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  1. I think we will keep both as I suspect they will be on dual registrations to allow them to play elsewhere and keep fitness levels up. Lets hope we get confirmation soon of a return to action and fans.
  2. i'm happy to pop down and help clear some more of that horrid mess of brambles over a few Saturdays if we are allowed to.
  3. I am not so sure I will be available to do a whole walk, but would probably be happy to walk the last 10 miles to help you all over the line on the Saturday Morning perhaps?
  4. just for the record the ref also bottled awarding a 2nd penalty and gave a free kick on the edge of the area when Chris Dickson was clearly fouled in it, but suspect it was because he gave the 1st one only a few minutes beforehand.
  5. Dave Collis is the new manager over there so might be something to do with it.
  6. an excellent trio of signings and certianly will mean competition for places in the starting line up and the bench.
  7. this may seem a bit pedantic but how can the rules be we have to sit down at a bar to drink a pint of beer and yet if someone has qued up at the burger van to buy a can of coke or a cup of tea they can walk back to thier seat with it. Surly this smacks of council being a bunch of hippocrites in adding in their own policies when they should really allow us to get on with managing the football and spectators. have to say though so far we have responded really well and spectators seem to still be enjoying the beautiful game.
  8. If Hampton are live streaming the game it would be really good if we could show the game live in our clubhouse so supporters can watch the game together. Is their any chance this might happen?
  9. its a crap draw if your a fan as Supporters currently are not going to be allowed into this match as they are a national league side. Its also a crap draw for the club as no gate revenue coming in. I do believe the team can win this game though if they can put in the performances we saw against national league teams in preseason then they have a really good chance to progress and I am sure they will want to prove they are as good as any national league team. up the urchins
  10. get in quick guys they went on sale this morning and already have sold 100
  11. get in quick guys they went on sale this morning and already have sold 100
  12. I can confirm Chris Dickson for this season thanks Will check with the Tap room if they wish to continue Thanks Pete.
  13. Hi Tony is this still being published? is it too late to order?
  14. this would certianly be useful if we are encourgaged to have face masks at sporting venues. Would we be able to get these made in time for September to buy from club shop?
  15. we got Football with fans HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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