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  1. Fantastic performance First half was dominated by the hosts but we had a few chances and kept in the game before the penalty. Keeper was in my opinion lucy to not be sent off as he made no attempt to play the ball but fouled toby instead. Ola coming on at half time really changed the game with his pace and the extra width and the whole team led by Munns and spence piled on the pressure to create chances which both Parcell and spence took advantage of with their goals Fantastic performance all round and we keep the momentum to stay up the top . Up the Urchins
  2. Have to say well done to Haringey as for large parts of the game they were excellent particularly their number 7 who dominated all of the forward movement from them and we never managed to contain him all game... However the lads also struggled to fire for that first 60 minutes baring a few chances in the first half we just seemed to pick the wrong options going forward, shooting instead of passing and passing instead of shooting until we brought our subs on and that changed the game in 12 minutes from going 2-0 down o 3-2 up sadly we couldn't hag on for the 3 points on balance I think a point a piece is about right and our lads can learn from last night while I hope Haringey go on and start beating teams around us as last nights match proved they are not a bad side going forward and can be a real handful on a positive side it looks like a lot of our injured players are getting back to fitness and hopefully will be available during our November run of matches to help share the play amongst the squad. Up The Urchins.
  3. in answer to your question Lamar Johnson has signed to play for Hornchurch FC. An experienced keeper at this level
  4. Well well well, slow that down just before wraights tackle and you can clearly see he wins that ball and the oxford player jumps up over him at worst a yellow card for being bit reckless. Robbed by the referee yet again and sadly we cant have a replay for such incompetence I just hope that we can show the FA this footage in an appeal and get the red reduced to.a yellow or even cancelled. As for the players I really hope that they can come back strongly with a positive reaction and stamp their mark on this league as you all deserve to play in the national south or higher. Great bunch of lads we go again Up the Urchins
  5. What an appalling performance!!! And that is just the referee. All.the lads played well in first half and although the game was scrappy we had Oxford in our pockets they were no threat at all and Munns goal was a cracker, Then the madness a harsh red for Wraight thought maybe a yellow and the oxford players moaning before restart and should have blown for half time but he adds more time let's 2 fouls on urchin players go and we end up 1-1 Unjustified but still in the game. 2nd half the lads played with heart and could have scored several times and if the ref had actually given free kicks to Urchins instead of waving play away we might have got a result as we were far from outclassed. But no he loses his head and becomes a bent cooper wearing blue n white hoops! Gives fouls all.over the pitch that were not, I mean if you cant make physical contact in this game then we may as all give up football oxford were soft and milking everything conning the ref. Terrible decisions and if you cant have physical shoulder to shoulder contact then we may as well give up football altogether a complete one sided referring contest ruined what could have been. I'm realy proud of our players and the heart they put into this game they really showed courage and gave it their all. The crowd was excellent and tried to do there bit and give the lads some hope but it was not our day. Let's hope we can take out our frustration on the next few ganmes and go smash this league as we should not be still here but competing in the conference south Well done to the lads we go again IP the Urchins.
  6. Oxford are a decent side and last time it took a penalty shoot out for the urchins to get through in the FA Trophy i think it was. Being at home I think will be a help as this tie will be tough but with the experience and quality we have in the squad and the strength in depth I think the lads can win this tie and make the 1st round proper which would be a fantastic achievement and give the lads a chance to possibly face a football league club. lets see how we get on v Harlow on Saturday first though!
  7. What a fantastic result despite a late change to the line up the Urchins really were in a class of their own today. A real team performance all round and very assured. Ola caused so much trouble on the wings and Nash was deadly in front of goal and but for the away keepers excellent saves could have had a deserved hat trick. To cap it all in the league we only 1 poing off the top and if.we.can keep.this good run of form going can be in the mix on 3 fronts Hooe.we get a winnable tie in the next round as I've never seen us in the 1st round proper dispute several valliant attempts over the years. Up the Urchins
  8. we both thought of the same headline? but for some reason my post didnt go up? still I thought all the lads were outstanding and gave the sort of performance that other teams will no doubt be worried about as it was so clinical and the lads barely broke a sweat or hit top gear to get this result. it's good to see us in the 2 points plus per game area where we need to be to have a chance of being a contender so earl and if the team can build on this momentum with the competition for places becoming stronger then we should be in the top 5 or higher at the end of the season. but I take tonight's table as a view to savour for now.
