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    wilson got a reaction from lovely stuff in Enfield Town V Leiston   
    Good luck to Brad and the boys today from 12,000 miles away. I have just got home from watching a match today here in Melbourne and my team won 6-0. Just hoping for a win from ETFC, doesn't have to be as big a score as that. All the very best. I hope the crowd is massive.
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    wilson got a reaction from lovely stuff in Cray Wanderers v Enfield Town   
    Congratulations to everyone at the Club for ensuring another season in the Isthmian Premier League, nerve jangling though it was at the finish. It was probably hard watching the matches towards the end but it was also hard here 12,000 miles away in Australia. I got up in the middle of the night to see the results. I am very glad I did not sit up and watch the Twitter feeds as they evolved. That would have been too much, seeing Wingate pile on the goals and East Thurrock coming from behind to win whilst we had not made our game safe.
    Having said that, after only gathering 16 points in the first half of the season, it was a remarkable turn around to gather 35 points in the second half. This was good enough to be the equal 8th best second half record and without the four game blip prior to the Cray game, would have been good enough to be top 5. The second half of the season was much more even throughout the league. In the first half, 2 teams achieved 50 plus points, none in the second half, with the highest being Bognor's 46.
    After the first half, four teams had 16 or fewer points. In the second half only 2 teams gathered less than 20 points. Two teams more than doubled their first half tally - ETFC with 35 against 16 and Thamemead with 31 against 15. Despite winning 6 of their last 7 Thamesmead still didn't do enough. Who would have predicted the way the bottom teams picked up points at the end.
    Thanks to all the people who helped me keep abreast of happenings, including The Col End with his wonderful website with videos, photos and reports.
    Anyway, here's looking forward to a slightly less nervous next season. Well done.
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