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  1. YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. What makes Hornchurch FC a fantastic club to be involved with and to come and see play is all the hard work done by so many volunteers so big thanks to the team who have created some amazing merchandise and for your hard work in having the shop open to sell to supporters. Big thanks to all the staff for keeping the bar going too as it was such a busy afternoon.
  3. lovely idea and agree new furniture, heat lamps and also some lights for the new roof would be a good way to use the remaining money
  4. Now that is a great idea, I can see a few Urchin supporters loving their own gin glass with FA Trophy Finalist 22/21 on it. I'm Surprised we not done them before.
  5. That's a fantastic amount to raise when we already chipped in for the team's Trophy games. It's really great that the players have chipped in for this too and shows what a great bunch of guys they are. I hope we can get a really good replacement and be able to use any surplus to add a bit more to this lovely garden memorial.
  6. Fantastic news about the shop being opened and hopefully we can get as many fans as possible to get their new merchandise especially if it ha FA Trophy21/22 on it all as this would be ideal keepsake. Perhaps a Commentative Mugs and Beer Tankards could be added?
  7. I Totally agree with the Hereford point of view and I am sure both Alex and Colin will be wanting to take the same set of loyal supporters who have had season tickets or supporters association membership first and also to allow those fans to buy tickets for their friends and families etc in order to keep the once in a lifetime so called fans out.
  8. As This was originally from 2011 can I ask if a new edition will be printed in the summer after the Wembley FA Trophy Final appearance.
  9. WOW what has just happened in the last 48 Hours. We have a fantastic club and management team and amazing Fans too and in my 8 seasons coming to the Urchins I never dreamed we would ever get to Wembley and I know many of you have been here longer and remember the buzz of the Weymouth FA Cup tie an beyond but this is so out of this world it's amazing. I am a lucky enough person to be able to spend some time around the First team and all I can say is we have an amazing bunch of players who have such a strong team bond that they have carried the flag for this team all the way to Wembley at
  10. id be up for a celebration night seeing as we not had end of season club night for 2 years by then. Maybe have a charity match v some Urchin legends
  11. Love the scarfs will take 2 please I wonder if we might be able to produce replica shirts for the final too with FA Trophy 20/21 under the badge. if we do then id like to order 1 in XXL Love the memorial to Tina idea too.
  12. I wish the squad of players and management team all the best for tomorrow's match. You have made history already and made this club and supporters proud. go out there and give it all you got, show people what your made of and wish you all well.
  13. this is disgusting and I hope that we maybe able to get the offenders caught somehow.
  14. £8, £10, or £12, what a crazy idea and trying to suggest more money for both teams involved??????
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