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  1. No doubt Mark was part of the coaching team that season but I dont recall him stepping in to manage the team. Still he's got a chance to show he can step up till end of the Season. I can see Collis doing well as a coach even still as a player coach that he might even be a future one to watch wish him all the best.
  2. Was not at yesterdays game against Bowers but I see Lewwis Spence scored winner in 2nd minute. How was the game how are your voices how did it all go.
  3. Myself and Ann have also seen comments on twitter and i was standing in the area myself for some of the second half. The Horsham fans were asked not to cover advertising with their flag but were not asked to move anywhere else as has been hill is not exclusively dedicated to home fans. No foul or abusive language towards either set of fans in that section was seen or heard and banter seemed friendly rather than threatening, unless your offended by the Beatles yellow submarine song. It all reads on twitter as sour grapes from a team and fans who believed they were going to win.
  4. This was not the slickest or nicest game of football from the Urchins today but it was a gutsy and well disciplined performance which deserved all 3 points and a vital 3 points to keep in the hunt for top spot at the end of the season. Well done to all the players and management for their hard work I'm looking forwards to FA Trophy next week. Up the Urchins
  5. fantastic win for a deserved 3 points and what is i believe our first win over Brightlingsea who have been a bogey team for some time. Its great that so many injured layers have been recovering over Christmas so we almost full strength going into the New Year period where the title contender usually move up to the top of the tables so its been a good start to the season and the team is playing well. I am now very optimistic that the Urchins will be involved at the end when it really matters and its been a great team to watch. Horsham will be a very big test next week but i believe the lads can win it and show their title chasing credentials by doing so. Up The Urchins!
  6. I'd rather Aveley as it's a local derby. We have been lucky to avoid some bigger teams until later rounds so hope the lads turn home advantage into another win to progress.
  7. Makes sense to and gives the club a chance to see if they could step up if needed later in the season
  8. If this draw is correct then it gives us a fantastic chance for the lads to get to 3rd round
  9. What a fantastic result today was. Every player worked hard together to get a result and it proves that our team this season has potential to play in a higher league I thought Chris Dickson had a tough game but played brilliantly always running onto every ball and deserved a goal Lewwis Spence was outstanding leading the team and put in a solid captains performance to dominate the middle of the pitch. Having Nathan Cooper back in the heart of defence today was a real bonus as he put in a solid work rate and deservedly got his goal to win the game Id love to have a winnable game next round preferably at home but Torquay away would be a nice one for me. Looking back to this time last year the team was finding life tough so its a real credit to Mark Stimson that him and his team have worked so hard to create a great team of players to flip the team around in 12 months to be where it is has been a great achievement and I hope they can keep it going. Come on you urchins
  10. Ann and I will be there hopefully have a team to enter too.
  11. Firstly I must say a solid performance from the Urchins every player worked hard and we didnt get any more bad injuries. The lads just had no luck in front of goal as every shot on target got blocked by a body some how it another. Secondly It was a pleasing sighg to see a female referee today who had an outstanding performance for most of the match and in many fans views she was the best referee we had all season and didnt get fooled by some blatant diving taking place in the penalty area as she was keeping up with the game and not letting the occasion get to her. If says a lot for the woman's game all round let Girl power rule!!! Most importantly the team didn't lose and took home another valuable point while remaining unbeaten and the fans gave once again bern excellent. Was also a lovely gesture to be given a cup of tea by one of our newer fans to keep us warm as a thank you for what we do in stewarding of the team and crowd safety. It was well received thanks Mike!
  12. the spirit of this team has been fantastic over the last 2 games and several players who have not been regular starters rose to the challenge on Tuesday night to make it a memorable night for all of the supportors. Jordan Clarke put in a fantastic MOM performance and George Winn coming on for injured Joe christou did very well. I'm pleased that the team got over the line in the end as it would have been an fair tie to lose, role on the next round
  13. Oxford City 1-1 Hornchurch What a fantastic result away to Oxford City in the FA Trophy in s game that in large parts was dominated by the Urchins who kept their discipline and worked hard as a team. Unlucky not to get the win either blatant penalty from keeper pulling ronnie winn down, and offside given against Chris dickson (wrongly) after lewis spence shot hit the bar. Oxford lost their discipline with silly fowls and a few elbows deliberately targeting our players. All the lads deserve credit for a discaplined committed performance and can take confidence into the replay on Tuesday Night. Come in you Urchins you did thd fans proud.
  14. I bet basildon will be wishing he did but his ego is so big he is going to build Romford a new ground!!!
  15. Sad to say the first thing they have done is remove Paul Martin and his whole backroom team to be replaced by a so called more experianced and better able to reach up to league 2 management team of 4 people. it's a disgrace and a shame that he's the victim after all his hard work with that team It seems that tamplins money will be used to build a new ground and pay the teams wages just for the hand full of fans they currently get and i'm sure they won't be so pleased.
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