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  1. A Rebel and a Saint

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  2. 30-May 11 - Happy Birthday A Rebel and a Saint :)

  3. A Rebel and a Saint

    Thank you for memories

    Very sorry to hear about what has happened to WEFC. It is just so unfair that bigger clubs survive the High Court and the taxman time and time again while clubs like Windsor end up folding. Hopefully it won't be too long before the local derby comes back. Good luck to you all for the future, I'm sure you will bounce back strong.
  4. 30-May 10 - Happy Birthday A Rebel and a Saint :)

  5. A Rebel and a Saint

    Slough Town Relegation "Book of Condolence"

    first of all, i am not having a go here. with regards to your comments about our fans base, have you windsor guys been onto our forum and read the comments from many AFCW fans and others which have been left on there? they describe us as the most loyal fans around after cheering our team on for the entire game as the goals flew in. i dont remember a w&e relegation party last year. i think that every slough fan will admit that the club is heading downhill fast, theres no denying that, nor is there anyone saying that we deserve to be higher than where we are now. as for the former windsor players who played for us at the start of the season, they put in some effort at the start, for the first month, no more, and then they ran off when the money ran out. the lads we have playing now play for the shirt, no matter what the level of talent we will support that. we know we are down, so see you next season!!
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  7. A Rebel and a Saint

    here at last

    wahey another saints fan! welcome! <img src="/forum/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  8. A Rebel and a Saint

    It's true...

    didnt seem to be many windsor fans in the crowd today, maybe 50?
  9. A Rebel and a Saint

    Peter Osgood

    i wasnt around when he was at southampton but as a current saints fan i know he is a real legend. i have heard the stories of the old days and have seen the 76 cup final though. and off all places to die too, in the town of my other team slough!!! RIP
  10. A Rebel and a Saint

    Mud Bath

    Quote: Martin said: If that is true (and I don't know one way or the other) - I don't see losing the reserves as a great loss. Given that we (Slough) have struggled to a) field a side and find any time to play the matches. i agree with you there martin, it would probably be good for us to expand the first team and reduce the problems by taking the best of the reserve players and losing the rest, but thats just my opinion. as for the whole ground issue i would like to see us stay local ie windsor or maidenhead
  11. A Rebel and a Saint


    hey, welcome, another saints fan!!!
  12. A Rebel and a Saint

    Soccer AM

    lovejoy only knows the meaning of non league footy cos of ralf little and harvey!!
  13. A Rebel and a Saint

    tomorrows predictions

    we play at stag meadow, which yes is windsor and etons ground
  14. A Rebel and a Saint

    fm 06 how do you...

    forget that sorted now
  15. A Rebel and a Saint

    fm 06 how do you...

    insert a team into a playable league? trying to put slough town in the conference south but not quite sure how!