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  1. Former FC Ujpest left-sided midfielder/striker David Rekasi, 28, is on the lookout for a club near Walthamstow. E-mail Address: davidrekasi85@gmail.com Telephone number: 07501968513 Mobile Number: 07501968513
  2. When will we know for sure whether she is guilty or innocent?
  3. In that episode (which strangely enough I can remember!) it was Mrs. Peacock wot dun it.
  4. It's like Cluedo - who did what in the where? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BwRjIMIa_wQ
  5. Hearing that both the Mansfield and Newport managers could be in line to take over at Meadow Lane, as Chris Kiwomya is reportedly on the verge of being sacked. However, the favourite to take over at Notts. County is Nigel Clough. Justin Edinburgh has also been spotted in Cheltenham today... and word is that Mark Yates could soon be gone as well! Well into the sack race season, it would seem.
  6. Providing that the girls taking part are all 18 or over, and have not been bullied or threatened into stripping off, then there's no issue. It's not my thing, but if guys want to go along and get their nuts up then let them do so. Nobody is forcing people to participate, and we're all old enough to decide for ourselves.
  7. Interesting, Alan. I wouldn't have picked them as dark horses, at the start of the season, but as you rightly say they are doing well at the moment. League 2 is still pretty open - five teams on nine points at the moment at the bottom (one of which is Cheltenham Town, who are having a very bad start given that they were one of the pre-season favourites to go up! They shouldn't have got rid of Daryl Duffy IMHO) and still a lot to play for. Chesterfield, Oxford United and Fleetwood Town are my three to go up automatically. I'll be happy if Newport finish in the top 10.
  8. 'Saidou Jarju: I am a Gambian national who has just moved to the UK to live with my wife. I played professional football for 1st and 2nd division league teams when living in Senegal. I played most recently in The Gambian 1st division. I am now looking for a semi pro team to continue my career here in the UK. I am 30 and live in North London. I play as striker and have a proven track record playing in Africa; I can supply full football CV as required. I also play at full back. I am currently registered to play in a Sunday league team, Strasberg United, to keep up my fitness while I look for
  9. Well, they are in the play-off positions at present. Very good indeed, but we're only less than a quarter of the way through the League 2 season. It'll be interesting to see if they can maintain their form.
  10. UKFF's new Director Of Player Recruitment is.... MOI!

  11. Haha, missed you too sweety Serious now, if you and Smudge are up for this then inbox me. Plus, first round is on me - putting money behind the bar on the night.
  12. I try to keep out of mass-debates these days, but Chubby nasty as ever Brown you should be ashamed. You've obviously got an issue with John (possibly because he's somebody that I respect and get along with) or Dorking FC - I ask you that IF the problems Dorking are having were happening at your club would you be saying the same things? Somehow I think not. At least they are sorting the problems out - what else can they do? Get Sooty down with his magic wand to go 'izzy wizzy let's get busy?' At a time when non-league clubs are vanishing into the abyss, the last thing the CC leagu
  13. North London based defender Luke Fagan is looking for Semi-Pro or better: 'I have played football since i was 5 and have not stopped i played in local leagues from seven upwards. I successfully trialed for PTSA - Pro Touch Soccer Academy and whilst with them i played against some of the best teams like Reading, MK Dons, Nottingham Forest, Q.P.R etc. and from those games I gained a lot of experience then i went to play county games for FAL- Football Alliance Limited playing teams like Sweden. I have also played Semi Pro in the Ryman League for Waltham Abbey. My main position is Centre Back
  14. On Tuesday? Doubt it, unless I can get a lift down there and back. Plus I have a works conference on Wednesday in Sheffield. I'll be wishing them well, as always, but I am concerned that as with previous seasons we rely on one player (we used to rely on Darren Edwards and now we rely on Scott Wilson) to come up with the goods. Not convinced of our chances this season TBH.
  15. Had far worse said to me in my time, so I'll let it go. Doubt his lad would have done any worse than Gloucester's GK today - couldn't catch a cold and were it not for very wayward finishing and poor final balls from Havant, Gloucester would now be out of the FA Cup. 1-1 'a great cup tie' says the main site - no it was a lucky escape and we were bossed by one of the poorest Conference South sides that I have seen for years.
  16. Not me, Rhodes, listening to some ELO and doing Trophy Manager and sorting out some work. No telly until Match of the Day later on.
  17. A very good result for The Stags, and I reckon Carolyn kissed the signed photo Rhodes has sent her at the final whistle A good result for Newport as well.
  18. Well, whichever club takes him on will be very brave indeed! Not sure where he would go - somewhere like Bolton Wanderers perhaps?
  19. At Swindon, he spent a lot and got the club into a heavy amount of debt which has since been sorted out. He's one of those characters who thinks that it's his way or the highway - no compromise and his word is final. Can't see him being given another chance in management for a long time.
  20. I've received that leaflet as well, John. No idea which way Gloucester will vote - we've been Lib Dem, Labour and Conservative controlled in the past 20 years. UKIP are doing well locally, and attracting more voters from all backgrounds (even some Muslim residents are taking an active interest in what UKIP is saying - and a lot of them agree with their stance on immigration!)
  21. Why not nuclear or hydrogen? France has loads of nuclear power stations, and cheaper energy prices than here in the UK. I'd also look at open-casting, except for in AONB/SSSI's.
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