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  1. I think Always Hiding, Olyfan and Stop Whinging have all made very good points. Particularly when Olyfan suggests there was an opportunity to oppose the rule prior to the AGM. I personally was not aware of this and see where you are coming from with this. Have to agree with Stop Whinging that the clubs most affected would be premier division sides who, overall, are in the minority and therefore would have probably been outvoted. This is a shame because step 7 and step 5 in this part of the world are very similar standards in my opinion. Still, it is the same for all clubs so what w
  2. SW - for him to be available to play in a cup final I am sure there are rules in place stating the player must have played in X amount of games or in previous rounds. I know that is the case for the Essex Premier Cup. I think the new rules will prevent managers from encouraging their young players to give it a chance at a higher level and lower the standard of the league. The problem is the people voting on these rule changes are secretaries rather than managers and perhaps see things from an idealistic point of view rather than a practical one. What's done is done i suppose but I do agree
  3. Hi SW, completely agree with you there about what has happened at the end of previous seasons and i understand why the league looked to address the matter but I do feel the new law is flawed. We are now only allowed one player in our team who has played 4 games or more at step 6 or above. Come September/October a lot of players will become available because they have only played bit parts in their respective clubs season and they may look to move on and drop down a level but we will not be able to sign them. I think after a certain date we should only be able to pick those players if they
  4. Well said TIC! If some teams in the division are able to pay players then good for them. There was talk at the league AGM about making it an even playing field for all teams but I couldn't disagree more. Are Man Utd and West Ham on an even playing field? Or Canvey Island and Concord Rangers? Budgets, resources, facilities and level of support are things that make a club individual and ultimately the ability of the manager to attract and keep hold of good players will shine through. Even with good players you have to get them playing as a team to be successful. There are a lot of people
  5. Mikey - I am not sure what your motive is for having a pop at me and the league. You are entitled to your opinion but I am sorry you feel like that. Having experiences of both levels the difference appears to be the pace of the game. The olympian is a slower game but this enables a better quality of football - if you have that type of player of course. The ESL is a more physical league played at a much higher tempo. You can see that those boys train twice a week and are in much better shape. I saw Witham play a number of times last season and their plan A was route one and it was extremely
  6. Krooner - I am a manager now. I can't be seen on here mixing with the likes of you and Hookey. Hope you are well.
  7. Hi, we do not have floodlights I am afraid so 7pm is the latest we can do.
  8. Southminster are looking for opposition for a friendly Wednesday 18th July at our home ground in Southminster. Kick off will be 7pm. Please message me if you are interested.
  9. JB what has happened to Mickey Nunn? We played BSS twice last season and they were a very good footballing side.
  10. Interesting that newbury forest have come over from the essex/suffolk border league. Even more interesting they have been put into division one after coming 3rd in the premier and winning essex premier cup.
  11. Southmisnter St. Leonards FC from the Essex Olympian Premier Division are looking for opposition for a pre season friendly on Sat 4th August. If you are interested please email smallsy1@hotmail.co.uk
  12. Dagger you have a funny idea of an overhead kick!! M&B probably deserved it in the end. They started to play some better football towards the end as Runwell ran out of steam. I liked the M&B number 9, do you know his name? Gillard had a solid game but should have scored a couple of headers.
  13. I was over BA last night as it goes KLF. Have very fond memories of it over there. Never forget the umpa lumpa theme tune!!
  14. Yes mate i will be there. I will sky plus the footy I suppose. I didn't even consider we would miss a game.
  15. Harold Hill have won their appeal against a 3 point deduction meaning Galleywood are now relegated from the Premier Division.
  16. M&B won it in the last minute with a good strike. Both teams battled but a combination of a dry pitch and end of season fatigue meant there wasnt much football played.
  17. The league AGM should be an interesting evening!
  18. Hopefully a decision will be made before the league AGM so there is no uncertainty regarding the constitution. Could be quite a heated evening either way. If Harold Hill are awarded their points will there be a counter appeal by Galleywood? Also, in division one Ongar finished 2nd and cannot go up. So should 2nd bottom in the premier get a reprieve from relegation? or should Aldborough be promoted from 3rd? SW - a lot can change between now and the beginning of the season so last seasons performance may be fairly irrelevant. If what hughes is saying is correct then Kelvedon will be a compl
  19. Anyone have any idea when a final decision will be made on Harold Hill? Thanks SW, appreciate the vote of confidence! Although we wont be running before we can walk. It will be nice to have a season without the weight of expectation we had this season.
  20. Well that is my theory out the window then
  21. Harold Hill are appealing a decision to dock them 3 points. If successful they will avoid relegation, if not they will be in Division One. Am I right in thinking that Harold Hill play at Brentwood Town and could therefore be promoted to the ESL? Could that be motivation for all the players to leave Kelvedon?
  22. brentwood also won the ongar cup and the sugar hut trophy so they won 5 trophies
  23. Jenko I think I speak for everyone when i say to you........relax
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