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  1. 08-June 11 - Happy Birthday gnfcmightymole :)

  2. 08-June 10 - Happy Birthday gnfcmightymole :)

  3. chelsea,cardiff ,arsenal spurs
  4. http://sykochallenge.margate-fc.com more details will be announced next week
  5. is there any more ifo on this ie time gates open etc i intend to be there as he was well known n liked up my neck of the woods any more if given i could post on our boards.
  6. harry you do come up with rubbish dont you?
  7. on ebay http://sports-memorabilia.search.ebay.co.uk/gravesend-and-northfleet_Other-English-Clubs
  8. well syko was well respected all over kent
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