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  1. When will the SSML fixtures be released? Getting antsy.
  2. Not the worst news tbh, I always found Karen to be somewhat of a party pooper on here. I was on twitter for a bit but I tell you what, the arguments! Too much. There's some real fools on there. I'm back on here this season, I'll give it one last go. I've missed it and twitter just wasn't the platform to give my views on players, teams and games I attended. Very sensitive people on there, the staff, the fans and the players. Viva la Forum!
  3. What's going on here?! Looks like we've got the old band back together! We'll have Rendon Bodgers back on here next!
  4. I'm guilty as sin. I haven't been on here for a long time for various reasons which I won't go into. It used to be really popping on here, but these days it's all fixtures, postponements and results with little other input. If anybody actually reads this..... why do you think it's not as popping on here as it used to be? Personally, I think it's Twitter that has taken away what was once a hotbed for the latest info, discussion, banter, debates, etc. Twitter is instant, the players and staff are on there too. Any other thoughts on the causes? And any other thoughts on how we could make this forum more popping again?
  5. Big shout out to Colney Heath in the big "battle of the budgets"! What a superb win that was last night. Will this lead to a hangover in Welwyn's league form.....?
  6. watched from "the best seat in the house" with a little wine and some fish and chips (the usual) and blow me, this one did NOT disappoint. Kind of summed up Berko's season in many ways, the goals are there, but concede too many. Think Tasker will be replaced this summer.
  7. Concerned a few games might get postponed, I'd be more concerned about losing a bloody good ssml club!!
  8. hurrah! I have to admit, I was gutted that we wouldn't have your match videos. Top coverage is BACK!
  9. The magic of the FA Cup is alive and well with Bateman hosting one of his many former clubs! You couldn't script it could you.
  10. Welwyn Garden City wheels to come falling off at some point..... 2/1
  11. Cracking first game by all accounts. Thought the Harpenden keeper was a little unlucky, didn't seem to be any malice in it, he wanted to score and the ball was there to go for - Sun keeper just got there first. More than made up for his comical dive for Harpenden's second goal.
  12. Funny that. That's exactly what I'd imagine someone who's been messed about by Northwood to say.
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