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  1. I am too far away to offer a valid opinion but our current league position is what it is only because we have played more games than most. Won 5 lost 4 looks like previous seasons revisited - mid table and never a threat of playoffs or promotion. I can only support other views that changes must be made. Mediocrity is not what this club was created for. I am beginning to forget what a game of football looks like here in Melbourne. After three or four practice games back in Feb/March our season was suspended and ultimately cancelled in its entirety. All the best to the team over the next period.
  2. The way things are going it is going to be a long second half of the season. The last month has been very disappointing.
  3. Ebbsfleet are averaging 1,011 attendance for home games, so you might assume that they would bring a few more supporters than a number of visitors this season. However, given their dismal league position I would not bank on too many more. Hopefully more ETFC people will decide to turn up.
  4. Hartley Witney are currently 13th in the Southern League Premier Division South and Chichester City are 5th in the Isthmian Division One South East. It's away and nothing at this stage is easy but there could have been tougher draws.
  5. A very pleasing result and a good one to wake up to on a cold Melbourne morning. Good also to see the photos up within an hour of the game finishing. I will enjoy this until the weekend remembering the very old saying “one swallow a summer doth not make”. At this stage last season we had just come off an excellent away win at Folkestone and were soon to have an even better win at to be promoted Tonbridge but it soon tailed off. Hopefully coming results will sustain a good start this time.
  6. Not certain if it is just me but the new/upgraded club website does not impress. On a laptop it looks more like a site for the print handicapped and I miss having the latest result, up coming fixtures and Twitter feed on the front page. My eyesight is not what it was when I was younger but I do not understand why every entry has to be so large. Not a winner with me.
  7. Andy et al I fully understand that managers move and players follow. I wasn't trying to suggest that it was an isolated happening. I was trying to put AL's task when he joined in some perspective. In passing, the Australian club I list in my profile is a club that I was a director of for nearly 20 years, that I am a life member of and of which I have just published a club history. At the end of last season our coach/manager announced that he was moving to another club. The upshot was that every senior player left and we have had to start from scratch - new manager and a totally new team. Talk about deja vu. I will still support Knox City and Enfield Town.
  8. Another disappointing result. The above observation about 18th and 11th finishes in the two seasons under the current manager depends on getting some points from the last four games. If we don't it could easily be 18th and 14th or even 15th, and that certainly would not be progress. I also note other observations about how the budget has increased under the current manager. I recall a post on this forum when he was appointed (can't remember if it was an ETFC person or an outsider offering some advice) but the post suggested that his ability to get budgets increased on a regular basis was well known. So maybe we shouldn't be too surprised at this aspect. When he was appointed, it was under difficult circumstances with basically an entire team leaving with the departing manager. I suspect that it created a fair degree of goodwill to a manager having to deal with this so close to a new season. I also sense that much of that goodwill has dissipated. Being 12,000 miles away I get little value for my membership, other than to get up in the early hours of Sunday mornings to hopefully see a good result emerging. All I am seeing is inconsistency - some really good results (particularly early on) mixed with some dire ones. What the Board does about it is, in my mind, largely connected with how ambitious they are. As it stands, I can only see a mediocre future. This season offered a great opportunity with no one team standing out at the beginning. It's an opportunity lost. I will continue to renew my membership.
  9. Can't remember is the short answer. My first away game was a coach trip to Aylesbury United in the early 1950s. It was a very wet day, suitable for a club called the Ducks. It was a cup-tie. My investigations have ruled out the FA Cup, so I guess it probably was the FA Amateur Cup. The problem is the source I usually use for this sort of information (Football Club History Database) only has Amateur Cup results from later rounds during this period of history. Enfield lost I believe. In response to MT Head, he is right Enfield did beat Headington United 4-3 in the FA Cup in 1959. I definitely remember being there on that day and against Bournemouth in the next round. Headington had a player in that game who became very famous as a manager. Ron Atkinson, who went on to manage Man Utd. I think his brother, Graham, was also in the team that day. Great atmosphere.
  10. Great result but it only highlights the problem - inconsistency. Away wins at Folkestone Invicta, Tonbridge Angels, Bognor Regis and Worthing, all of which would have been considered amongst the favourites for promotion at the start of the season, only makes our current position more difficult to understand. 7 wins away and 4 at home is just another way of expressing the issue. There is still plenty of time to get ourselves firmly in the promotion race but only if we can do it on a week by week basis, not just now and then.
  11. I cannot make any observation on entertaining or effective playing styles, as I am 12,000 miles away in Australia. I can only comment on what I see on YouTube highlights and read as facts on the website and this forum. All I can say is that I am finding this season disappointing and a mid-table finish is becoming ever more likely. I desperately want ETFC to do well and I started the season on a high given the early performances but that is all drifting away. W are now 14 points off the top and 14 points above the relegation places. That's a good definition of mediocrity. What makes it all the more galling is we are fourteen points behind a team that four seasons ago was in the Essex Senior League, a team which has a couple of ex-ETFC players and an ex-Enfield FC manager. I am talking about a team that I knew when I reached adulthood as Edmonton, plying their trade in such august leagues as the Delphian League. When ETFC was formed in 2001 they were, as Edmonton & Haringey, in the South Midlands Spartan League playing before minimal crowds. The question is what have they done that is right and why hasn't ETFC not done as well? I cannot believe that they have bigger and better resources than us. I support many of the above comments. I am not one who advocates change at the drop of a hat but the Board needs to think long and hard about where they want the club to be and what is the right structure to get there. National League South ought to be the minimum.
  12. I have read the announcement of the new structure on the Isthmian League website but the League does not explain how promotion and relegation within the Isthmian structure will work. What is known/announced is that there is a Premier Division of 22 teams and three 20 team leagues under this, North Central, South East. My question is how many teams will get relegated to the lower leagues and how will teams from the lower leagues win promotion. The Champions should be promoted automatically so that means at least three teams should get relegated from the Premier Division, but short of six teams getting promoted (Champions plus play-off winner from each of three divisions - unworkable I would have thought) there will have to be some way of reducing the play off winners to maybe one only. Maybe the League has not had time to work this one out but it is an interesting challenge.
  13. Try these teams being closer to ETFC for a start - Hendon Harrow Borough Staines Town Needham Market Hitchin Town Royston Town Chesham United All are in one of the two Southern Leagues. I would need to get the map and GPS out to work out more but they would be north of ETFC
  14. I might have only posted 15 times according to the stats (I thought it was more) but there's no chance of me disappearing. I was born in Carterhatch Road, was a foundation member of this club, I have a named seat in the far stand and I supported Enfield FC from the 1950s until ETFC was formed. I watched a number of games in 2011/12 when we came back to England. Not certain when/if I will get back again but if I do I will be watching again. I hope the club can consolidate on the first half of the season. The Play offs are not yet out of the question - difficult but still possible.
  15. I am interested in the various views and I respect all of them. I am 12,000 miles away so do not have the luxury ofactually seeing the team play. I can only go on the facts and what people say. After 24 games last year, by my calculations, we had 36 points. This year, we have 34 points. After all the off season turmoil, with a manager and 80 -90% of the squad leaving, I would have taken where we are now at the start of the season and I think most people would have too, if they are honest. Would I like to have seen the team higher - of course I would but I think we have to support the management team in their rebuilding project. That's all I can offer to the debate.
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