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    waggamick1 reacted to SeasideTowner in Dulwich Hamlet v Enfield Town   
    We played very, very well today. Dulwich had a couple of chances and took them, we had quite a few and didn't. I was very proud of everybody today, I thought that we totally outplayed the supposed best team in the division yet came away with nothing. They fought for everything and made a mediocre side look mediocre. Great support from the Towner's, I reckon that 200  - 300 made the trip. If we continue to play like this, we will be in the mix come the end of the season. We've seen all the best teams in the division now and there is nobody better than us in my opinion. 
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    waggamick1 reacted to littlehampton in Dulwich Hamlet v Enfield Town   
    Very disappointing to lose at Champion Hill today, but we gave table-toppers Dulwich a good run for their money and, by all accounts, ran them very close before the decisive second goal clinched them the match and the points.
    What an amazing turnout for this match. Well done all you Towners who made the difficult journey across London to support our guys. Shame it didn't go our way, but we'll have another pop at Dulwich on the 26th March at the QEII Stadium, when we'll hope to achieve a better result. Sure it will be another great game. Wonder if we can attract a four figure crowd for the return at our place?
    Please share your own thoughts on todays match, how we played, etc with others. Cheers.
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    waggamick1 reacted to Tally Ho in Enfield Town v Brentwood - Match Fred   
    It`s full-time, we did it, tally ho. 

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    waggamick1 reacted to littlehampton in Lewes FC v Enfield Town FC   
    After yesterdays impressive performance against Canvey, Town head down to East Sussex to face Lewes FC, at The Dripping Pan, on Tuesday evening. The Rooks are having a difficult season, but beat fellow strugglers Farnborough 1-0 yesterday, to record their first home win of the season.

    Much as we will be going flat out out to beat them on Tuesday evening, few will forget the public support Lewes gave Town, at the time of our FA Hearing, last season. The Rooks are a fine well run club, supported and run by decent people. No one likes to see friends in trouble, and we hope, after Tuesday, The Rooks claw their way out of the drop-zone during the second half of the season.

    There is a lot to like about Town at the moment. We have moved on from our play-offs disappointment last season, everything isn't perfect, improvements can still be made, but we are heading in the right direction, along the right lines.

    Success breeds success, and we need to play with growing confidence and apply a winning mentality in this match, and those to follow.

    We need to be well prepared for a tough challenge at Lewes. It will certainly not be easy, and the match provides an ideal opportunity to further strengthen our pursuit of qualification for this seasons play-offs. To achieve that objective, we need to maintain the work rate, stay focused, and believe in our own ability.

    Good luck everyone. Let's do the business guys!

    See you there.


