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  1. New man already in at Bedford, not bicknell though
  2. The same clubhouse the previous management were promised 4 years ago....
  3. Ground grading deadline is 31st March so the club will have known since then they were in danger. Plus the club has known for years that they don't meet the criteria & whilst a club doesn't meet it they're always in danger of relegation. The point missing regarding Amersham is that they requested to be relegated to Div 2.
  4. It must be the away changing rooms that have done for them. Way too small
  5. At last nights match our ref had no idea about the bibs, I had to tell him why they were being worn, and it was the first he'd heard of it.
  6. I believe there will be a fine if they aren't worn, but I'm not 100% sure. I couldn't agree more with the red mist statement, however I believe its due to a few incidents of people sitting on the bench, getting themselves in a spot of bother and then disappearing over the barrier and pleading they have nothing to do with the club. Certainly happened in a game I was at last year!
  7. If more team's benches had behaved last year there would be no need to wear them this year!
  8. Is anyone having problems viewing the division 1 fixtures? They only seem to show the first game and Christmas game for each club on Mitoo.
  9. As a Bedford 'poster' (New to the forum) I'd like to thank you for your kind comments and observations. We are on a remarkable run (with a county cup win in the middle of this) and are working hard to keep it going. If only we were able to pick up a few more wins during our awful start to the season we may have been looking at promotion. Next year will have to be our target now.
  10. Interesting how its very quiet about the latest game changing red card in a Hoddesdon game. Not so keen to scream and shout about that one....
  11. 5 Codicote players booked I see, probably not their fault again.
  12. Glad you were watching closely... I enjoyed the part in the report that bemoaned the Bedford bench, no mention of the Hoddesdon manager being sent off though. Funny that.
  13. The Hoddesdon goal was an own goal, that should adequately demonstrate the accuracy of the rest of the report.....
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