 27 -3 19 Points 18th ET $2.25 DRAW $3.84 HENDON $2.55 TO WIN COMPETITION ET $21 HENDON $67 LAST 5 OPPOSITION CURRENT TABLE POSITIONS ET (14th) W H 2-1 v Staines Town 16th Latest Game W H 4-1 v Leatherhead 12th W A 2-1 v Harrow Bourough 15th W H 2-0 v Wingate & Finchley 10th W H 4-1 v Farnborough 21st HENDON (18th) L A 0-1 v Merstham 13th W H 3-1 v VCD Athletic 24th D H 1-1 v Kingstonian 6th L A 0-5 v Hampden & Richmond 4th L H 0-2 v Met Police 14th Great results for ET albeit against bottom half of the competition sides. Very strong at Home. The Away loss for Hendon wasn't that bad considering the margin v similarly placed Merstham and somewhat expected against the highly placed H & R. A good draw v highly ranked Kingstonian at home. Prediction ET 3 Hendon 1
  10. Great news to see Town in the 4th Qualifying Round. Chesham United FA Cup Trail Home v Aylesbury FC Draw 0-0 Away v Ayelsbury FC Win 2-1 Away v Paulton Rovers Win 2-0 Home v North Leigh Win 2-0 Currently 16th in the Southern Premier League 13-4-4-5 21 20 +1 LDWLWDDWLDLLW (HOME GAMES)
  11. http://www.billericaytownfc.co.uk/match-reports/league/2572-billericay-town-3-0-enfield-town?
  12. An early send off and a penalty in the 57th minute...sounds like they've lost the plot!
  13. Not looking good. Just got back from seeing my CBR BRAVE Ice Hockey team(4th) draw 5-5 with the competition leaders(Newcastle North Stars) in a local game of the Australian Ice Hockey League. Chaos before the start when two spectators were hit by pucks in the warm up...cut head and shock....then an 18 year old fan collapsed with a heart condition and an ambulance had to come and get him..all within 5 metres of each other. Then to come home and watch a replay of the Wallabies getting belted by the All Blacks was not good.
  14. http://www.brentwoodgazette.co.uk/Beavan-LOOK-LIKE-CONTENDERS/story-27585874-detail/story.html? Billericay Town $2.05 Draw $3.68 Enfield Town $3.16 Premiership Dulwich Hamlet 5.0 Hendon 7.0 Staines Town 9.0 Grays Athletic 15.0 Leatherhead 15.0 Billericay Town 17.0 Bognor Regis Town 17.0 Burgess Hill Town 17.0 Wingate and Finchley 21.0 East Thurrock United 26.0 Enfield Town 26.0
  15. Any reason/s for such a big turn over or is that common at this level?
  16. A 4-0 win at home for ET then a 0-5 loss Away last season suggests an interesting match this Saturday.
  17. BT coming off a draw against East Thurrock last weekend play Needham Market at Home tonight. Match Report v East Thurrock: Billericay opened with a tough looking encounter at local rivals East Thurrock in scorching conditions at Rookery Hill. Thurrock started the brighter and created a number of chances only to find the Ricay custodian Jack Giddens in seemingly unbeatable form. Billericay had sporadic breaks and a couple of good efforts from Guy and Baker that were unfortunately directed straight at the Thurrock keeper. Billericay lost both Caracciolo and Stamp in a short space of time with injuries to be replaced by Stephenson and Hazlewood. Right on the break a hopeful ball into the Ricay box fell at the feet of Smith who duly fell at the feet of Williams and Thurrock were awarded the softest of penalties. HIGGINS stepped up and smashed the ball to Giddens right but Jack guessed right getting a good hand to the ball but the power of the shot saw it trickle over the line. Billericay came out a lot stronger in the 2nd half and whilst territorially dominant they were only creating half chances.As the half moved on Billericay grew stronger whilst Thurruck faded. Hazlewood skipped past a couple of defenders as he broke into the area but couldn't get enough power in his shot. By now Ricay were looking far more dangerous and you sensed an equaliser wasn't far away In added time a Stephenson throw was headed straight back out to him and he pumped a header deep into the Thurrock box. A weak defensive headed went straight to BEAVAN who found the top corner for his first Billericay goal to give the Blues a deserved point on their 2nd half showing. 1) Giddens 2) Williams 3) Nesbitt 4) Curley 5) Ellul 6) Beavan 7) Baker-Derry 70 8) Caracciolo-Stephenson 29 9) Guy 10) Sodje 11) Stamp-Hazlewood 35. Unused Subs Kharshiladze, Manor
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