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  1. we both thought of the same headline? but for some reason my post didnt go up? still I thought all the lads were outstanding and gave the sort of performance that other teams will no doubt be worried about as it was so clinical and the lads barely broke a sweat or hit top gear to get this result. it's good to see us in the 2 points plus per game area where we need to be to have a chance of being a contender so earl and if the team can build on this momentum with the competition for places becoming stronger then we should be in the top 5 or higher at the end of the season. but I take tonight's table as a view to savour for now.
  2. Tuesday night away fixture against a new team but what a fantastic performance as the Urchins after a lively first 10 minutes dominated the opposition and crashed the home sides party with their new 3g pitch. For the most part the entire teams passing and movement was fantastic with lots of good link up play between the forwards and the midfield that just cut open the home side at will. As soon as we got the first goal in then the Urchins started to accelerate away for the rest of the game without really breaking a sweat. As for the home team they forced some good saves from joe wright but rarely seemed to trouble a solid back line and often got caught out on the break. to be 3-0 at half time was fantastic and such was the Urchins dominance 2 changes at half time and a change of formation gave the lads opportunity to try some different things and minutes for ollie and micky and still dominate with another 3-0 in second half. for me both Nash goals were the pick of the night with micky parcell's outrageous flick with the outside of his right boot with the result of Nash placing the ball into the net for his second of 2 goals being the best and Nash seems to have got over his little blip in front of goal. its been fantastic to see the new layers and loaned players come into this side and lift the performance level and the competition for places will defiantly be tough going forward and no doubt raise the stranded higher for this squad of players. Well done all round to the team and management and lets hope we see more displays like tonight to keep the momentum going. Up The Urchins.
  3. Wow very clinical result v Maldon n Tiptree a good team performance. 2 fantastic lobs over the keepeer in the first 10 minutes but Higgins one right footed and one left footed After that thought the lads just contained the match and still had neumourous chances to score more. Maldon got better in 2nd half but this felt like an Urchins team in 2nd gear staying safe from injury before nash got a deserved goal at the end The songs and banter was excellent and on form as usual roll on the draw for the next round. Up The Urchins
  4. On a wet and Miserable night I thought for the whole 90 minutes+ the urchins played very well as a team despite missing so many first team players it was solid and clinical. The new players we have brought in recently have settled well and will no doubt cause Mark a few headaches going forward with team selection which can only be a good thing. As for the game Corinthian tried to be physical and could not contain some excellent passing all across the park and I was really pleased to see the hunger from all the players to keep trying to score at every opportunity and all of our subs came on to keep that pressure on to give us 5-0 This performance is as impressive if not slightly better that the team spirit that got us the comeback 3-2 win over Enfield and shows that the team is stepping up from last seasons heartache. Hopefully we can have a good FA Cup run and Trophy Run and carry some of the momentum we are gathering into those tournaments in the coming weeks. Maldon will be a tough game but if the lads play well and keep things up we can win it Well done to the players and management team Up The Urchins
  5. Hi Andy Can you remove S A P P off the sponsorship as this will not be renewed this season. Thanks.
  6. Wow What an excellent game of football if you want to judge a season or a team on 1 game of football then all i can say is that if the Urchins play with this fighting spirit and style off football every game this season then your looking at a top 3 place contending for promotion or even the title. A fantastic team performance all round and every player did their part to bring home a deserved 3 points. didn't think it was a penalty, or at least was a bit soft but Enfield second was defiantly not a foul or a free kick but a well timed tackle however the resultant free kick was excellent As for the 3 Urchin goals they were all fantastic well taken and the only blemish on this result is how did the lads not score many more in both halves as the team dominated possession and large parts of the game. MOM for me divided between Sam Higgins and Kenny Clark both of whom were excellent and controlled play in their own areas of the game so effectively that it allowed the rest of the team to play freely around them and create so many opportunities to score. it's great to get 3 points on the board and now we need to regroup for Saturday and continue building early season momentum. Up The Urchins, and well done on a fantastic win.