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    waggamick1 reacted to thecoldend in Enfield Town v Canvey Island - Match Fred   
    Top performance today. Work rate from every player was fantastic. I agree that Tyler was excellent - He ran Harry very close to MOTM. Harry's touch to set 2nd goal along with movement from Tyler was brilliant.
    Canvey had numerous player's booked of which none seemed harsh decisions...
    Canvey keeper Connor Gough was their best player by far which tells a story.
    Poor show from Canvey fans today... I reckon they had between 10 to 20 supporters at Donkey Lane... think they have all been Xmas shopping?
    I really do think with Ottaway, Devyne, Campbell and Whitely on form up front along with others and a steady back four we have a real chance to push on in the 2nd half of season.... no reason why we can't push for play offs..
    In Brad we trust!
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    waggamick1 reacted to seemgee in Enfield Town v Canvey Island - Match Fred   
    FT 2-1
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    waggamick1 reacted to littlehampton in Enfield Town v Canvey Island - Match Fred   
    Agree with the previous posts that we are still in with a fair chance of the play-offs this season, but only if we show some consistency and play to our potential. Back in August we lost 2-0 to Canvey, and tomorrow we need to play as well as we did against Harrow Borough on Tuesday, to reverse that disappointing early season defeat.
    If we can secure three points from this match, it will set us up nicely for the three away matches that follow.
    As Steph says, we need to improve our away form, and there is no better place to start than Tuesday evening, when we visit our good friends Lewes in East Sussex. They are having a torrid time this season, bottom of the table, no home wins, and a goal difference of -33. No disrespect, but surely we ought to fancy our chances at the Dripping Pan, this time round, if we are really ambitious.
    After that, we have two demanding away fixtures against East Thurrock and Wingate & Finchley, which will really test our credentials.
    We are on a bit of a roll now, and the next four matches will tell us quite a lot. Let's kick it off with a win tomorrow, and then set our sights on the next challenge. Any predictions on total number of points from these matches?
    Good luck tomorrow everyone!
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    waggamick1 reacted to lovely stuff in Enfield Town v Canvey Island - Match Fred   
    Amazing what a difference 'form' can make in this league..After a couple of defeats it felt like the rest of the season would just be a relegation fight! After a couple of wins it looks again like we could still have a slim chance at the play-offs! .Need to improve our win rate in the second half of the season,especially away.If we are to turn that slim chance into reality.
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    waggamick1 reacted to seemgee in Needham Market v Enfield Town - Match Fred   
    Excellent attitude from the Town win 3-2
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    waggamick1 reacted to 4wembleyfinals in ET v Hampton & Richmond   
    Seem to have lost my reply to Lovely Stuff, so to précis what I said.
    To confuse players assessments by Games won and Lost is not how you assess a players achievement. Not unless he is the only team member playing.
    The way that you assess a player is made basically the same world wide and to the
    same formula. This charts a players contribution over all the games in which he
    appears,even if he is a sub on/off and allocates points to certain categories.
    ie Goals Scored , tackles made, assists and others. Number of points achieved is
    divided by games played and heh presto an average mark is achieved. This system is
    used even by Barcelona, starting with their nine years olds. How do I know, well you
    will have to trust me!!!
    The system is also used by the Clubs statistician and is shown quite clearly on the
    club website under the various headings in the 1st Team folder. This shows the following.....SM Ave pts 0.4, the others you mentioned GL .7, JS 1.5, TC 1.0, DW 2.3,
    SB 3.0. ( o.4 being well below the others except D Cruz!!!)
    Well that's enough for one week end. Lets hope all this pontificating proves us all wrong and we go into a stream of wins using the same squad. But it's been good
    airing my nr.80 year old grey matter and look forward to reading all your comments
    in the future and thanks for taking me on board.
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    waggamick1 reacted to Tally Ho in ENFIELD TOWN v BILLERICAY TOWN   
    2 - 1 win if goes ahead.
    Tally Ho
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    waggamick1 got a reaction from lovely stuff in ENFIELD TOWN v BILLERICAY TOWN   
    ET                             17th (16-7-2-7)  23 pts  HOME 6-1-2
    L   a   0-1  Kingstonian              4th (19-9-6-4)     33 pts   after last weeks win
    W  h  2-0  Hendon                   19th  (19-5-4-9)    19
    W  h  2-1  Staines Town          18th  (19-6-4-5)     22
    W  h  4-0  Leatherhead           13th  (19-7-4-8)     25
    W  a  2-1  Harrow Burrough    12th  (16-7-4-5)     25
    BILLERICAY TOWN  9th  (20-8-5-7) 29 pts   AWAY 4-2-4
    W  a  3-1  Needham Market     22nd  (17-1-6-10)  9 pts
