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  1. Godalming v Camberley - good game last night against the holders of this cup ! I thought we did well all over the park to be fair and if only we can reproduce our efforts every week we will have a good season . Well done everyone . Thought the lack of shaking of hands by 5-6 players from Godalming was a bit cheesy at the end as it was not that kind of game ! Onwards and upwards
  2. Windsor v Camberley , terrific burger and a pint of larger as good as good as gets . Lets hope we turn up with a bit of passion in wearing the shirt !!
  3. A very decent game of football at hartney today , HW tended to rely on the quick break whereas Camberley I felt played the better build up play more often than not . I don't think everyone played at 100% but good performances from dan K , Nathan , milks , John B , dougie and joe W we need to finish this off after a few glaring misses , well played guys ! I see Windsor lost ? Congrats Badshot !
  4. Good results for Camberley , Farnham and Hartley W. Windsor winning as well !
  5. What do clubs get paid for a win in the preliminary rounds of the FA cup ?
  6. Interestingly I don't think Camberley had one yellow card given against them Today , maybe Dean ? Perhaps that's because Hoppit , Jewell and Webb weren't playing !??
  7. Great performance and result for Camberley today , on what was a very bumpy pitch . After the last match against a high flying Windsor I think you are getting better , particularly as you had 3 players out that normally start . well done . Not a good day for Windsor though ?
  8. Looking forward to hearing how Windsor v highmoor ibis go on Saturday ? Highmoor were an edgy physical team when I saw them twice so will be interesting , also Farnham v Camberley may be a cracker if they both play well ! Like to see Camberley do well .
  9. Stating facts that's all ? Who are you a fan of Mr Smudge ?
  10. Beautiful pitch and a cracking cuppa ! Good morning out , shame that Camberley lost best team won just ! The right back for Camberley was very quick and looked good , and the keeper looked decent ! Good to see Ben Harris back
  11. I'd heard that Camberley weren't very good Saturday lets hope they turn up . Not to worry if not , Bracknell Town v Ascot at 3pm .
  12. Looking forward to watching this tomorrow . The pitch is always fantastic and Windsor always try to play football . Lets hope Camberley do the same ?
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