  7. Hi Henry It is unlikely they will be letting him go. I have spoken to them and am waiting on response as owners have been on a deserved break over the summer.
  8. @cup of tea I think you make a very good point and Ronnie has always been a committed team player and works hard at whatever the manager asks him to do for the team. He may not have been the big goal scorer or playmaker during his time with us but he is a winner and deservedly so with our FA Trophy success which he played his part in, wish him all the best and once an Urchin always an Urchin
  9. That is a shame as it's always been great to share a coach with the players and enjoy some banter with the squad over the years, but at least we got something i suppose.
  10. How are the Players getting to the game as supporters usually take up the other half of the coach that our players are on? or are we being left to organise ourselves independently?
  11. Firstly please sin me up for Ola again this season. Secondly, I agree with Mike's idea and would be happy to chip in a bit extra for Kel's sponsorship - perhaps we could even get the team to sign the shirt as a memorial to Kel and present that to the family at the end of the season?
  12. Any Idea's what sort of events we might have planned for it, or is it still in the early stages. id love to see a Hornchurch XI V Urchins Legend's XI in a charity game.
  13. Try again 11am tomorrow as the last remaining tickets are now being sold online. It's just been put up on the website. They will not have any tickets on the gate on the day.
  14. Their are some around, but none from Enfield town so far, however I wont tell you where until after Mondays game just in case you send them to Ming!
  15. Wow what a semi final that was tonight and a deserved 3-2 win v Enfield and the Officials A solid never give up performance to remind us why we won the FA Trophy as the players kept their heads despite lots of physical tackles and long ball from an Enfield team who had nothing else I sincerely hope Tom Wreight is ok and wish him.speedy recovery UP THE URCHINS!
  16. slight oversight on the points. Yes 27th is in the dairy we just need to see if it' Home or Away i'm hoping for a home Semi Final
  17. A fantastic team performance yesterday. I thought after the first goal we would put a few more in before halftime however a poor linesman call and and a few shots missing the target meant Cray hung on to halftime. Second half Cray seemed to up their game and really give it everything to try and get back in the game and made life very uncomfortable until the 2nd goal. I agree with Mikemike that a bit more luck for Cray in that period and it may have become a different game. However if your going to be a top side and complete you have to find a way trough those periods and I thought we kept our shape and moving the ball about when w had it enough to gain a 2nd and make the game safe which when it cam was a well worked move and deserved goal for Nash. a 2-0 result probably would have been a fair reflection but then with our substitutes we seemed to move up a few dears and Cray lost their way entirely to allow first Brown to ghost in off the right then Ruff to score diving header off a rebound and lastly and deservedly a Joseph goal to finish the match Not a bad day out at all for a Sunday afternoon and almost certainly in playoff's just now need to find the right place in the final table to give us the best possible set up and keep our players fit for the run in to those games. It's going to be exciting and nervous times in those playoffs but i believe this team can win it. Up the Urchins
  18. he looks like younger version of Lord Voldermort!
  19. seen the footage on Carshalton's site and the lads played some beautiful passing football I hope we keep up the good performances as we get into the business end of the season. And apparently the shots were bought by Tom's dad as it's not every day you see a player score 4 let alone in one half!
