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  1. Seen on Twitter today that Mr Tamplin has stepped down as owner and director st billericay again! How long till he either reinstates himself or the Ricky bubble bursts
  2. What a good performance and Dan deserved his goal as hes been working so hard all over the pitch and us a handful for anyone Urchin did will.
  3. Hi Tony when can we expect to get our polo shirts as i need these for stewarding duties.
  4. as if a yes/no question is going to prevent under age gambling, hopefully they can update it so the user only needs to do this once going forwards.
  5. Kempston rovers recorded the game and hopefully will send us the footage soon.
  6. An excellent performance from the players and also from the fans. The walnuts fans were sporting in defeat and the Urchin fans were gracious in victory with both sets of players applauded off the pitch. With our style of play and fitness getting better every game under Mark Stimpson leadership I can see this side doing well and I'm hoping we can have some good draws to help out. Come on you Urchins.
  7. great news, I hope they do well
  8. Well for me that was a hard earned win with a tough first half with wingate playing long ball and persistent fouls so that it didnt quite flow until the last five minutes with a well worked goal. An entertaining WINGE ensued at half time from the Wingate board and fans at it being a dodgy ref and one sided against them! Second half the Urchins took hold of the game with a few subtle tactical changes that opened up wingate defence several times and resulted in a deserved second goal. Good to be back to winning ways and looking forward to FA Cup Saturday.
  9. I didnt make yesterdays game but from what I have read in the match report the lads had lots of chances to score but it just wasnt to be. It's been a good start to the season 10 points from 5 games is not a bad result at all and all the squad have been playing some really good football. We still have some injured players to come back into the side too so everything looks promising so far. I hope Joe Christou is ok after his head injury too.
  10. Length of the grass 🤣🤣🤣 funniest excuse I've seen in years especially since I was on the pitch cleaning up their rubbish after the game. The pitch is fine!!! The Urchins played very well across the park today and showed they will be hard to beat and with some players yet to come back from injury I believe this side has more to come. It also shows that the Worthing game was no fluke, so up the urchins keep this great football going.
  11. from the highlights it looks like i missed a good game. Well done to the players and fans for coming together to make it a good performance and no doubt one that will be in the memories for a long time. here is the Worthing TV verson i found and all the goals are worth watching again from 5 minutes onwards
  12. might be worth seeing if we can get adverts in local newspapers to push the day to readers, and include additional fixtures and website on it to try and bring it into peoples minds. It might also be a good idea to see if we can get a few local business to perhaps donate items for a raffle so everyone that comes into the game gets a free entry or something.
  13. found this on the Back of the Net youtube channel it's worth watching the goals and listening to the interview afterwards
  14. its an excellent idea and we could put some sort of logo or message on the cup that makes it stand out. I can see it working at the beer festival too.
  15. Tina was a fantastic person to have ever met at the club always smiling and a great sense of humour my thoughts are with Ken and all the family at this time.
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