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  1. I don't know Luke personally, so I can't say how he feels about the whole ordeal. How do we know for sure that he doesn't cry every night over what he has done? If somebody accidentally killed somebody close to me, then yes I'd be upset and very angry. However, if it was an accident, in time I may be able to forgive that person. Had it been a premeditated killing then I wouldn't have been able ever to forgive them. By all means, criticise what he has done, but what Luke did could have been done by any one of us had fate been different. If it had been you who had done what Luke di
  2. Rhodes, What Luke did was terrible, unforgivable and downright stupid. However, to tell clubs not to give him a chance is stupid as well. Let's say, for instance, that instead of Luke McCormick driving the car it was Rhodes who committed that offence. Does Rhodes then deserve a second chance? Very easy to judge in cold blood. Had Luke McCormick done what Ian Watkins did, then absolutely he should never be free in a billion years.
  3. From Marco Lino, 23 year old midfielder: 'Hello my name is Marco, and I'm an Italian from Torino. I have lived in North London for a year and am desperately seeking a team, I played football for 17 years and am a midfielder. I always played at a professional team and also just to let know you at age 16 I had a trial with Juventus for a year. My mobile is 07508771964 and I am happy to play for semi-pro, intermediate or amateur sides.'
  4. I see that the 10 contenders for this award have been announced. Just in case anybody has missed it, the 10 nominees are: Ben Ainslie Ian Bell Hannah Cockroft Mo Farah Chris Froome Leigh Halfpenny AP McCoy Andy Murray Christine Ohuruogu Justin Rose Quite a selection, so who do you think will win the award and who you like to win? I'm going for Andy Murray to win, but I hope (as a Welshman) that Leigh Halfpenny wins after being THE player of the successful Lions tour in Australia.
  5. Bulgarian striker Shishman Shismanov, based in Kent, is looking for Step 6 and above football ONLY. Shishman is 20, has played at the equivalent standard of League 2 and Conference Premier in Bulgaria and contact details are - sh_shishmanov@mail.bg or 07776913701 (paying clubs only!)
  6. Sometimes you wonder if those in charge actually want England and football in England to fail. Sounds like something out of the realms of Ickeism but when you consider the state of grass-roots, the decline in the number of British players in the top-flight and the total and utter resistance to change in many factions of the game...well it does make you wonder.
  7. Yep, Crouch couldn't believe he wasn't called up for the Chile game....
  8. Did GCHQ or anybody really know what he was up to? It's not just called 'The Donut' for its hole in the middle of the building...
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-24978887
  10. If anything, he is a 'manslaughterer'. He is not a murderer - a murderer plans to kill his/her victim beforehand. Luke McCormick, as bad as he is, did not set out to murder anybody on that day. His stupid actions resulted in death, but the deaths were accidental so by that count he is guilty of manslaughter but not of murder. Rhodes, it's like saying that if you intended to stab me to death and did so then you would be a murderer - however, if you and I got into a fight outside a pub and you caught me with a blow to the temple and I later died, you would be guilty of manslaughter
  11. I could see that happening, Rhodes, although I am quite sure that Prince Charles will want his turn on the throne.
  12. Even so, you would have thought that England could (and should) have played far better against Chile last night. Granted, it was an experimental side, but they didn't appear to be 'together' on the pitch. Maybe one or two of the players were already thinking ahead to the Germany game.
  13. Very disappointing for England tonight against Chile. On that performance, they'll be on the 1st plane home from Brazil!
  14. Hector Torres ex CD Leganés. 'I belonged to the club for 16 years playing games in all categories of the club during my training. In the 2005-2006 season I was part of the second team (CD Leganés in third Division. I left the club in 2009 to join Aravaca CF (Madrid-Spain) in the fifth Division then I played for EFMO Boadilla (Madrid-Spain) fifth Division and going to loan at Universidad San Marcos (Lima-Perú) second Division. For any other information by email hachevtorres@gmail.com/ 07585907570. I now live in South London aged 26 and am midfield/attacking midfielder/striker.'
  15. Indeed. When I went to Monecassino, I was amazed at the sheer number of Indians who gave their lives in the wars. On a brighter note, happy 65th birthday to Prince Charles.
  16. I know the headline mentions England, but a lot of the problems being faced the other side of Offa's Dyke are also affecting the England national team - old suits who care more about their precious positions in the game than actually making their national side any good. This blog is certainly food for thought on the current shambles in Welsh football: http://viewfromthestands9.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/welsh-football-crisis-is-a-complete-overhaul-needed/ Wales have slid back under a 'change is bad' mentality management - make sure England don't go the same way! 89% want total c
  17. Luke will be living with a life sentence - I doubt a day goes past when he vehemently regrets what he did. However, he did not set out to murder anybody on that day. He made a stupid decision, and has to accept responsibility for what he did, but he has done his sentence and so legally he is a free man. Personally, I think the guy is a twit (to put it mildly) but i wouldn't reserve any hatred for him. Had he set out to kill or rape a child, then that would have been totally different.
  18. Too much Strictly causes Foot In Mouth disease, it would seem
  19. Yes indeed, Rhodes, and hopefully now the club has been back in the spotlight we can really push for a new ground in Gloucester. If somebody can come in with a million, oust the current board, and get us a new stadium or a ground-share at Kingsholm then I'd be delighted.
  20. A very good win for Mansfield - well done to them. Gloucester bowed out of the competition today, losing 2-0 to an average-looking Fleetwood Town.
  21. http://www.mail.com/int/news/europe/2441456-knoxs-knife-dna-casts-doubt-murder-weapon.html#.1258-stage-hero1-2 Interesting...
  22. Looks like UKFF will quit the SSEC IF they don't progress in the London Cup v Balham FC on Saturday. Will be sad, but on the flip-side they can now organise and play in friendlies v Step 4-6 reserve sides until May.
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