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  1. Happy Birthday BigDogCol!

  2. When will anyone know for sure? Must be tough for managers building squads without knowing which league they'll be in . . .
  3. Although not mathematically impossible . . . the title is basically Colney's now and they're worthy champions given their consistency throughout a long season. I've been hugely impressed by Gavin Kelsey & his staff this year and I for one hope he sticks around for another title tilt next year. Their professionalism in training and willingness to get behind what Hertford are trying to achieve as a family & community club are to be applauded. However this goes . . . still proud.
  4. I heard LC did indeed meet the ground grading criteria but unconfirmed as yet . . .
  5. Amazed! Just been told London Tigers v Hertford Town is ON following a pitch inspection.
  6. Guess I can look forward to a Tuesday night trip to Greenford now . . .
  7. What are the chances that the Tiger's pitch will be ok?
  8. I'm Hertford Town through & through (spoiler-alert!) but will always show respect for those who deserve it. This is a forum & not a nightclub, no need for aggression or threats on here. Let's get back to friendly inter-club banter shall we? I'll be there at Lowfield tomorrow supporting my local, non-league side and very proud of it. Just get behind your own side and leave the other teams/managers to get on with their own business. Publish & be damned . . .
  9. 330 noisy souls at a very frosty Hertingfordbury Park today to watch Hertford Town close the gap on London Colney after a hard-fought 2-1 derby win over Broxbourne Boro. This league is really on the up and getting some great entertainment & attendances at Step 5 these days!
  10. Is this a joke? A ref abandons a game because a fan said something he took exception to. Was this his 1st time at a football ground?
  11. True but rather he let a few go then the card-happy refs throwing cautions around like confetti and ruining the game. To be fair to Phil, a) He wasn't at Hertford when Ini played for us and It was bloody funny! Even Ini had an embarrassed giggle with me about it in the clubhouse after the game. The Gaffa knows all about Drapes and his limitations. We still have another CB recovering from injury to come back in when fit.
  12. Didn't think the officials were too bad at Hertford/Tigers. The ref let a few go but was right on the spot to give decisions and calm any potential flashpoints. The players respected the decisions with or without cautions and just got on with the game. Seen worse this season . . .
  13. Justice prevailed . . . after a sort. Into next round after a decent replay at The Park. Happy birthday Audrey!!!
  14. So Clapton have been found guilty to have fielded an ineligible player (who saved a penalty during the 0-0 draw), yet received no punishment and told to replay at Hertford without a share of the gate money. Another club fielded an ineligible player at the weekend and were promptly ejected from the FA Vase. I'm guessing the red card for our 'keeper will also be rescinded and the entire crowd get their money back from The FA then? Of course not . . . Not to mention the utterly incompetent officials who ruined what could've been a great game for all attending on the day. Check out The
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