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  1. Which League New Salamis play???I thought there a Parma Ham and Mozzarella League once!!! Lol
  2. I hope they have sorted out that door that takes from the changing rooms to the club house. Last time we played there our Nigerian international Churchill Titor Addingi had his wrist watch and jumper nicked!!!
  3. Hullbridge Sports Football Club are an English football club based in Hullbridge, Essex. The club are currently members of theEssex Senior League and play at Lower Road. ==History Hullbridge Sports Football Club are an English football club based in Hullbridge, Essex. The club are currently members of the Essex Senior League and play at Lower Road. records show that Hullbridge United Football Club was formed by a group of local men,fronted by the then proprietor of the Anchor Inn,a Mr.A.W.Moss.He owed a room behind the pub known as Buff's Hall.This was where the club held its first meeting.A
  4. After 7 years being loyal to the same club and working ever so hard with zilch resources to establish it a solid mid table team I hope you will understand that its human if that poor Coachie shows some ambition and will to test himself for another challenge.I think I have earned it.In a football word where a manager lasts an average 18 months or less at a club I think you should take your hat off to someone like myself.Longest serving manager in the Esl wants to do the same as a lot of his players over the years and that mean moving up.If that is with Hullbridge or another club is yet to be s
  5. I mean 7 years of thin cows and 7 years fat cows like in Joseph dream
  6. Oh well I will have to start looking for a job then.I knew things never last forever.Mind you if Keith leaves the Burnham job will be available.Ryman facilities,good club no bad no bad.In truth I would like to step up if not as a manager then as a coach.As I said before after 7 years of vacche magre there must follow a period of 7 years of vacche grasse.It's in the Bible!!
  7. He was at bowers back in August so he only played once v manor.there are as many chances as Cavani going to Arsenal...Manor is not a step forward actually is one backwards.lol Of the four you mentioned I would only take Baldwin but he is injured so ...Anyway good try but your e-mail unfortunately has been binned.Actually sort out that defence in the transfer market or you won't even finish top five.lol I didn't know you had 46 points and rememBer to take those decorations off after Christmas.Say hello to Paterson I heard he had a good night at Mayhem the other week...
  8. I looked at that e-mail and I nearly pissed myself off.Craig has had so many clubs asking for his services but has shown tremendous loyalty to Colin and that in football has no price.after refusing Ryman prem offers how on hearth an Esl side like Southend Manor has wasted a silly e-mail and precious time of their secretary in putting a 7 dayer in.It's clearly a Christmas wind up from our neighbours but frankly doesn't surprise me.If you think it does make sense....We have the 2nd best attack in the Esl and since Pato left it's the first time we scored 44 goals before Christmas.Prior to that wi
  9. I'm the quietest fella on the planet.Don'get in trouble with the referees and have an immaculate record.As they say the proof is in the pudding.Anyway tell that Eol plonker that Hullbridge is enough to beat an Olimpics rep side let alone an Esl rep.
  10. For the proof that step 7 alias Olympics league is crap you only have to look at the top goalscorers,players that were no less than outcasts at some Esl clubs scoring for fun. I have seen better games in the Sceptre League on Sunday morning.Gillam is good enough to play Ryman Prem and turned few clubs down since he has been with us.last year we played Stambridge that is top of div 3 and we trashed them 9-1 such was the difference between the two teams.latest 7 dayer last night for Craig from those noisy neighbours!!!!they thought it was April fools day!! Pmsl
  11. It's called having a family life.the e-mail was basically saying that according mr Flanagan we were one of the two possible destination for Browny and informed us about him being de-registered and available for Gbt but Cup tied in the other cupsI found the e-mail really hilarious because at the time we didn't even know we would have signed him and usually is the new club that enquires about the player being cup tied.I guess your mate is over keen or zealous.I just ignored it.
  12. It will be a cosmic rise like that newly founded sect in Basildon! Lol
  13. That Flanagan of yours even sent an e-mail to us that when I read it nearly pmsl.that was a week before we signed him!!! It's a sign of the times.Won't be long with the new sheiks in charge Hullbridge will become the Manchester City of the Esl!!
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