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  1. it's fantastic to be able to watch our team grow more and more in confidence and back to it's best against Margate the first half was very much a test of staying in the game and finding ways to break them down. Once Nathan popped up to score it opened Margate up and as they came looking for a goal the players picked them apart and it was great to see Charlie Ruff score just to rub it in a bit with a few Margate fans who had been on his back a bit in the first half and Tobi added a deserved goal for him to make this a fantastic day out. With Nash now back Ellis getting back to his best a
  2. Can you add me to the list for Margate Coach please. Thanks
  3. Yesterdays match may not have been full of goals and brilliant play but has to up their as one of the best performances of the season considering the playing surface was changing constantly through the game with intermittent rainfall. The 2 current form sides in the league meeting each other was always going to be a close fought derby and this is what we got but both teams played a solid and fair match overall. We have been struggling to take our chances in matches this season but on this occasion that was the difference in our favour with Ola scoring the first real chance of the match a
  4. An excellent performance all round to cap of a fantastic start to the new year. I was very impressed with the link up play and the fast pace to take the game on from the first whistle. Another Lewwis Spence wonder goal followed up by Ola Tobi and Ruff all scoring some excellent goals and we scored a penalty too. It's also encouraging to see almost all of the players back from injury and getting fit into the new year at the right time to start clawing back some lost ground. With some tough games against top 10 sides this month it will be a tough one that may determine how high we set th
  5. As Both Chris Dickson and Gili Buyabu have moved on can you now give me Tom Wraight - sponsored by pony tailed urchin. Thanks
  6. annoyingly I had a bag of stuff to bring down on Saturday for foodbank, as it's now been postponed, If I cant make this weekend will this collection period be extended for a few more games?
  7. so then is it possible this might be the first Brother and Sister to win a trophy at Wembley in a calendar year!. Well done to Drew Spence and I hope perhaps we might get to hear her football stories over at the Urchins one day to inspire the next generation of ladies.
  8. A fantastic team performance all round to contain a Kingstonian side who were smashing goals in everywhere at the start of the season and It's a credit to the Urchins that the team kept them down to 1 We had both regular full backs missing but Ronnie and Ellis both filled in superbly to restrict opportunities down the flanks and the rest of the team were solid all game. I personally think Ronnie Winn was our Man of the Match and put in a performance as good as the one he did from the bench v Oxford City 2 seasons ago. Was lovely to see Tobi Joseph come off the bench and have an
  9. Can the Stewards and Co name in the program be changed to S.A.A.P - and as Jordan Johnson has now left the club can you change our player to Tobi Joseph if he is available. Thanks Pete - I have revised the first page of this thread - thanks, Tony
  10. What a fantastic result. I thought all the players put in a fantastic amount of work to get the result that we deserved. They took full advantage of the conditions in the first half to push Bognor back and make several opportunities to score and to be only 1-0 up after 30 minutes of play was a bit unlucky. Then we got a better version of Lewwis Spence half way line goal from a few weeks ago to go 2-0 up. Second half was very much on the back foot and the players worked hard to manage the game and keep the score line at 2-1 although we missed a couple of chances to put the match to bed
  11. hadn't thought of that, good point I guess that we have less regular singer's about now that on average our crowds have gone up over the 400 mark and hope they keep going up.
  12. Because of recent results this has become a tough game and the Tanners have made some big changes this week so we will have a tougher ride than other teams lately. We may have a few more players in the squad for this game to give us more options off the bench. I think 2-1 Urchins and I think we could get about 400
  13. You don't need to film it to show us, we both already aware that most away games we make a good sound and if I may say so are probably one of the best set of travelling fans when it comes to singing and cheering on the team in this league at away matches and have been for well before I was involved as a supporter., my original point is that we have ben a little flat with atmosphere at our home games, and I guess we have all expected more having seen our team at Wembley in May it's not meant to turn into a tit for tat argument but just challenge us all together to raise a bit of noise tom
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