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  1. Hartley Wintney 2 -1 Camberley Town. Another day when Camberley will be scratching their heads and wondering what to do next. The first break within 3 minutes saw Camberley take the lead and for the next 15 minutes Hartley had very little to answer with. It was looking like it could have been a result for Camberley if the game continued in that vain. However, like Saturday, Camberley began to lose their shape and were consistent in giving the ball away far too cheaply. Hartley drew level with a poke in on the goal line in a goalmouth scramble, where the Camberley defence were getting their legs tangled with the keeper who was desperately trying to gather the ball. The Second half saw Camberley even more desperate to find their shape and again they were consistent in giving the ball back to Hartley each time they got possession. It was Hartley who scored with a good header from a cross that should have been dealt with by the four defenders who stood rooted to the spot as the ball went over them and onto a Hartley head. Camberley offered no threat at all to the Hartley goal apart from he first attack and but for a couple of quality saves from the Camberley keeper, they could have lost by a much bigger margin. Turks has got some work to do and quickly to get the side playing as a winning unit again.
  2. I complained about the price of beer at HW last year and that I was charged full rate of entry for me and my family despite not getting there until into the second half as I had been attending another match in the league. Hartley need to start thinking about this a bit, obviously it is not just me that found it a bit steep !!!!
  3. Absolutely, as I said they had shots cleared off the line and missed some pretty easy chances. Need to be more clinical without a doubt. Chertsey made it hard for them but they should have put it to bed.
  4. Camberley Town 1 - 2 Chertsey. Camberley will be licking their wounds after this one. 1st half was pretty uneventful with most of the play in the middle of the park. Despite plenty of effort from both sides when either side broke through the attack was soon snuffed out by both defences. 2nd half saw both teams still applying plenty of effort and it was Chertsey to break the deadlock when a poor decision from the worst Lino I have seen for many seasons saw Chertsey awarded a corner to the amazement of the team and supporters. Clearly it was a goal kick and everyone except the lino saw it as such. Camberley failed to deal with the cross and a header looped over the Keeper into the back of the net. Camberley then seemed to lose their way and a rifle of a shot from 25 yards went through a dis jointed Camberley defence and past the keeper who was unsighted and it was 2-0. Camberley then started to find themselves again and with 15 mins to go were awarded a penalty. The penalty was not a good one and having guessed the right way, there was not enough venom to trouble the Chertsey keeper who saved well. Camberley continued to pile on the pressure and were eventually rewarded with a goal. Only a few mins to go and Camberley had 4 shots cleared of the Chertsey line and completely missed the target on Three further occasions. It could have been different for them if they had taken their chances and they should have taken the Three points. I have seen some good and bad officials in this league but I must admit the Lino today was probably one of the poorest ever. He gave offside to Camberley when the player was a good 2 yards onside, the corner decision was just outrageous and there were many more that could be added to his list today. Camberley need to re-group for the local Derby against Hartley on Monday
  5. Farnham Town 1 - 4 Camberley Town. Camberley were back to winning ways tonight after smarting from their 3-2 defeat at Knaphill on Saturday. Camberley had an early warning in the game when another set piece seemed to cause problems for the defence and the ball was slotted home at the back post only to be given offside. Camberley then took the bull by the horns and were rewarded with three goals by half time. The fourth was added in the second half and once again the bar, the posts and the Farnham keeper stopped the score from being many more. In the last couple of minutes Camberley seemed to take their foot off the gas and should have dealt with a hopeful ball across the middle of the field, instead they allowed Farnham space to cross and a fine header denied the Camberley keeper a clean sheet right at the death. A good win for Camberley on a pleasant evening to be spectating.
  6. Absolutely Nosher. Duncs knows me and knows my history as we have spent many hours shivering on the touch line in all weathers supporting our respective teams. I dread to think how much I have spent on gate money and refreshments in this league over the years and something should be done by clubs to combat this. Either charge a token fee for second half latecomers or identify those who flout the situation and either refuse them admission or make them pay. Clubs must surely know who these people are.
  7. Thanks mate, I will probably be there in reality but I just copped over silly comments made on here by someone who knows nothing about me. Looking forward to a beer at Cove next season and wishing you guys well for the coming season.
  8. Absolutely I shall not be giving Hartley any more money on the turnstiles or refreshments again. I will also be very careful which games I go to this year in fact, indeed if any as my kind can now watch them in the local park for free so I am informed !! . Nosher is quite right in that a minimal charge could be applied for the second half, which I would have no problem with. The inference from here was that I was trying to dodge paying and not coming into the ground until the second half without the accuser knowing the facts is what I am annoyed about. I had already spent gate money for the family, bought bacon rolls and refreshments at Westfield earlier that day and was trying to race over and lend my support to another big game, Which incidentally had been arranged to kick off to clash with other matches, hence I could not get there at KO. Being such a big game it would have made more sense to kick off at 3pm to allow many of us that had other fixtures that day to attend. Then to be charged full whack again was frankly bloody annoying and expensive and in hindsight I should have just refused and gone away. However my loyalty to this league shone through and grudgingly I stumped up for my family for the second time that day. Had Hartley said it was a couple of quid to come in it would not have been an issue but to charge full rate to watch 35 mins of football was frankly a piss take in my eyes. As I missed the first half does that entitle me to half my money back ?? I am sure a good solicitor would have no problems in sorting that one for me lol.
  9. Well your turnstiles will be down around 40 quid this season mate !!!!!
  10. I reckon from a view point that Westfield are tops, lovely to stand on balcony with a cold beer and enjoy the game. Windsor are tops for burgers, Spellthorne do a pretty good Bovril !!!! Camberley old boys are so friendly !!!
  11. Windsor Sec, no offence taken mate. I completely agree that those who sit outside to avoid paying then expect a ringside seat for nothing after half time should be made to pay. I did not like the inference from pjcamb that I was one of those people without him knowing a thing about me. If that is still his attitude then I would be grateful if he lets me know which team he works the turnstiles for and I shall make sure they do not get my money next season. Usually there are four of us so with refreshments and programmes etc they have shot themselves in the foot for around 30 odd quid, as have Hartley. Like I say, without fans like me who go every week there would be no clubs so comments like his do not go down well !!!
  12. I had already paid £18 with my family watching the Westfield game in the morning and then made my way at great haste to Hartley to support another game but because of timing and traffic I could not get there until into the start of the second half. I spend a lot of money watching games at this level. I should by rights then be entitled to a half refund for not watching the first half then pjcamb ? £36 in one day is more than doing my bit for this league, plus tea, food, petrol costs etc so not much change out of £50. Funny how clubs like Farnborough etc don't charge after half time. Too right I feel pissed off Rother, I drove 20 odd miles to come and support the second half off a high profile game and support this league and to be charged full whack to do so is a total piss take. Perhaps we should all go and watch our football at the local park for free pjcamb, then you wouldn't have a club to stand at the turnstiles mate
  13. I think it fair for the gates to open at half time as with most other clubs. I had to drive a long way to get there and as you can imagine it was not easy parking either. I spend a lot of money during the year at games, usually going at least once a week and the usual cuppas, burgers etc. I reckon it would be good to have a table of grounds and ratings. Windsor Burgers are at the top of the list for a start !!! No I am not a Windsor supporter lol.
  14. Thats in a normal pub JR not Wspoons !
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