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  1. Got to say that this is the umpteenth time this season that the team has played brilliantly and not got the result they deserved but it shows how good this side can be going forward and I'm really impressed by the players hard work The points will come and I am sure the team will continue to improve and with players coming back from suspension or injury this team will.be one oppersistion teams fear to face. Well done team up the urcins
  2. i have to say what happened to Thurrock i would not wish on any supporter or club and it was a real shame, but it's been good to see so many new face's popping up at the Urchins and whatever the reason for coming to our games your all welcolme. it's been good to have a chat to a few of you as you pass by the players gate and to learn about some of our new players from your perspectives and i am sure they have settled in quicker for knowing you from last season. I hope as you all settle in more with the Urchins that you all feel a part of the club going forward and find ways to get involved.
  3. a fantastic performance from all of the team and worthy of being praised for the result. It proves how things have been turned around, slowly the side has been rebuilt into a competetive team and it has showed in the last few games. Support yesterday was fantastic in a derby atmosphere and it was good to see a very sporting fair played game. It looks good for the remainder of the season was nice to be able to wish Jay fair well after the match and i am sure he will settle down with Enfield.
  4. Proud of all the players last night they did brilliantly against full time opponents the scoreline does not do the match any justice as for large parts of it the Urchins dominated play in every part of the pitch and it took 2 top class goals to stop them. If the side plays every game as it did last night then this looks good for the rest of the season and beyond. The movement around the pitch was excellent as was the use of the ball and shows that this team can compete at this level. well done and up the Urchins
  5. We have a great bunch of players and they worked so hard on Monday night to try and get something out of the game. From all the hard work that i have been watching in warm ups training and matches the changes being made from Mark and his team of coaches are working and the team has developed into a stronger faster and fitter unit with some great passing going on all accross the park but it just needs to come together consistently in the remaining matches. I think the team will stay up and also move up this league as the season goes on but it will be tough and we need to keep getting behind them to cheer the lads on come on you Urchins!
  6. fantastic result and supports all the hard work being done by the new coaching team behind the scenes and the players are making it work on the pitch. An excellent clean sheet to build upon and 3 points well deserved. Burgess Hill deserve some credit for not giving the game up and were slightly better in the second half which makes this a very pleasing result. Burgess Hill fans were excellent too in making the long trip and singing all the way through the game and their compliments on twitter about the club was a lovely gesture.
  7. an excellent result for the Urchins last night and good to see all of the good work coming together in a very good performance and encouraging signs of things to come. It was good to see the ball being played around the park from the defence through to the forwards and the movement off the ball to create space or intercept the opposition was good too. I hope all this hard work will start to see the players winning league matches and pushing us up the table to safety soon. Credit to the whitstable fans that made the journey for adding a bit of atmosphere as the Urchins made a second semi final in the space of a week and i hope one or both could become finals
  8. the performance from all the players was outstanding and the determination to not give in showed with a deserved goal for George Saunders. With Dorking being in the top 3 teams currently then the positive from this performance is that this team can and will compete with any team in this league. It was also good to see the players keep their cool in the face of what was possibly the worst performance by the match officials i have seen all season. with such a good performance it shows that things are continuing in the right direction and the wins will surely come. Come on your Urchins
  9. the whole team played well in appalling conditions last night and kept a valuable clean sheet. just a shame we had a slightly flag happy assistant referee when he should have at least checked it for a second or so to make sure he was flagging the correct decision. the ball looked over the line to me from where i was and the handball was clear too just not given. On the positive side though all the players worked hard with a lot of pass and movement going on all over the pitch that it shows they have all been working hard in training to bring that into their game and signs look promising for the future. come on you urchins!
  10. 1 seat for me Please 1 seat for Joe Earl thanks
  11. it's been posted on the website that Mark Stimson is our new Urchins manager, so we all been caught out on this one. I am sure Mark will continue to carry the club forwards and prove to be an outstanding manager.
  12. The team as a whole did very well and deserved the 3 points having dominated much of the attacking play so it hurts to see it being 1-1. The whole squad are playing well together and i hope they take some positives away from the result as they now know they can compete and be better than a lot of other teams in this league. All the hard work they are putting into this season will come good in results if they keep going and if the fans keep cheering them on to succeed. COME ON YOU URCHINS
  13. not a bad tie to get at all so should be a good game
  14. nice result last night well done to the players for making it a win and was nice to see some good movement on the pitch. I hope the team can start to put the hard work they are doing in training and in recent matches into scoring and achieving the results we know they can in the league and in a tough trophy game this weekend.
  15. Hampton & Richmond 1-0 AFC Hornchurch As a final result it feels like a real kick in the guts as a supporter and I'm sure the players feel the same They all played with passion and worked for each other so hard and deserved to score but unfortunately just inches away from several quality crosses that they could not convert The lads were unlucky to go behind to a goal where Conner got a head injury but that's football. I'm proud of all the players on the pitch on the bench and the coaching staff who gave it everything and for most of the game looked the better team credit to them all and the fans who came today Games like today make me feel proud to be an urchin fan and wear the badge alongside the team I hope the lads kick on this season and do well they all deserve it.
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