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  1. I didn't have a lot of time for The Damned United, but a key line in that film was: 'Oh, yes. You're the shop window. I grant you that. The razzle and the bloody dazzle. But I'm the goods in the back and without me......without somebody to save you from yourself, Brian Clough......you're not just half! You're nothing!' Back to England, and if they don't get at least to the last 4 of World Cup 2014 and Euro 2016 then things will have to change. Sometimes you have to dig deep if you want to rid a garden of weeds. EDIT: The FA preaches about RESPECT, as if it were a religion, when in f
  2. He only really turned to the bottle after his friendship with Peter Taylor fell apart. Brian Clough should have been England boss, but the FA mainly choose nodding dogs who won't rock the boat: Ron Greenwood (better than Brian Clough?) Sir Bobby Robson (probably one of very few times the FA got it right) Graham Taylor (turnips anybody?) Terry Venables (a good appointment, won the players respect and Euro 96 was a success) Glenn Hoddle (again, a good coach, but his personal life and beliefs got in the way) Kevin Keegan (fantastic as a player, but never really commanded respect of
  3. Rhodes, you can try to polish a turd - you can decorate it in glitter and try to make it smell less. At the end of the day, the turd remains what it is. Without MAJOR change, England will continue to slide backwards and won't qualify for the major tournaments. I'd start by making the FA a voluntary organisation - take away the cash from the pig's trough and see how many people do it for the love of the game. I bet none of the current incumbent suits would do it. Next, allow young players to express themselves and develop their own skills and don't demand they play a certain way.
  4. Might be of interest to Mr. Rhodes: http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/Strictly-star-Fiona-Fullerton-Cheltenham/story-19798112-detail/story.html#axzz2eclUb8Gm
  5. He'd definitely be interested, after a planned trial for him at Oxford United yesterday went nipples up. If the AFC Hornchurch management would like to speak with him, then by all means. He'd need International Clearance and help with getting work (he's living with a friend in South Woodford at the moment), but apart from that he's good to go.
  6. Grab him whilst you can (currently in South Woodford - antonioblg@abv.bg, 07594281345) 'Georgiev Hadzhiivanov Football player Date of birth January 16, 1990 (1990-01-16) (age 23) Place of birth Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria Nationality Height 1.85 m 79kg Playing position Midfielder (attacking right, center, left) Strong right foot pretty good left foot Good ,handling and shooting 50 league matches in the bulgarian third devision during 2007-2009 in "Pirin 2001" 18 Goals 12 league mathes in the bulgarian first devision during 2009-2010 in pfc "Beroe" 1 Goal 3 matches
  7. Indeed John! Heard whispers (so don't take it as fact) that a former host of a Saturday night programme on BBC1, currently working on a Channel 4 show, could be the next to be named.
  8. No, but what is interesting in Watkins' case is the severity of it - he denied it initially, yes, but after two suicide attempts at HMP Parc Prison I would say that he knows what is coming. He is trying to get the easy way out. He had a web profile on a site called Motherless.com (created long before the allegations came to light) which has been traced back to him, and one of the videos has him inserting a baseball bat into his anus. You tell me what normal person does that? If you don't believe me, Google 'Ian Watkins, Lostprophets, Motherless.com'. Also he has been charged with Ca
  9. I think that the girl in question should be named as well. If Michael LeVell can be named, shamed and publicly crucified then this girl should have her right to anonymity rebuked. I'm no fan of the celeb culture, but this man was found innocent and so he should be allowed to get on with his life.
  10. Squeezing this lad in as he's an ex Serie C midfielder based in Clapham (and also up the junction as far as getting a new club is concerned!) battistellatiziano@yahoo.com Tiziano Battistella Central Attacking Midfielder (Paul Scholes role) 23 years old Wanted League Football - now just happy to get a side! Not sure about his work situation, although as a EU citizen he can work here legitimately. Would require International Clearance Fit and happy to train for new clubs.
  11. She must be odds on to do Celeb Big Brother in the future - well I won't be watching.
  12. One more: 'My name is Imtiaz Choudhury I am 18 years old and currently looking for a team, I usually play on the wing left or right, I'm quite quick which is one of my strengths and good with my feet, I can also take set pieces free kicks, corners and penalties. I'm a team player so if any teams need additions to the squad I'll be more than happy to play. I played in the Under 21 league in Tooting Bec last season for Streatham Athletic, I got most the assists in the team. Please contact me on 07857482297.'
  13. Well reports like this: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/24015370 Will certainly not do much for confidence in the FA. I know it is 'innocent until proven guilty', but somebody must have a sizeable pile of dirt on Gordon Taylor for the BBC to take note.
  14. Two more players looking for a club: Jake Roberts (Kent Based Left Midfielder, Mrjnak@yahoo.com or 07948801449 - ex Millwall, Ashford (Kent) and Muangthong United) and Joseph Kamara (S. London based, ex Fulham and Gambia U18s Right Back or Midfielder 07415199389).
  15. Experienced target man/striker Orvin Davidson is on the lookout for a new club: 'Hello, I have played step 5-7 in the English league system ( Middlesex County and Combined Counties) I was playing pre-season with a Combined Counties side and have been training with a team in the Spartan South Midlands Premier League this season 2013/2014, but due to work commitments and advanced holidays I was not able to secure a place in the clubs. Now my life is more stable, I am able to train twice a week and give 100% at training and games. I am looking for a team in Step 5/6 or
  16. Me John? Not at all The best quote of the game was: 'Has that singer from Def Leppard had a sex change?' I was in tears!
  17. I will admit that I thought Rudy Guede was that French striker at Cardiff City... til I realised it was Gestede!
  18. Not interested in a celeb w--kfest, thanks Rhodes. These celebs will say that they are doing it for charidee (Pudsey The Yellow Bear In Need Day) but they are PAID to do this show and will do very nicely out of the pounds and pennies we donate in November because Sir Terry of Eire says so. The best fund-raisers imho were the Telethons - now here's a mad/stupid/crazy/genius idea... Why not, in May 2014, get every non league club to participate in a 28 hour Telethon like Telethon 88/90/92. The clubs can be the community hubs of local fundraising, with every penny raised going to local g
  19. I watched it and to be honest nothing has changed in my mind, Rhodes. Should say that rather than trekking up to the Cumbrian fells today to watch the Tigers slog it out at Holker Street (possibly the coldest ground in the country), I went to Rodney Parade to watch Newport v Mansfield. What I will say about Mansfield, from first hand experience, is that they will finish below Newport. They didn't play too badly but pinging 50 yard long balls will not win them many games in League 2. Newport at least tried to pass it about on the ground - both goals were scrappy and both sides deserve
  20. I am surprised that the BBC/Sky hasn't approached Rhodes for comment.
  21. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/23963416 Just hope it is not the 3R's: Ruddy Regurgitated Rhetoric. Will this work, or is this more toilet pan than major plan? Especially when you consider: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/22687663
  22. Unfortunately, the Premier League is here to stay. That does not mean, however, that non-league has had its day. Non League clubs need to adapt and change, and become more integral with their local communities. The clubhouse might only be used once or twice a week normally - why not open it every day and turn it into a snack shop, or a meeting room for clubs like The Ramblers, or a library or a nursery for children? Hire the pitch out for charities and local groups at a small charge - little things like that. One thing I think all clubs should have is a website that is up to date
  23. 'Knox on the run... You scream and everybody comes a running Take a run and hide yourself away....'
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