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  1. hadn't thought of that, good point I guess that we have less regular singer's about now that on average our crowds have gone up over the 400 mark and hope they keep going up.
  2. Because of recent results this has become a tough game and the Tanners have made some big changes this week so we will have a tougher ride than other teams lately. We may have a few more players in the squad for this game to give us more options off the bench. I think 2-1 Urchins and I think we could get about 400
  3. You don't need to film it to show us, we both already aware that most away games we make a good sound and if I may say so are probably one of the best set of travelling fans when it comes to singing and cheering on the team in this league at away matches and have been for well before I was involved as a supporter., my original point is that we have ben a little flat with atmosphere at our home games, and I guess we have all expected more having seen our team at Wembley in May it's not meant to turn into a tit for tat argument but just challenge us all together to raise a bit of noise tom
  4. It's very hard to take last night and I felt like id been punched in the gut by Tyson Fury! A real tough loss to take as the players worked hard created chances and generally didn't do anything wrong. Yes we have a lot of injuries and maybe also need a few players to come in to boost competition in the squad but I was pleased with how hard the players worked. Seeing them come past me off the pitch last night they were all upset to have lost and they know results have to turn around. it's been a bit of a rut of losses lately but with over 30 games to go in this league season things can t
  5. I think for the moment the results we have had do not show clearly how well the lads have played and how all our opponents have either upped their game or managed to take their chances better when things have not fallen in our favour. Last night was a real flowing game and i thought the main difference between the 2 sides was an outstanding display from the Margate keeper without him this game may well have been over by halftime such was the dominance in the 1st half from the Urchins. I thought Jili was outstanding on his 1st full game and bossed his wring and made some excellent passes
  6. if the team is sponsoring a beer then can I suggest "the mighty urchin"! if it is made in time.
  7. For the last few seasons we have been asked along with all the other teams for a fan of each club to do a prediction on how their club might do. Ann and I have done this a few times now so it would be fantastic If someone else could take part to give a different view and answers to some simple questions. Please e-mail directly to townsendaround@gmail.com and ask Ian for the questions Ideally this has to be completed and sent back by the 6th August for him to comply the prediction table.
  8. The Stewards & Co wish to confirm we will sponsor Harry Gibbs again this year.
  9. I think Southend got scared seeing our squad is the same one from the trophy final they probably didn't fancy being another big team to lose to our "so called Pub Team"
  10. Hard work!!! you practically wore yourself out with that hedge trimmer. A few more sessions and I reckon we will be on top of all the overgrown areas.
  11. Can anyone confirm the prices for the Hornchurch Home Friendlies please as people have been asking, and will we also be posting anything up to advertise these matches that can be re-posted to different local social media groups. Ideally if we can release details by the weekend?
  12. Chris Dickson - confirmed ponytail urchin please.
  13. Does this vote also include the previous season that was null and void seeing as We didn't have a presentation night last summer? or is this just based on the limited fixtures plus FA Trophy run.
  14. Happy to do an interview for you and also to nominate some club legends past and present as I think these are great ideas for articles.
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