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  1. I would guess that Nathan, Chris and Lou would all be available if they are still dual registered as the National League South has voided it's season. Whether they all make the squad for this match we probably won't know until the morning of the match. I hope that they will be available to give the side some options on the pitch or the bench.
  2. It would be great if he could let us sign a few players to help us with fielding a bigger squad to cover any injury
  3. someone should send him a Urchin shirt to wear as he clearly seems to like us, or more likely he admires Mark Stimson for his unmatched Trophy History!
  4. A long distance to travel and hope the lads can use a coach or go up the night before. It's a winnable tie and hope the lads will go up there to enjoy it and in so doing give it the best they can. I am sure this is where the experience an pedigree of Mark Stimson will really be an asset to help our players and that they will all be able to come home proudly wearing the club badge with pride. Up the Urchins
  5. What a fantastic cup match we witnessed yesterday and a sensational performance all round by the team. Well done to Maidstone to as they came to play a game of football and not park the bus which gave us a 9 goal thriller. This team has been fantastic this season in such difficult times and Mark has been brilliant in keeping them together and motivated to play to the highest level. It's great that the club could show this game free to view on a live stream and this certainly has been a great advert for non league football and i'm looking forward to watching it all back again. What a fa
  6. It would be nice if we could maybe lay a bunce of flowers from the supporters or something as a lot of fans both home and away use the venue before and after matches at the bridge.
  7. got my tickets, and hope this sells well to support our players.
  8. I am happy to chip into any donation page , and I also like the idea of auction as we could bid on signed merchandise easy enough. Can I also suggest we start running the 50/50 again with proceeds going towards players as you don't need to spend to long working that out.
  9. not keen on Maidstone and they beat us preseason at the bridge 3-1 but this is a winnable tie and they are in same area of the table as Dulwich and Tonbridge in NLS so with the time gap of 3 weeks without matches the lads can train prepare and be ready. It's now up to the team to go out and make some club history. Up the Urchins!
  10. Firstly I have to say a HUGE thankyou to all the Players and Manager as behind the scenes they have worked as hard as they could to stay fit and stay together when we know many of the players could step up to national leagues thy have chosen to show some loyalty and faith in Mark Stimson and the Urchins and as a result we saw the team win to make it to the next round and deservedly so. What a fantastic performance across the park every player worked hard and contributed to a team performance and it was frustrating to see Kings Lyn early pressure take a slightly unfortunate lead. The firs
  11. Reading this whole article i get the feeling that KLT are upset with being given less money in grants and loans but are more than happy to blame everyone else and try to name the Urchins as being a bad side because we wanted to give our live streaming away to the fans for free. clearly they are so desperate for money that they think we are all going to be mad enough to pay their demands. I can see on our website an agreement has been made but I can still see some of our supporters braving the weather to stand on the hill just outside the perimiter of the fence at the far end of the groun
  12. thanks for your honest views, that' excessive to say the least, our programmes are well put together and cost £2.50 most of which covers the printing cost. I hope they see sense and sort this out otherwise we will have lots of very unhappy fans from both teams!
  13. what a load of crap!!! how can they not know unless the player kept it quiet yet they even played a game on Saturday which would be within quarentine period. Was this player at the match! I suspect KL are desperate to play the Trophy game on Saturday at all costs.
  14. i wonder what the King' Lyn fans might say if we published on there social media we were giving them a free game? They been paying £12 a game so far this season. It would be interesting to see how they react
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