    W  h  3-1  East Thurrock          14th   (16-6-6-4)  24
    L   a  0-1  Met Police                16th   (18-7-3-8)  24
    W  h  2-0  Leatherhead            13th   (19-7-4-8)  25
    D  h  1-1  VCD Athletic              24th  (18-0-6-12)  6 
    ET $2.00  Draw $3.60  BT $3.00
    ET $21  BT $34
    A great run by Enfield Town even with a close AWAY defeat against Kingstonian who are higher in the table and a 6-1-2 HOME record sees ET as well deserved $2 favourites to win.
    Ceding a goal against a struggling Needham Market in a last match AWAY win and a draw at HOME against cellar dwellers VCD suggests that BT will find it tough at QEII.
    Both sides have been playing bottom half clubs(with the exception of ET v Kingstonian).
    The only recent common opponent was Leatherhead with ET scoring 4 against the and BT only netting two.
    My Prediction: ET 3-0  $19 on bet365
    COMING LEAGUE MATCHES to end of December with current position..ET     17th  16-7-2-7 23pts       H 7-6-1-2        A 7-1-1-5
    Grays                          (at Grays))                             11th    (16-8-3-5)     27 pts   Opponents HOME form                         9-4-2-3 
    Merstham                    (home at QEII)                      15th    (20-7-3-10)   24                           AWAY              10-5-2-3              
    Burgess Hill                 (a)                                          10th    (19-8-4-7)    28                           HOME                                 10-5-1-4
    Hampton & Richmond (home at QEII)                        2nd    (19-9-7-3)    34                           AWAY               10-4-51        
    Tonbridge Angels        (a)                                           7th     (14-9-3-2)    30                           HOME                                   7-3-2-2        
    Needham Market        (a)                                          22nd   (17-1-6-10)    9                           HOME                                    9-1-2-6
    Harrow Burrough        (home at QEII)                      12th    (16-7-4-5)    25                           AWAY                 8-4-2-2
    Canvey Island             (home at QEII)                        3rd    (19-10-4-5) 34                            AWAY               10-6-2-2
    Lewes                         (a)                                          23rd    (18-1-4-13)    7                           HOME                                    9-0-2-7
    East Thurrock             (a)                                          14th    (16-6-6-4)    24                           HOME                                    6-2-3-1
    Wingate & Finchley     (a)                                            8th    (16-9-2-5)    29                           HOME                                    8-4-1-3
    11games......... 4 at QEII and 7 AWAY.
    The two 'hardest' games at HOME.
    Every game bar two against teams currently above us in the Table.
    Interested in seeing everyone's predictions for our Matches-Wins-DRaws- Losses and Table Position going into the New Year.
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    waggamick1 got a reaction from lovely stuff in Chesham United v Enfield Town 4th Qualifying Round FA Cup 24/10   
    Just watched the above clip a few times and I (as a qualified ref) would have given the Penalty both times for use of the elbow in the challenges.
    There may be mitigating circumstances with regard to the first offence given the fact that the players were running away from the ref and his vision of the event may have been obstructed or his angle may have given the impression that there was no contact.
    The second event was clearly a Penalty given the overt use of the elbow by the defending player.
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    waggamick1 reacted to SeasideTowner in Hitchin cup replay   
    Just got back. Whilst we were marginally better than Saturday we were in this game all the way through. They were just the same as Saturday, a good team but throwing themselves on the floor at every opportunity and an incredibly weak referee allowing them to get away with it. We had a really strong last 20 minutes and when we equalized, there was only going to be one winner. About 200 Town there and the ultras never stopped for a second, tremendous support. Right, I need a beer ! Just to add, I couldn't name a MOTM, there was 11 of them.
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    waggamick1 reacted to seemgee in Hitchin cup replay   
    2-1 yessssssssss  FT
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    waggamick1 reacted to 1F in Enfield in Hitchin cup replay   
    Haven't felt this good since we won the play off final in 2012! What a result!!!
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    waggamick1 reacted to Tally Ho in Hitchin cup replay   
    Come on towwwwwn, TALLY HO !

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    waggamick1 reacted to Big J R in Billericay Town v Enfield Town   
    The only way now is  UP  !!
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    waggamick1 reacted to thecoldend in Billericay Town v Enfield Town   
    "Big Club"
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    waggamick1 got a reaction from lovely stuff in Billericay Town v Enfield Town   
    A 4-0 win at home for ET then a 0-5 loss Away last season suggests an interesting match this Saturday.
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