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  1. Things get much quieter on here when we're doing well. Newing out? No?... ok...
  2. At least the inspiration for Peter Griffin is now crystal clear...
  3. I remember the look on John Bailey's face when he had to take a corner from 'that' corner at Colwyn Bay. I think he just poked it out for a goal kick and trudged off. It was virtually knee deep for him!
  4. I remember that! I had to move my programme sellers box for that pic. Outrageous. Can't remember who or why but they bought a couple of race cars in to display before the game as some sort of promotion. Greg got in for a couple of press pics. Very wise to put one of our tallest players in a tiny race car before the game...
  5. Unless we maintain our winning start I think 375-400 will be average. I think the (hopefully) additional away support will be cancelled out by those who have lost the 'feel good factor' of our move. Especially if our results are hit and miss. I hope I'm wrong though and it's 500+ most weeks!
  6. No, you budget to a conservative crowd estimate. If crowds increase, so can the budget. Do it the other way around and you're asking for trouble.
  7. I'm not sure what crowds people were expecting this season? Wingate are hardly the most well supported side are they? If we maintain a mid-table position this season I'd take an average of 373... A couple of seasons ago we were barely scraping 200.
  8. I'll give you your due, you keep trying...
  9. Goats is a derogatory nickname for Wrexham I believe, mainly used by Chester. No idea where it comes from. PL's lack of any sort of sense is well documented though...
  10. To be honest the credit card type thingys are fairly cheap to produce and don't get ruined when they go through the washing machine!
  11. It's been a season card for a couple of years Andy! Cards should be with us in two weeks.
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