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  1. Look, don't get the arse with me because you are incapable of reading or restraining yourself. I have knocked no club. I have knocked the notion that PSFs are NOT part of a club history. Pretty basic stuff to understand for someone with half a brain cell. You on the other hand have decided to chime in and make some serious allegations. Going by your keyboard dribble you think I am one of the previous Dorking management team. I am not and for your sake hope they don't view this forum because I wouldn't want to be you when your paths next meet have made such an accusation. I'll bow out o
  2. I'm having a debate with TSF. You've clearly got involved to help him out rather than forward the discussion Have you any thoughts on how PSF's fit into a clubs history or are you going to just attack posters? Bear in kind you are an official of a club so tread carefully.
  3. Thanks Alan. Is Mal from Windsor still running the web?
  4. Someone better tell Richard Lambert he's wasting his time with the match report from yesterday. No one will care about that nondescript piece of history.
  5. Yes TSF. They are part of the club's history. What's about Spurs? I bet they have every PSF recorded even if hey don't make it public. I worry about the clowns running clubs these days. No wonder non league is dying.
  6. Even pre season friendlies are part of the club history. To not record them or even notice what the score was is it bit shambolic. To say the least.
  7. Well he's always keen to out people on here.
  8. Awaits Krooner. Sitting here with popcorn at the ready.
  9. A couple of sides have tweeted their games but I can't find a full list of opening week matches. Has the fixture list been designated top secret?
  10. You're home to Frimmers Dan.
  11. Nice. Can start planning the first groundhop shortly.
  12. GoHaG - I might currently be involved for all you know! But some news you may find interesting. I had my spies at Windsor and they tell me Dorking has co-opted Richard Weber's Leatherhead under 21s and have the older Lunn boy back. Whether this means anything to you or not is up to you probably.
  13. Good stuff TSF. Still predict Dorking will win the division so this result makes me feel better about that!
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