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  1. Going back to the UKFF cup game v Brockham: After winning 6-4, the Surrey SE Combination league have dropped 'a bombshell' on UKFF. Not quite sure as yet what has gone wrong, awaiting a report on the UKFF site.
  2. Esher-based midfielder Antonio Vargas is also seeking a club at Step 5-7. Any interested clubs who need a steady midfielder in Surrey can email his Father at pedro19javier@hotmail.com
  3. Would have thought there were more pressing matters in the states for them to worry about...
  4. Drei Mullings is seeking a club in Middlesex. He is 26, an attacking midfielder, ex Bugbrooke St. Michaels and can be contacted at drizzie_drei10@hotmail.co.uk Seeking step 7 or better standard football.
  5. http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2013/10/congress-to-convene-hearing-on-amanda-knox/ Now two Democrats are getting involved!
  6. The same reason as the suits chose Ron Greenwood over Brian Clough, Rhodes. That said, I wanted Alan Pardew for the England job at the time. I didn't personally want either Roy Hodgson (a good manager but one that won't rock the boat at FA HQ) or Harry Redknapp (I'm surprised he hasn't taken the England team into administration) but Roy's not done too bad - he just seems too nice to be an international manager.
  7. http://blog.eyesforlies.com/search/label/Amanda%20Knox Not looking good for her...
  8. Maybe, Rhodes. There certainly is that angle. The media will build up and destroy any England manager though - even if Jose Mourinho was the manager of England, they'd have the knives out for him.
  9. Well, UKFF won 6-4 in the cup game v Brockham... However, any joy the team got from the win soon went out of the window when scumbag thieves broke into the cars of both UKFF and Brockham players. The police were called, and an investigation is ongoing. They should horsewhip the bastards who've done this!
  10. The sensationalist media are, once again, trying to make a mountain out of a molehill. Was Andros Townsend offended? No, he wasn't - he even laughed at the joke. This country is getting far too soft - you can't say anything for fear of upsetting people. The state-owned muppets have destroyed this country with their politically correct bullsh*t. I think there's also an agenda with some of the tabloid rags to oust Roy before the World Cup.
  11. Got to say I like the Hairy Bikers - very down to earth and funny lads. They've been at the Gloucester Food Festival in the past few years and always get a good crowd.
  12. Hi John I think so - Maddy (Ewemade) said he thought Brockham was Reigate way. Am awaiting the result on Mitoo and seeing how the new lad Jordy Diamoni got on (ex French Ligue 1 player!) Hopefully a first win for them after I told Maddy to ad lib Jim Telfer's 'Everest' Lions speech of 1997 in the dressing room pre match.
  13. TOP Talent (will be playing for UKFF against Brockham on the weekend, Wimbledon Common Extention): Matheus Gelante https://www.facebook.com/matheus.galante http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgxhScqNCzU http://www.dailymotion.com/f1259904500#video=xywixj http://www.fieldoo.com/matheusgalante http://www.cvgoal.com/en/footballer/matheus-galante/1/ He has been on trials with QPR, Cambridge United and Eastbourne Borough - seeking a Conference/Ryman club anywhere in London/Kent/Sussex/Surrey. Will also mention from UKFF - Ali Sarr Samake, Patrik Ruzicka and Baspilas Lapatasis ar
  14. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone...
  15. I think that when the grass-roots is suffering, the Home Nations aren't producing enough good quality footballers, clubs are being shafted by crooked owners (or having their histories destroyed) and bureaucracy is driving club personnel around the bend.... ...the last thing we need to be debating is 'so-called racism' Quite frankly, some people (Heather Labbatts) need to grow up and realise that their agenda matters not one jot. Football is f*cked up, and all they can think about is themselves and shouting out 'racism' when they can't get their way.
  16. Not that good - got money worries and having to depend on loan signings. Heard that if they don't get money/a new owner by the end of the season they could go under...
  17. Huffingdon Post latest: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/15/amanda-knox_n_4101941.html CBS News latest: http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57607770-504083/amanda-knox-update-dna-test-result-is-a-win-for-american-accused-of-murder-in-italy/
  18. At least she's well padded if she falls Once, I was out in town and a quite 'substantial' lass fell down the stairs in a shop. Everybody thought Eastenders was starting!
  19. 'Kwamerk – 07538546674. My last club was Thurrock FC competing in the Blue Square South League for the 1st team in the 11/12 also was a part of the U18s competing in the FA Youth Cup where we reached the 3rd round (Honours for the club highest ever reached at youth level) before being knocked out by Blackburn Rovers. Prior to that I was playing at Ilford U18s in the Essex Alliance League and the Evening London Leagues just before that I was at Barnet Centre of Excellence at U16 and played for the U18s. I was also part of my boroughs district team for my 5 years at school which we wen
  20. Well Clough has been sacked at Derby, plus Man United are a bit pants.... So you could be right Rhodes!
  21. I can see Lisa's POV about women not being degraded, but the women stripping off will be making a mint for themselves - so who's really being 'degraded' here? I would be more worried about children not being exploited by Facebook and Bebo - surely that is of greater concern than an 18+ year old adult woman strutting around naked?
  22. One more for the night: 'Name: Bertrand Marti Height 1m78 Weight 77 kg Position Right or Left Full Back Favorite foot Right Personal email address :bertrand.marti@live.fr Telephone number: 07706055441 HISTORY 2012-2013 : AFC Compiègne (CFA) (English conference equivalence) 2007-2012: US Roye-Noyon (CFA2 et CFA) (English conference south & CONFERENCE equivalence) 2006-2007 : Noyon (Division Honneur) (6 DIVISION equivalence) 2001-2007 : AFC Compiègne (Less than 15 years old, 18 years old) RECORDS Champion of CFA2 (Conference south equivalence) within the US Roy
  23. Hi Chris I have tried to contact Sutton United before, on behalf of two players, but they never got back to me. I'll try again though, thanks for your message!
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