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  1. I bet basildon will be wishing he did but his ego is so big he is going to build Romford a new ground!!!
  2. Sad to say the first thing they have done is remove Paul Martin and his whole backroom team to be replaced by a so called more experianced and better able to reach up to league 2 management team of 4 people. it's a disgrace and a shame that he's the victim after all his hard work with that team It seems that tamplins money will be used to build a new ground and pay the teams wages just for the hand full of fans they currently get and i'm sure they won't be so pleased.
  3. will there be a coach at all to this game?
  4. i thought yesterdays game was fantastic on a pitch that was terrible the team brought away a result with some really good goals and a sublime solo effort too. Charlie Stimson got a deserved hat trick in still with that 20 yard+ shot over the keeper and the rest of the team moved the ball around brilliantly. Id like a home tie next but as long as the team keeps performing well i don't mind who we get.
  5. apparently Tamplin is coming back to football! https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/18023629.former-billericay-town-owner-glenn-tamplin-talks-numerous-clubs-itching-get-back-game/ not sure Chelmsford City need him though
  6. as an extra point i thought the Number 2 Ryan Richefond had a good game for a debut and looked good linking up with the other players. It will be interesting to see how he develops during the rest of this season
  7. that looks like a nice trophy lets hope the lads can win it as a bonus to other competitions
  8. nice result and good to see Lewwis Spence back on the pitch too.
  9. a fantastic team performance all round and again the lads worked hard to achieve a result without a few key players. Conditions were tough for both teams and i think potters bar tried the switch to make us kick to clubhouse end first hoping to throw us. Whats really good about the match is that we all have different candidates for MoM as for me its either Dan Uchechi or Charlie Stimson as both scored and when not scoring they were both causing havoc for the Potters bar defence cutting them open or forcing errors. Looking forward to the cup and trophy this week as both provide excellent opertunities for the team to progress and do well.
  10. Can you confirm if we have the clubhouse open again this Saturday for the Final.
  11. i thought Berkhampstead came and played well against the Urchins and it was a competitive match. I know that the Urchins could and perhaps should have played better, but the away side were claiming the same in the bar afterwards so i guess the conditions must have been unhelpful to both teams desired approach to the game. Performance wise i thought Charlie Stimson was well deserving of a hattrick for a man of the match performance all over the pitch in attack and defence he never stopped running. the most encouraging thing about this side is seeing the players work hard to turn things around and get results when things are not so rosie as the 6-0 results showed and that makes this team tough to beat. come on you Urchins.
  12. although attendance may have been down on last year yesterday was still a fantastic day with some fantastic choices of beers and gins throughout the day. Well done to the whole team that ran the event and all the planning that went into it what made it a great day.
  13. Friday Night was interesting as lots of people read the fixture rather than take a flyer but it was good to talk to a few people as we handed out our flyers and i would hope we may be able to do a few more promotions or handouts in future. The match day was a huge success and our players were excellent with the ball boys and new fans Up the Urchins
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