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  1. out of curiosity what happened to the other flag?
  2. will be there and then chill for a few beers after we finished. the ground is looking amazing but still much more to do.
  3. Yes, thank you to all the bar staff and to the Club for opening the bar for what was a lovely afternoon meeting fans and players after so many months in lock down.
  4. just for clarity do we need to reserve tables or will it be first come first serve basis
  5. will see you Saturday to hopefully finish the weeding
  6. Hi Jordan As per our chat yesterday can you get the bank details etc posted up this week for any donations to the painting works. Having seen it all so far everything is looking great for all the hard work being done.
  7. I would love to see Alex back in an Urchin's shirt as he is a brilliant professional player and always had time for everyone and is a real fan favorite. I hope he finds a new challenge that allows him to showcase his talents for the new season wherever he goes.
  8. should be able to make it for about 9.30. I have some spare gloves sacks and hand gel that i can bring with me if it helps.
  9. i have enjoyed watching these archive matches and would love to see more for as long as you are happy to keep doing them. Some lovely memories of some great performances and also some historical matches from before my time but it reminds me of how great a club we have on our doorstep. thanks for all your hard work Rob
  10. i wasn't a supporter back then but what a great game to watch and a fantastic day for the club.
  11. A big thanks to everyone at the club for all their hard work this year. It is a shame how the season has ended and i believe our players had the momentum to win the league or at least the playoffs. I do hope that the squad can be kept together and maybe add a few where needed ready for the next season whenever it starts to come back stronger and get the club up to where it belongs. In the meantime I wish everyone the best of health and hope we can all get through this isolation Up the Urchins.
  12. I read this last night and for all the great football we have had this season it is a sad end to the season but in view of peoples health including all the teams and officials it is the right decision. What I hope is they void the season rather than award title seeing as nobody is in a clear uncatchable lead as how will they decide all playoff places and league movements as I dont see ppg as being a fair way to decide this either More importantly I do wish all of us Urchins thats players, staff, and fans the best of health and hope you get through this to see another season.
  13. Dan has been exceptional playing for the Urchins this year just unfortunate not to score more goals and got injured but he has been a joy to watch and i wish him all the best over at Burgess Hill
  14. An excellent and well worked for the win. Ellis had a very good game and looks like he may well be a useful addition to the squad in the final third of the season. I agree with cup of tea that the away fans were the best we have seen all season and they never stopped singing all game. It would have been nice if a few more chances had been taken in front of goal, but in tough conditions it's the 3 points that matter. up the Urchins
  15. Its shameful if players have to cheat to win a free kick or penalty and even worse if they do do to try and get an opposing player booked/sent off. Sadly its become part of the game these days and not every ref is capable or strong enough to deal with it.
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