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  1. I am sure they will get it right, but they did post on the club website that we would hopefully have a new manager in this week so hopefully this will be the case or some further update at some point this week would be good.
  2. I do agree with your point however the club also need to make sure that get someone in as soon as possible hopefully this week as the player merry-go-round has started already so the longer it takes the harder it will be to bring in the best players as they may already have gone to other clubs. there are quite a few excellent options on managers who are available so I'm suspecting part of the recruitment process is not just looking at next season but possibly where we want to be in 3 years and what sort of players or setups we want. I fully trust Alex has got this in hand but it would be good to have a further update on progress soon.
  3. Any more news on the new Manager? The player merry-go-round has started and the last thing we need is to see our squad disappear and be so late in appointing a new manager that all the best players are all signed to other clubs, unless of course, we got a new manager bringing in a national league squad!!!
  4. All I can say I what a fantastic Manager we were privileged to have ar our pub team from Essex. Mark is a brilliant professional at everything he did for us and we won the FA Trophy which is something none of us could ever dream of On a more personal note he was a great Manager to have worked around as were many of the coaches and back room staff who were a great advert for the game and our club. Sadly football is a results business and an opinions business we didnt quite make the National League South but I'm sure we would have done under his leadership however their is only so long you can be a contender and not win. I'm shocked by the decision and I am ot sure it is the right one but I also trust Alex our chairman as a man who knows what he wants and I hope we can find another Manager as good or better than what Mark did for us. Wishing you all the best Mark thanks for the fantastic memories and great bunch of players you brought to our club. I will never forget you or your team a great bunch to be working with. All the best.
  5. One of the highlights of the last few years has been the increase in younger and family-orientated members who have come along to watch the Urchins play and many of them have been returning several times a season. It just shows that with the current squad since Mark and his team took on the team and won the FA Trophy how that success has raised our clubs profile. I for one have been really proud of the squad and management team over the last few seasons despite the disappointment of not being promoted I feel we are in a fantastic position as a top team in our league and playing some excellent football at times that our new crowds have come to enjoy. next season I am sure we will see many new faces in the squad and a lot of other players possibly moving on or calling it a day. To continue to build and grow the management will probably need to make changes and we may even see next year as a year to reform and consolidate before another title push can be made however it's always fantastic to see a busy vibrant stadium. It's a massive step forward from those darker days when as AFC we were never sure of how the season would pan out or how we could survive so to see the club as it is now is the biggest achievement as we get to celebrate 100 years next season and I hope the crowds continue to come along to enjoy their football. Well done to Mark and his team for bringing us some fantastic memories, to Alex as Leader and Chairman of the board in bringing investment, to Colin for all the work and effort over the years to help us survive and to all those hard-working volunteers behind the scenes who give up their free time to do many of the jobs most of us take for granted and I look forward to many more fantastic memories over the years Up The Urchins
  6. If you have been offered tickets by a tout you should report that post or person(s) privately to the club and the police so they can do something about it.
  7. Was that the East side linesman? I thought both had a reasonable game but ref did seem to dictate decisions and they just indicated them
  8. Fantastic advert for non league football with a cup tie draw and shootout. Cant complain as we got over the line in the end but we will need to raise our game against Aveley in the final as they will not be so easy to score against. Come on you Urchins!
  9. The players were fantastic today from 1st whistle to the last after last weeks controversy they put in a real good performance and got the win they deserved for their hard work. Deserved to have a few more goals but the Ricky keeper made some fantastic saves to keep.them.in the match. All the lads can do is focus on winning the next 3 matches and will see where we are once they are played. Keep going lads I still believe we can win it Up the Urchins
  10. Have to say today 2-0 up half time we are all happy But 2nd half I am disappointed to say a gutless performance to allow Margate a sloppy goal and then go on to let them win is poor. We cant seem to be top and keep a lead and its concerning as at this stage of the season we dont need a loss of form. We got a squad of players who know how to win but somehow we got to find a way to dig deep now as Tuesday is a big six pointer We have a great manager but today the players let us all down however i still believe we can win this league no more losses come on you Urchins dig deep work harder play harder win this league for yourselves and give the fans something to cheer. Up the Urchins
  11. Fantastic game of football and the lads played brilliantly for the whole game. Another deserved clean sheet for Lamar and an excellent first game for Jamie Mascoll from the bench Shame Stortford drew but we are stalking them for the top spot and if the lads can keep this going and keep focused we will retake the top soon It's still a long run to the end of the season but if the lads keep playing game by game the way they have been recently then we can win this league. Keep it going lads Up The Urchins
  12. What a fantastic game of football and Lewes have got better and are better than the results they have and probable the best team we have played this season. They were so quick going forward and in defense they kept it tight and made space hard to find. But credit to the Urchins to find their way back twice to get a point was excellent and had they had a little luck we probably could have had a penalty. Both keepers were excellent to keep it such a tight game and the teams played it hard but fair to create a great match for all. Both sets of fans made a great atmosphere and with other teams failing we gained a valuable point. Up The Urchins