  20. wow what another fantastic performance on a night when things could have gone against us. 1-0 up from a fantastic strike by tom to start the night off and then I think Joe was a bit unlucky to handle the ball when it kicks up at him but ref has to send him off. At this point most would think we might not win from here with 70 minutes without a recognised keeper but This Urchins side has a winning mentality and strength to overcome the odds. Joe Christou took on the mantle of keeping goal having played a part in the opener to do the job and keep a clean sheet. I was impressed he was kicking the ball further up the field then the opposition keeper and seemed to be composed in when to let the ball go and when to stop it. Loved the first half save and the 2nd half punch and in my view a deserved MOM as it certainly would not have been easy or felt easy to him outside of training matches. 2-0 as a final result is probably right too as the Urchins all dominated play to have the better chances and at the back worked hard to give Joe as best as possible protection from any threats from the casuals. Defiantly a red for their forward, you cant go diving in both feet off the ground out of control with studs showing and not be sent off and footage clearly shows this if you pause it on the right place the ref also had a great view being in front of it and unobstructed. I think the player involved is a bit frustrated and thrown himself into a rash tackle and just got unlucky great to see the lads get another win and rebuild and hope to keep seeing this continue to secure a playoff spot. UP THE URCHINS
  21. What a fantastic performance again from the whole team against a very physical and drilled Folkstone side who in my opinion were lucky not to get a ew more cards. It seemed that they came with a plan to make it tough for the Urchins to play and from the first whistle it was all tugs hugs and pulls from their larger players to prevent a free flowing passing game that we like to play. Tobi put in a good performance although not his best he still managed to get the better of their no.6 and beat the 2 man teams that were always jumping up with him for the ball and an excellent run into the box before being pulled down for the penalty. We let them back in to the game at 1-1 but I was impressed with the response from the team to go and get the lead back so quickly with the 30 yarder from ollie worth watching again on the footage and from that goal on I though we were the better side and likely winners. I like Mike Mike thought the ball had gone over the line, But Ruff said in the bar afterwards it's his goal as he smashed it in to make sure it hit the net to be sure! It was great to see Sam Higgins back on the pitch too. I've spoken to him a few times and he has been so frustrated and a strong desire to come back and play. He has been so close to a return for a while so to see him back and scoring a goal was a fantastic way to close out the match and he deserved it for all the hard work taken to get back to full fitness, as do our physio's who worked with him to get him back. We got to aim high and stay focussed as this title is still up for grabs and with the fanbase and noise growing game by game we got some momentum going now to go with the confidence and togetherness of the squad we have. We have a great chance to step up and stake a claim to a spot in the nation league south but we have to take this game by game and not worry about Worthing or anyone else. Keep this going lads we sing loud with you, Up the Urchins.
  22. I have to say this was an outstanding performance all round from the team showing that FA Trophy Spirit to re group after a fast and furious first 15 minutes, slightly helped with all the over the top rolls from the Lewes players who seemed to wilt after throwing themselves into some daft 50/50 challenges. Once Hornchurch had got their 1st goal and had worked out Lewes game plan they never really got back into it but carried on trying to be physical and paying a high price their captain getting a red card was just plain stupid but summed up an increasingly frustrated Lewes team who failed to score again. As for the Urchins we seemed fired up and with a bumper crowd and a special mascot appearance really seemed to feed off the energy and passion from the supporters to put in an excellent performance all round. Our season seems to have started late, but its fantastic to see what the lads can really do when they have the chance to play without injury or Covid getting in the way. Up The Urchins!
  23. Pete - Thanks for your trext message - Ola Ogunwamide now added - sponsored by Pony-Tailed Urchin. Tony Hi Tony can you make mine Ola Ogunwamide
  24. it's fantastic to be able to watch our team grow more and more in confidence and back to it's best against Margate the first half was very much a test of staying in the game and finding ways to break them down. Once Nathan popped up to score it opened Margate up and as they came looking for a goal the players picked them apart and it was great to see Charlie Ruff score just to rub it in a bit with a few Margate fans who had been on his back a bit in the first half and Tobi added a deserved goal for him to make this a fantastic day out. With Nash now back Ellis getting back to his best and Higgins to return soon This team has not peaked yet and I hope to see more from them as the season goes on. We certainly have a side that should be fighting in the play offs Fan wise I think we made this ground feel like a home fixture with so many of us making it a weekend away and the noise when Nathan scored was crazy Up The Urchins!
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