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  1. Lets not over react As a Garden City Fan I really like going to Hertford. Lovely club and a lovely ground. I was part of the banter and these were just kids, I really don't think there should be an over reaction. I don't know why our bench attracts the comments they do, They are vociferous but lets be honest, the ref saw no need to seriously reprimand them whereas the Hertford Manager was banished at half time and made a fool of himself by charging down the stands during the second half for reasons that nobody can quite understand. Their coach / assistant manager was sent off at the end for a quite disgraceful charge at the WGCFC bench after a goal. But in the end this was a great performance by the team, a team that Adam Fisher has grown after promotion last season. With the off field developments in the pipe line, this are halcyon days for the club.
  2. Didnt hear any of that. But there were just some noisy kids having a laugh within the Hertford support.
  3. At Hertford. That was a good game. Pity about the pathetic antics of the Hertford management. One banished to the stand at half time who then proceeded to rush down and attempt to attack the WGC bench after a goal later followed by the the assistent manager rushed the WGC bench after they scored their second goal and stupidly our bench reacted and got one of our key players red carded (5-1 up he had been wisely subbed). All a bit sad from a well beaten team. Hopefully the return will not be as tasty.
  4. I will tell him of your nomination. I am sure he will be very happy to thank you in person
  5. Joe Croft had a great game.He had three shots to save, and he did. Two were outstanding. But in truth we got behind your defence often enough to have scored more, final ball letting us down. Having said that we scored three quality goals It was a good game played in a sporting manner. Filmed for BBC 2 programme going out in December
  6. Silly me. Far to Conservative, 5-2. Could and should have been even more.
  7. Looking forward to the coach trip to Waltham. After the shenanigans of last Saturday with Sun Sports hopefully there will still be 22 players on the pitch at full time. City to win 3-1.
  8. Like I said previously, we intended to enjoy ourselves, win, lose or draw. And we did. The Thurrock club house staff stated that they had never witnessed away support like it, we were most certainly the majority in attendance. On the way back the only real dampener was the injury to our team captain, who had been taken to hospital as a result of a nasty head injury. Thankfully he is fine. So Rhodes, we are not depressed by it at all, we look further than one game and we dont continually reference the past. You should try it.
  9. Yes, you said so.I was referring to your comment that we are "beleaguered" By the way, Coldend, great video report. Unless you edited that heavily in our favour then that clip does seem to show that we quite dominent, and it makes the "Great Man, Gavin" (Rhodes definition) comments on Facebook even more stupid.
  10. That my friend depends upon one's measurement criteria. Our criteria is not against something that did not work out years ago, but against a sustainable plan of continuous improvement, on and off the pitch. Come and see us, you will see evidence of both. Cheap shots like yours mean nothing to be honest, and the media responses by the Edgeware supporter over the last 24 hours is an embarrassment I am sure for Edgeware. I note thst he has now apologised, too late for tne record.
  11. In what sense are we "beleaguered" Rhodes?Looking forward to Saturday now and our FA Cup round at Thurrock We have sold out two coaches, so the vociferous support will be very apparent.
  12. Not an apt description of what is happening now my friend.Whatever happened in the past is just that, the past. Move on...
  13. Oops, yes sorry, got carried away.In the Ely game last season we had about 150 as I recall. Anyway, why all the bitterness from Mr Rhodes about events from the past? Time moves on, why not just enjoy where we are now.
  14. And yes, we doubled last seasons same round game attendance!!! Good times down at Herns Way, a lot of volunteers reaping just reward. Down to the ground today to get my coach ticket for the next round Vs Thurrock of the Ryman League as we keep the flag flying for the SSML.
  15. Should be a good game tonight, and hopefully we can exceed the attendance of last seasons replay with Ely. Having taken 100 plus to theirs, can we double that tonight? Come on Welwyn!!!
  16. Well, it was to be expected.They were playing Welwyn Garden City afterall.
  17. Wgcfc have an over subscribed coach for the trip to Saffron Walden, where we aim to maintain our great start to the season. Will be tough, but cut out the errors and there is enough in the team to get a result. Onwards and upwards
  18. Welwyn Garden City start as they mean to continue, bring it on.
  19. Good end to what has been a good season here at Welwyn Garden City. After all the instability of recent years the base looks set now for a push for promotion next season.
  20. For what its worth, absolutely. Even higher up the chain, clubs have the same problem. In the Southern Premier, Poole Town have ten games in hand, that is ludicrous. More locally, as has been said, it will hurt teams to presume that players and volunteers can arrange three games a week. Till the end of the season.
  21. I am sure everyone will get past it. 7-3 is always a good antidote.
  22. 7-3 Good to be back. Thought Harpendon didnt deseve that score, the pitch was very soft which led to mistakes by both sides. But, however, a side can only beat whats in front of them. And we did. Nice atomosphere too. To be honest, this squad should gain promotion, regardless. Plus kassie Browne, Mr Caswell is going nowhere, allegedly. After another Hatrick today that pressure may increase, but for now.......
  23. Toomey did well at St Albans before the fall out at the end of 2012. Much better and more balanced squad now, lets hope this young man does well.
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