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  1. HorshamRebel

    Photos - Slough Match

    Match photos from our game yesterday can be viewed from the link on the match report on or website. http://www.sloughtownfc.net/reports/4746/Resilient-Rebels-win-at-Short-Lane Gary
  2. HorshamRebel

    Photos - Windsor v Slough

    You can find my photos of the match on my Flickr site. Good luck for the season.
  3. 07-September 10 - Happy Birthday HorshamRebel :)

  4. HorshamRebel

    Photos from Slough match

    My photos from our match against you can be found on my website (as per my signature below)
  5. HorshamRebel


    To add to this, it also seems that the view count changes when it hits 20. So it jumps from zero to 20. In the run of things, this is pretty minor
  6. HorshamRebel


    Hi Ian, I've come across a small bug. When adding a new post, the view count stays at zero, even though the thread is being viewed. It only seems to jump to the correct count when someone else adds in a reply. Gary
  7. HorshamRebel

    Hiding Shout Box

    XP desktop with latest IE7 does not let me log on, I get no fields to enter data in. So can not test Hiding the shout box on that pc. Even after clearing cache and doing a hard reset/reload I don't want to change my password, as I can log on with all other computers. By the way, I'm a QA manager, so doing this to software is part of my daily work life, and hence all the different pieces of hardware and OS.
  8. HorshamRebel

    Hiding Shout Box

    Vista lap top runnin IE8 in combatibility mode works ok
  9. HorshamRebel

    Hiding Shout Box

    Hi, On my work machine, which is running IE6 SP3 on XP, when I click on "My Prefs" it goes to the shotbox main entry screen, and then greys out. Pop ups are allowed, but nothing appears. I will try on my IE7 Xp desktop at home, and also on my IE8 Vista laptop later tonight. Gary
  10. HorshamRebel

    Slough Town V Enfield Town

    Photos of the match can be found from my website.
  11. HorshamRebel

    Slough Photos

    We can view my photos, taken this Saturday on my website. Click on the Slough Town tab, and then the Windsor match.
  12. HorshamRebel


    Photos from the Slough match can be found on my website www.horshamrebel.co.uk
  13. HorshamRebel

    Slough photos

    The photos I took of Monday's match can be found at www.horshamrebel.co.uk
  14. The windsor game was called off last night due to irregularities. For once, nothing to do with the pitch. thread
  15. HorshamRebel

    Why Cant The Ryman League Move On

    On Sky this weekend it was stated that NO issues were found in the registration of the two players, only that they were owned by a third party. As the registration process was correct it was not deemed correct to deduct points. The AFC issue was due to an invalid registration of a player.