  9. Tuesday night away fixture against a new team but what a fantastic performance as the Urchins after a lively first 10 minutes dominated the opposition and crashed the home sides party with their new 3g pitch. For the most part the entire teams passing and movement was fantastic with lots of good link up play between the forwards and the midfield that just cut open the home side at will. As soon as we got the first goal in then the Urchins started to accelerate away for the rest of the game without really breaking a sweat. As for the home team they forced some good saves from joe wright but rarely seemed to trouble a solid back line and often got caught out on the break. to be 3-0 at half time was fantastic and such was the Urchins dominance 2 changes at half time and a change of formation gave the lads opportunity to try some different things and minutes for ollie and micky and still dominate with another 3-0 in second half. for me both Nash goals were the pick of the night with micky parcell's outrageous flick with the outside of his right boot with the result of Nash placing the ball into the net for his second of 2 goals being the best and Nash seems to have got over his little blip in front of goal. its been fantastic to see the new layers and loaned players come into this side and lift the performance level and the competition for places will defiantly be tough going forward and no doubt raise the stranded higher for this squad of players. Well done all round to the team and management and lets hope we see more displays like tonight to keep the momentum going. Up The Urchins.
  10. Wow very clinical result v Maldon n Tiptree a good team performance. 2 fantastic lobs over the keepeer in the first 10 minutes but Higgins one right footed and one left footed After that thought the lads just contained the match and still had neumourous chances to score more. Maldon got better in 2nd half but this felt like an Urchins team in 2nd gear staying safe from injury before nash got a deserved goal at the end The songs and banter was excellent and on form as usual roll on the draw for the next round. Up The Urchins
  11. On a wet and Miserable night I thought for the whole 90 minutes+ the urchins played very well as a team despite missing so many first team players it was solid and clinical. The new players we have brought in recently have settled well and will no doubt cause Mark a few headaches going forward with team selection which can only be a good thing. As for the game Corinthian tried to be physical and could not contain some excellent passing all across the park and I was really pleased to see the hunger from all the players to keep trying to score at every opportunity and all of our subs came on to keep that pressure on to give us 5-0 This performance is as impressive if not slightly better that the team spirit that got us the comeback 3-2 win over Enfield and shows that the team is stepping up from last seasons heartache. Hopefully we can have a good FA Cup run and Trophy Run and carry some of the momentum we are gathering into those tournaments in the coming weeks. Maldon will be a tough game but if the lads play well and keep things up we can win it Well done to the players and management team Up The Urchins
  12. Hi Andy Can you remove S A P P off the sponsorship as this will not be renewed this season. Thanks.
  13. Wow What an excellent game of football if you want to judge a season or a team on 1 game of football then all i can say is that if the Urchins play with this fighting spirit and style off football every game this season then your looking at a top 3 place contending for promotion or even the title. A fantastic team performance all round and every player did their part to bring home a deserved 3 points. didn't think it was a penalty, or at least was a bit soft but Enfield second was defiantly not a foul or a free kick but a well timed tackle however the resultant free kick was excellent As for the 3 Urchin goals they were all fantastic well taken and the only blemish on this result is how did the lads not score many more in both halves as the team dominated possession and large parts of the game. MOM for me divided between Sam Higgins and Kenny Clark both of whom were excellent and controlled play in their own areas of the game so effectively that it allowed the rest of the team to play freely around them and create so many opportunities to score. it's great to get 3 points on the board and now we need to regroup for Saturday and continue building early season momentum. Up The Urchins, and well done on a fantastic win.
  14. Hi Henry It is unlikely they will be letting him go. I have spoken to them and am waiting on response as owners have been on a deserved break over the summer.
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