  13. Great seeing you and glad you had a great away day experience.
  14. Well we lost in a penalty shootout but cannot and should not feel like we lost, the lads played a fantastic game of football and were unlucky not to be 2 or 3 nil up at half time. Ref awarded a penalty correctly only for linp to rule incorrectly offside Then 2nd half we got better and better scoring a legitimate goal to again be ruled incorrectly offside before nash curled.a beauty round the keeper Such a shame concord git 1 back due to us switching off for a minute before we end up losing on penalties. I'm really proud of the performance tonight the lads played well and if we can play like that for the rest of the season then the title is for us to decide Keep going lads up the Urchins !
  15. Well 1-0 to the Urchins tonight and another 3 points. With a little more luck maybe 2-0 but Bognor were fast on the break and wouldn't give in. Not the most flowing or glamorous performance but in any title fight these are the sorts of games you have to dig deep and grind out a result. I thought our back 4 were organised and excellent in keeping a deserved clean sheet. Well done lads UP THE URCHINS.
  16. I'd love to take Chris Dickson back if possible?
  17. I would love to have that as a final but somehow i think whoever wins our semi final will probably have to face Colchester.
  18. Well what a game that was last night. Mark said in his interview we needed a reaction from the players and right from the kick off we could see that they had got the message as the whole team put in an excellent performance over 90 minutes of entertaining football. I was impressed with the formation and the link up play seemed to work right across the pitch. seeing Ellis run and boss the wing was a pleasing site as he looked back to his best and Remi linking up with Micky on the other side was causing so many problems. Jordan Clark up front was causing so many issues with the defence in the second half that you could see we could score and once the lads got the score back to 1-1 the confidence and play just went through the roof. great to see Destiny come on for a debut goal and he looked sharp in his few minutes. Well done lads and I hope this provides the momentum we need to kick onto the end of the season. Up The Urchins!
  19. For whatever reason we just were not up for it today, I felt we lacked the leadership and experience of Lewwis Spence in the middle of the park today to control the game and organise our teams reaction to going 1-0 down. I also felt the luck was not going our way today with 2 cleared off the line and a couple more handball decisions not given but that does not excuse a performance that lacked the creativity and movement we have got used to seeing this season. I just hope the lads react with a win on Tuesday and challenge each other to raise the standard of football as it is a title on the line i believe they can win. Let's keep going and work hard 19 games to go! Up the Urchins
  20. What a superb result, coming away to Hastings and despite some excellent play by the home team when Hornchurch were not at their best we came out deserved winners with 3 clinical goals at key times in the match. Pre match drills on a difficult pitch all came together with the first goal neatly slipped under keeper by Tom Wraight before a sublime curled 2and by nas a yard from the touchline having got round the keeper. Hayles added the icing on the cake with a superb header after a long spell of Hastings pressure. Results have also gone our way today so we have a 5 point lead over Stortford and games in hand over Cray Keep working hard lads Up The Urchins.
  21. Tough result to take and it feels like a loss having 2 points talen off us late in the game but that's football. Thought the lads give it their all and worked hard today but it's a long season and another point on a day when rivals lost to help maintain our lead is a positive that al.sure the players can build on. Up the Urcins.
  22. We seem to keep losing 1-0 up at Bishops Stortford so I would be happy if the lads could get a draw to at least keep our lead.
  23. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2023. Glad to see the lads top of the table for a Christmas treat, but we still have a long way to go and hope they can kick on into the new year and lead us up to the national south.
  24. Can Romford really afford to fly to Jersey???
  25. a very odd statement to put out I don't think they have folded as it suggests wanting to play on in the future but which league will they be in if this is sorted out in tome for next season?
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