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  1. 'Just maybe the people of Britain are getting fed up with the mud that the two and the press keep slinging and it could well play into UKIPs hands' Definitely.
  2. Well, that's Crockenhill added to UKIP territory Small steps first
  3. The BBC (and the media in general) dumbed down, Loose. Now it caters to the lowest form of plankton, ignoring the fact that most people have an IQ of at least 1. Whilst Big Break and Noel's House Party weren't the best things that the BBC had ever come up with, they were far better than the modern Saturday night garbage. Thank God for You Tube and my Family Guy DVD's!
  4. Oops, already mentioned Abdel, but at least you now have some more background to him. Heard that ex UKFF EDS GK Aaron Bufton is looking to move back to Step 5/6 after being bombed out to Liss Athletic. He's Surrey based and his email is bufton39@sky.com.
  5. I did wonder if the Channel 5 show was going to be mentioned. Have to agree, Loose, it was an absolute shambles.
  6. Maybe so, Eastside, but the proof of the pudding and all that... Mark Noble (West Ham United) apparently witnessed his level 15 heroics, so maybe he can clarify if what Mr. Thomas says is true. Have checked that he has been a player at Hampton & Richmond and Chesham. He's in West London as well, so maybe out of AFC Hornchurch's radar. One more player (for now anyway) Abdel Vieira: 2013/2014 One game played for Carterton FC in front of Oxford United coaches 2012/2013 Saint Jean Beaulieu, Nice, France 2011/2012 Aspptt Nice, Nice, France 2010/2011 Pedroguense, Leiria, Po
  7. I agree he can come across that way. However, NF has said that he would stand down if more people joined the UKIP cause. He certainly will not be short of people to put out nationally in the next General Election.
  8. I think that the press will try to, but I can't see UKIP retrenching any time soon. As for the Greens, well leaving the recent arrest of Ms. Lucas aside they seem to be a bit of a muddle - they want wind-farms erected on hill sides which cause major carbon footprints and have not spoken out against the proposed destruction of the Elan Valley in mid-Wales, where there would be ginormous turbines stretching all the way from Rhayader to Swansea. The local people there don't want it but have been done up like proverbial kippers. However, mention fracking and they are dead against this abo
  9. One for the Step 4's above only (by strict order of the player himself!) Adam Thomas, 26, striker - previously with Hampton & Richmond and Chesham United 1st Teams 07757330944 (based in West London). Absolutely will not consider any clubs below Step 4 (this player can also hit level 15 on the bleep test).
  10. Saqib from Middlesex: I am looking for a club which plays proper regular football. I am ex-semi pro. I can play on different positions right back , wings , attacking mid. currently living in Wembley. Currently playing for BPP university in London college league and I am their first team player, recently played for Denton football club in Cheshire elite league in Manchester, I am a MEFS academy player and I have also played in Chinese 2nd Divsion in China. 07923252411 and... 2 from Surrey Dylan Lallier (centre midfield): I have been at Staines town, Sutton United, Leatherhead an
  11. 'It is way past time that this country's resources were managed to the benefit of all and the wealth shared not squandered on fat cats.' Could not agree more, and less spending on bureaucracy would be good as well. Going back to Godfrey Bloom and the 'slut' comment, yes it was a bit silly but it was said in a closed meeting and none of the women present were offended. Again, BBC/Sky/Channel 4 and all the other UKIP haters won't report that fact. Besides, Godfrey Bloom being a bit of a tit is nothing compared to bullies forcibly removing a long standing voter from an auditorium b
  12. You don't get the same rhetoric with UKIP as you do with LibLabCon though, and at least UKIP are prepared to speak out on behalf of the public who are pig-sick of being branded bigots, homophobes, racists and politically incorrect just because they do not 'fall in line' with 'trendy thinking'. I believe that people should be allowed to wear crucifixes around their neck just as much as I believe that gay people should be allowed to hold hands in public. I am an equalist, I guess. All that I want is a fair and just society where democracy is for everybody and not just a few. Plus, a cut i
  13. Say 'slut' at a party conference and get mobbed. Say 'price freeze', wipe £bns off market + undermine investment: standing ovation.
  14. We do have a few cretins in UKIP, admittedly, but then again every political party has idiots in it. Indeed, were it not for the idiots and QUANGO's and think-tanks screwing up the UK and letting us be shafted by all and sundry there would be no need for UKIP. Despite Godfrey Bloom's actions, I will still be supporting them.
  15. The media has its own agenda, so I think they will want to attack UKIP more than the so-called 'established parties.' The bookies may well be saying it, but when he's not even well liked by his own party and seen as a bit of a prat by people how is Ed Miliband going to market himself as Prime Minister? The Unions don't like him, he's got the charisma of a dead flea - seriously, is he the best that Labour can offer (actually, when you look at who else Labour have in their 'front row' - Harman, Balls, Cooper, Jowell - they don't have a mature and sensible leader). The only Labour pers
  16. Godfrey Bloom did indeed mention the word 'sluts' in a meeting, Loose, however the media wish to avoid the fact that the women in the room laughed at the joke and weren't offended. How come the BBC and Sky didn't interview one of these women, hmm? Had it been Ed Balls who had said it, the BBC and Sky wouldn't have made the fuss and furor.
  17. He is the modern version of the ginger pillock from Islwyn. The usual suspects who would vote for him anyway will claim he is popular but in the end the people know he is a false prophet selling the same lie. For proof of this, look no further than the Liberal Democrats! For decades preached a populist policy knowing they would never be called out - then they find themselves in coalition and have to reveal that all the promises cannot be sustained or delivered. The truth is that most people are as thick as s**t, and if you tell them an attractive lie they will vote for it, even if it
  18. Here's what will happen if Labour win the 2015 General Election: Labour will spend all the money The UK becomes poorer and the poor suffer first, and suffer most The people realise you can't spend what you don't have and vote in the Conservatives in 2020 The Conservatives through prudent economics gradually build up a strong economy The people feel generous and guilty for the poor. They say Tories are mean and only for the elite (if 40% of any population could be described as an elite) They vote in Labour in 2025 and the UK gets f*cked in the bum again. This, children, goes on forever
  19. How come you never see David Bond, Manish Bhasin and Ed Miliband in the same room at the same time ?
  20. Now then, now then Alan! A bit naughty of Labour to steal UKIP's colours for their 'One Nation' flag as well. Oh well, what can you expect from a spent farce err force. This is the same guy (Ed Milliband) who thinks that Mark Drakeford, who is to Welsh Hospitals what Doctor Beeching was to the railways, is a genius. Kill off the morons who vote for you - now that's an election winner for sure.
  21. I agree there, John. Roberto is now the front runner and I don't think there'll be many better managers than him in the frame.
  22. So what did Nigel say then? Been out all day, and would hate to have missed anything important.
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