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  1. Well, apparently the linesman and two players heard it. Anyway a report's been sent to the FA so I guess we'll find out soon enough. I really don't want to believe it.
  2. There's a few Wingate fans on Twitter saying that Borg was sent off because he made some anti-semitic comments. Martin Stephens, one of their fans, has said "Not going to repeat what was said, but let's say a certain historical figure from WW2 was mentioned in his abuse. A disgrace." Worrying stuff.
  3. I notice Cheshunt's most recent match was a 1-0 home defeat to Waltham Abbey in the division below, so do please piss off, Albury_Walker.
  4. Which players would be likely to follow Steve? If Kirby goes, I'll cry.
  5. Awful performance. Worst since I started following Enfield, I'd say.
  6. I think that's a silly attack, 'comeon'. I'm sitting on the fence with regards to the Newing debate, but to claim that you have to have spoken to the manager in order to assess whether or not he's the best man for the job is preposterous. Other factors, such as results and standard of play, are clearly more important. Secondly, what possible reason could there be for either 'the viewer' or 'Electrickgreatcoatman' to express that they would like Newing to be sacked to his face? Clearly there's an argument to be made for changing the manager, and it's not invalidated if you've not told Newing personally.
  7. I imagine that if Ed Balls had said it, it wouldn't just be ignored by the media. Let's not be silly here. And as for Ed Miliband being the next Prime Minister, that's what the bookies have, and they rarely get it wrong.
  8. Here are some of those excellent Clapton stickers, courtesy of Mangotsfield United's Inter Village Firm website AzzaETFC01, I think we should have something on the scarves which alludes to our Ultras connection. Make it different from something we can buy in the club shop. Mind you, this crazed sticker/scarf fantasy would probably be fairly costly, maybe we should see how the Ultras goes in its inaugural season before we start to roll out the merchandise.
  9. I get your point Mr Happy, but part of what's so awful about modern football is the sanitised atmosphere. I imagine parents who take their children to the game know what to expect, and will it really stop them from coming again? It hasn't stopped Badger. When I was about eight, my dad took me to a game at the Beveree, and the keeper said something I really shouldn't post here, but it never put me off football. Obviously, don't just hurl abuse for the sake of it, but I'm not sure how much harm a few choice words at the ref does actually do. On an unrelated note, maybe we should put in for some stickers to be printed and stick them up near the ground/at the station etc. à la Clapton Ultras. C.U. have also made some pretty cool scarves (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=323567561110218&set=a.293626874104287.1073741828.293623664104608&type=1&theater), wonder how much 20-30 ETFC ULTRAS scarves would set us back?
  10. Apparently, Manny Osei was offered more money and a two-year contract at Met Police. https://twitter.com/ezeeman1/status/339766656337317888/photo/1
  11. Article from the Thurrock Gazette: http://www.thurrockgazette.co.uk/news/10443857.Thurrock_docked_three_points_and_relegated_from_the_Ryman_Premier_League/?ref=rss&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed And another one here: http://www.theenquirer.co.uk/read.aspx?id=10680
  12. The Ryman League will be making a statement tomorrow, apparently. https://twitter.com/SamElliott_NLP/status/337999042799861760
  13. I'm proud to support a fan-owned club. It's nice to know that the fans will always come first, and if that means spending more time in the lower leagues, then that's fine by me. Having previously followed Leyton, I know the damage that an irresponsible owner can do. The only places where fan-ownership has actually damaged the club have been at Ebbsfleet, and that's an exceptional model, and at Stockport, a club that was already in crisis anyway. Just look at the advances that Wrexham have made this season.
  14. Out_Of_Towner, are you saying we should abandon fan ownership? That's a pretty bold statement, if I've understood it correctly, and one which I think goes against the general football consensus.
  15. I take my hat off to the Clapton Ultras - I was at the game against Hullbridge Sports, and they made an awful game great fun to watch. Particularly admired the Antifa flag, ought to get myself one of those. Good luck to the Tons with the Old Spotted Dog situation, hope to see you back in the Isthmian soon
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